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Aware buzz is a new age website, established in 2022. We at Aware Buzz will provide you with the most entertaining and astounding content revolving around celebrity news, philosophy, quotes and everything.

Our readers can find content anything related to lifestyle, motivation, life quotes, self-improvement, and news and reviews about celebrities.

We have hand picked the group of our writers and editors who have different interest. But one thing that ties our team together is their passion to work and interest in the genres they write on.
Find our team and look where they come from in the authors page of our website.

Hoping to create a platform where in our readers can find all that they need for keeping themselves sane, we are very excited to begin this new journey and see the heights of success.
Aware Buzz is dedicated to all the young minds who want some fun factor or a boost in their daily life.

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Lokesh Bhardwaj
Chief Editor

The only word in the dictionary which can describe Lokesh well is "Curious". He is a man who sits in the corner of a café, sipping his coffee and watch others and write about them having a good time. Addicted to bettering himself each day. An impressive introvert who finds his home in the places he travels. It's either the power of universe or sunsets that sets his soul free. In between, He can be found wrapped in his own bubble, knitting stories even before the sun rises!

Aditi Khanna
Editorial Manager
Aditi Khanna is an enthusiastic woman who is full of life and energy.She always loves to accept challenges.She is from Capital City , New delhi graduated from a renowned college of Delhi University. She loves to express herself and life events in the most creative manner with the magic of words.God has sent her to bring positivity in everyone's life and spread happiness all around with her eloquent and charming personality.
Ruchi Sharma

If Deadpool and Harley Quinn have a love-child, it will be her. She sees red flag and runs into it. That explains why she chose University of Calcutta for her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree program. Punny and passively opinionated. Unhealthy obsession with K-drama, and love-affair with Marvel movies, lead her into having high expectations from life. She responds to her problem like Arya Stark responds to God of Death; by saying “Not Today!”

Sarah Francis

Might run short of words to say it on your face, but will never short of words when I write about it. As my name, Sarah, goes after a biblical matriarch, I have an absurdly curious approach to everything, but guess that's what allows me to move forward too. Writing gives me immense satisfaction, realizing that I've actually spoken but without losing my calm and definitely used my high school vocabulary efficiently!

Vartika Singh

Coming from a beautiful city of Agra and a family of defense background, she is an a ambivert with a charismatic personality. An MBA (marketing), 2nd year student who is an enthusiast reader and a writer. She exceptionally enjoy long rides and travelling and is more than what meets the eye.

Sneha Rathore
Social Media Manager

A true ambivert, is what describes Sneha the best. With her charismatic personality, she has the aura that can keep the people around her captivated while she speaks.
She believes in the power of words and lets her emotions speak through them.
Admirer of sunsets, mountains and coffee, there is a lot that this girl hides within herself which is yet to be discovered by the world.

Devesh Bhardwaj
Graphic Designer

Devesh is a graphic designer with over 2 years of experience. He has much experience in designing Business cards, Letterheads, Logos, and Flyers. He uses Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to design the graphics. Not only that, but he provides high-quality work. 

Banu Sree G

From the Manchester of South India, Coimbatore. She is an ambitious
ambivert who wants to conquer the world with her words, but she has a lot
more to say beyond the 104 keys. you can find her binging through the
never-ending watchlist of kdramas when she is not on Superheroine duty.
Strumming the strings of the Ukulele and brush strokes of the paint gives
her peace. As a Nephophilic Astrophile, she would love to move heaven
and earth while stargazing the great hunter constellation.

Chetna Singh
Passion and creativity are what can describe Chetna in the best way possible. She is an enthusiast who loves exploring different domains every now and then. She is an aspiring entrepreneur, a techie software developer, and an innovative content writer. Being a spiritual human, she believes in the power of meditation. While one can find her multitasking all the time, she considers herself to be an independent soul who gifted herself the wings of freedom.
Sneha Tiwari

From the city of nawabs and a graduate in mechanical engineering,  Sneha is the one whom one would call a "Jack of all trades..". Interested in a lot of fields such as photography, chess, psychology, music, and philosophy, she finds her home in writing. Stories are what draw her the most. Whether it's in movies, tv series, or just another photo, a good story is what she craves. Wanting to give words to all that is left unsaid in this world, she usually loves to sit by herself, observe and write. Lines from Robert frost's poem, "woods are lovely dark and deep, but I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.." are what describe her and her ambitions the best. A forever learner, she believes in taking one step at a time and recently had an amazing experience as a volunteer in the chess Olympiad which was held in Chennai.

Simran Rastogi

Simran is a businesswoman by profession who has done MBA in Marketing and International Business. Creativity and writing has always stayed with her in it’s best forms. She has great interests in the field of spirituality and manifestation. She thinks that the best words when materialised can impact the mankind in forms much needed. In the field of writing she has done internship with an organisation named as MeraVote where she has written a lot of self help articles.

Vikram Thakur

Vikram, a dreamer , upbeat, self-motivated team player with excellent writing and editing skills who likes to think and write his own thoughts .Who likes to feel the music flowing on his face and to smell the wind coming from the ocean.He likes country's peace just as metropolis's noise. He dreams to be great writer and influence many people with his writings. Of course ,he is nowhere close to writer but the dream is still alive.

Tushar Auddy

From the City of Joy, Tushar Auddy is a student of Linguistics. He gravitates towards books; he is fascinated by words and takes a keen interest in them. He listens to acoustic music, and he is a staunch FC Barcelona fan. If he is not found reading a book he would be found either writing prolongs on abstract topics or in an art gallery. He mainly does review writing and keeps you updated with the latest news from the gaming industry.

Khushi Tangri

Graduate from Manipal University Jaipur with honors in English. I am a happy and a grateful person as my name implies. I am incredibly organized and motivated. I love spending time outside and I possess a keen eye for detail.

I love baking in my free time and find it therapeutic. My ultimate goal is to build a fantastic life and learn throughout my journey of life with problems to solve and lessons to learn but most of all, experiences to enjoy.

Sneha Kushwaha

Finding her way through life in the city of Pune, Sneha Kushwaha is pursuing Archaeology from Deccan College Post Graduate and Research Institute. As a history enthusiast, she immerses herself in reading history books, classical novels and biographies. A bibliophile, she is deeply interested in learning new languages and meeting new people. She loves to listen to early 2000s Bollywood music, bakes as a hobby and follows true crime podcasts and documentaries religiously. Sneha wishes to make you think a little longer with her writing. She is a positive person with an intuitive mind-set who takes pride in the quality of her work.

Muskan Alam

A smile appears whenever her name is taken. She is a solivagant being living and capturing her life through the serenic lens. Pursuing her Master's degree from Aligarh Muslim University and watches Anime and Kdrama to soothe her life but later on at the end of the day can be found sitting on the bench of a park admiring the nature.

Debasmita Ghosh

Pursuing MBA from Jadavpur University, I'm a part time singer and a full time otaku who is in love with characters that doesn't even exist. A Bengali who isn't fond of fish but loves music and books. From writing love letters to filling up my diary pages writing my thoughts has proved to be my only therapy. 

Varsha Pal

Varsh is from capital of the India " Delhi", currently pursuing MBA degree from Coimbatore. She has graduation degree in Textile Design. Rain, soft music and a mug of coffee just makes her day. She is a huge fan of Marvel and DC series. She likes sketching and to stretch my limits.

Steve Francis

Finding joy in learning new things and expressing them through his actions has special love for commerce , treks is all he needs in his free time ,learns to adapt quickly ,great listener and loves to play basketball. His special love for dogs has made him kind humble giving and to work as a team, prioritises task management .

Garvit Singh

From the said Manchester of Northern India, he is pursuing what motivated him from the first time he got his hands on a computer from a reputable institute. Exploring various fields he can in this incredible journey called "life". Nowadays he have parked his bike of expedition beside the road of content writing, let's see where it takes; courage, time and discipline are all that he have in his kit right now.

Kanishka Sharma
Kanishka is a highly intellectual being full of energy. She loves to read and write amongst many other things such as swimming, playing guitar etc. Sometimes she sings as well. She is an extrovert and loves to meet and talk to new people. She is a great listener as well and she loves to play with animals. She can often be seen petting stray dogs or feeding stray cats. She herself has three cats back in her home country who she misses a lot. She is a happy-go-lucky person and never panics when something goes wrong. Instead, she dives into the problem with a relaxed mind and explores all the solutions that she can try to achieve a perfect result.
Bhoomika Bera

If there is a movie or a series based on a book, she'll read the book first. Growing up in a quintessential Bengali household, she was surrounded by literature and books; as a young child, she read Panchatantra, Aesop's fables, and undoubtedly Tagore's writings, which fueled her enthusiasm and respect for literature as she grew older. She is pursuing her Bachelor’s in English in addition to running her own book review blog. She is also a budding polyglot and is actively honing and developing her Korean and Spanish skills and strives to work in the field of foreign languages one of these days.

Jeevitha Gurubaran

A self-motivated aspirant engages herself in learning new things and has an Entrepreneurial Background of over 4+ years in the Education and Drone industries. She motivates others to execute the same to be the best in all. She is much interested in lifestyle topics and works more on Health and Wealth. As content writing is a passion for her, she always loves to write content besides other works. She believes that content writing is the soul of art and it only comes if you give full heart and mind. She aims to become an independent Novelist soon. 

Ayushi Narang

A future Doctor believing in the mightiness of pen and that it can shape the world in ways that we can't comprehend. She undergoes mutuation now and then to always find the best version of herself.While the world may be caught up in a never ending race to be perfect,successful and extraordinary she is busy in her own mystical world where small things are much appreciated.

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