Best Dabi Quotes That Can Give You Risk Taking Confidence

It’s true. My Hero Academia is meant to be for children. Yeah, see the place you have today. So simplifying for someone who shatters us all. How far will we be able to relate to Dabi in our adulthood? Have a check! Dabi was a popular character in My Hero Academia. He seems strange and has some cool character designs. Everyone likes bad boys that have darker pasts.

It’s not hard to understand why Dabi has one of the hardest-hit scenes on My Hero Academics, mainly in the manga, but you get to take your pick. So let’s take you to Asia’s fiery world without further hesitation and a ton load of quotes, said by Dabi.

Dabi Quotes on Strategy

1. “This will just be a signal fire. We’ll fill those heroes full of holes… and put them in their place. All for a brighter future.” -Dabi

If you have a plan, you need set it out in execution. And for that, you need a strategy. Lucky for you, we have Dabi giving out the perfect strategies for it. Be it war or be it a playful fight, Dabi has covered it all for you. And if you are one of those people who constantly feel like a villain, well, well… You may not have to go too far. Coz Dabi’s got your back. The only place to get validation.

2. “You’re so weak… you couldn’t even stop a criminal organization from abducting your students.” -Dabi

If actions don’t get the desired results, you may try words! Or so is the way of Dabi. In this quote, Dabi pin points out the weakness of its opponent. Do you know the impact it will have on his opponent? Well, let us tell you. If he is a meek and weak person who just keeps up a show of a hero, it’s going to break him into pieces. He and his morals, and that’s how you beat with words!

3. “If you’re trash, at least burn and be kindling for my flames.” -Dabi

It is a ground rule for winning any fight. Make the most of whatever you have. And that is precisely what Dabi preaches in this quote. Sure, you may come across arrogant people who only try to create a hindrance. But it is up to us to mold those problems to our advantage. So what do you think will a bad guy do? Do you think they will stop? No! And so shouldn’t you.

4. “It’s better to have a small group of experienced elites.” -Dabi

Do you remember the idiom we learned when we were kids? An army of donkeys led by a lion will defeat an army of lions led by a donkey! The same has been true throughout history. It is the quality that matters. The quantity can be made to do with. In a fight, it is essential to have experts, even if less in number. They have the knowledge to play and the win it.

5. “A single person with a single conviction has the power to change the world.” -Dabi

Are you determined enough? If yes, then Dabi thinks you can change the world! Well, that means you hold the potential to change the world. And if you can turn the world, how difficult can it be turn your own life around? Not a very difficult task, isn’t it. And its simple too. All you need is strong conviction.

Dabi Quotes on Risk-Taking

6. “First thing we have to do, is take away their sense of peace.” -Matt Toya Todoroki

Dabi is a master of words and strategies. That goes the same for taking risks in life. Coz if there is no risk in your life, then it’s not worth living. Aint it! Risk comes from doing the extraordinary. It comes from challenging our limitations. One of the first steps to diffuse the situation is creating chaos in the opponent’s mind. It takes away their sense of logical thinking.

7. “I’ve seen you in pictures, but I gotta say you’re way grosser in person.” -Dabi

Have you ever been blatantly honest in life? We bet not. It always comes with the risk of getting judged or worse, seen as a bad person. But our Dabi does not care about it. We see him telling the truth about people, about their looks. Think of the amount of risk he is taking!

8. “Is it cuz your students are so precious? Hope you got what it takes to protect them… See ya later.” -Dabi

Dabi knows how to see through people and their weaknesses. No wonder that makes him a strong character in the story and an even better judge of character. Here, we see how Dabi directly confronts the professor about his decision. The decision he made to protect their students over everything else, without a second thought.

9. “Life is too hard!” -Himiko Toga Himiko

Now, this is something we all relate to. Do we not! Is there ever a day when we have felt that life is easy? We bet not. With every passing day, it gets more complicated. But that is not a reason to give up. Now, is it! Life may get as hard as limestone, but we gotta keep fighting and taking the risk.

10. “Gathering a bunch of punks who are just strong will only increase the risk.” -Dabi

The people of a group decide how effective the performance of the group is going to be. It goes the same for the qualities the people have of the group. According to Dabi, it might not be very effective for us if we only collect a bunch of strong people. There will be a constant risk of these strong contenders fighting among themselves.

Dabi Quotes on Villains

11. “Heroes are forgettable.” -Dabi

We are on the side of the villain now. Or so it goes by these quotes from Dabi. They show us how the antagonist thinks and perceives a situation. Not only that, but it also offers us an insight into the mind of these bad guys. Do you know what makes them different from the good guys? It is the narration of the story. If it were by the bad guys, the heroes will not be remembered at all.

12. “I will carry out the will of the hero killer.” -Dabi

Life is all about making the decisions and sticking to them. No matter the situation, the decision should not lose its focus. And that is now what a bad guy thinks. That is how a bad guy stays focused while the others lose sight. Now isn’t that a trait we all want in us… And who wouldn’t?

13. “There are no true heroes.” -Dabi

And this may be true too. Dabi may be a bad guy, but his words are worth to everyone. How often do we see a hero that is realistic in nature? We never see a hero we can relate to. they are always mad with such traits that we rarely connect to. Hence, they are a part of fiction, and not true.

14. “Villains are the ones who change it.” -Dabi

Why does the bad guy always feel more relatable to us? Have you ever given this a thought? Maybe coz these bad guys are the ones who change history. Rather, they are the ones bringing a change. Wonder why we have a habit of giving all the credit to the heroes! But then again, this is what Dabi thinks too. Sure, he may not be a hero. But he is a big-time hashtag Goals!

15. “I wanna make a world that’s easier to live in!” -Himiko Toga Himiko

How often do we come across people who have the guts to say this line? Every day humans are so easygoing that we are scared to take any action against anything. We always give in to the way things have been, even if are harming us. Himago would disagree with all of it. We have one character who wants to bring a change. May we add, a good change!

Dabi Quotes on Violence

16. “And violence only breeds more violence.” -Tomura Shigaraki

Tell me you have not heard this line a hundred times while growing up! Oh, we have heard it on loop. But what does it actually mean? Well, one simple observation will be that we should not expect to sort things out with violence. It will only multiply itself like an amoeba. And we do not want that, now do we! So, with violence seeping in through every turn of the road, this is the quote we need to understand.

17. “You’re just a tool for violence.” -Tomura Shigaraki

Sometimes, we the regular people, get stuck in the quarrel of the higher-ups. What becomes of us then? Nothing. Nothing. We end up being nothing to them. They treat us like expendable items. A tool that they can use for their benefit. For their own gain.

18. “Heroes and villains both thrive on violence.” -Tomura Shigaraki

Have we mentioned it enough that heroes and villains are the two sides of the same coin? They are like Harry and Draco. Both, are the best in their group. Just standing in opposition to one another. Divided by the line of agenda. The winning side decides the agenda of good and bad.

19. “You need a plan in order to achieve your goal.” -Overhaul

Now, this is what we all need. Be it a bad guy or a good guy. Irrespective of your side, this is the line that matters for the long run. We all want something in life. But to have that, we need a plan. A desire not backed by a plan is as good as nothing. And we all know what happens next. Sure, we may come across barriers. But that’s where the sweet fruits are.

20. “A goal with no plan is called a delusion.” -Overhaul

Do you have a dream? Yes, you do! Do you have a goal? Yes, you do! But do you know what they say… If you do not plan for that goal, it is just a delusion. Any story’s antagonist and protagonist have a fine line between them that separates those qualities. And this quote has been rightly said. Of course, you need a plan! There is nothing in life he can achieve without it.

Dabi Quotes on Reality

21. “You Heroes pretended to be society’s guardians.” -Tomura Shigaraki

This is a world that is filled with a variety of people, an even wider variety when it comes to characters. The distinction between the Hero and the villain is often presented as a vast and white barrier. But if we look closely, we may find that it is far from reality. Sometimes, the perspective and the narration are all needed to make them cross that fine line. Are we not a combination of good and bad? We sure are! Then why can we not accept it when it comes to our heroes and villains?

22. “You pretended not to see those you couldn’t protect & swept their pain under the rug.” -Tomura Shigaraki

This anime series teaches a lot about the heroes and the villains. The Hero academia manga among our has a lot of fan base who belong to a young age group. Here we have the villains or the antagonists playing a major role. They present to us a perspective that we often miss out on. And it is obvious, given that we are the viewers that particularly focus on the story of the protagonists. We often fail to see that the protagonist gets away by sweeping the pain of many under the rug, by just playing the Hero.

23. “When you shut your feeling away, it only grows inside!” -Himiko Toga

Fans may think we are insane for putting this quote. Trust us, it is not something we want to hear, but something our generation needs to hear. It takes a toll on our innocent minds when we are told to shut our feelings and pack them in boxes. It turns out from the main protagonist and puts us in the category of the main antagonists in our own story. The true identity of a hero or a villain depends on their intention. It doe not on the comment they may receive from people around them.

24. “When I was little, I was told to stop being me.” -Himiko Toga

Do you worry a lot about what society comments on you? If you are like the majority of us, then we would say it say yes. But do you ever feel that it is getting out of your League and desperately need someone to save you? Then you and I are not very different. We end up spending all our life searching for someone to watch over us. We want to feel the protective gaze over us. The reason may be in our childhood when we were stopped from presenting ourselves the way we are.

25. “We all did our best & had to deal with the results.” -Muscular

We often regret thinking about the times we took a decision we should not have made. If you are one of them, then this article has been published especially for you. But the most important thing is to be aware of the situation and give in our best. Be it for our friends or for revenge, we must always give in our all. The consequences will be eventually dealt with. This website may hit or miss a lot, this is the sign that you ought to fight. You understand what we’re talking about!

What is your favorite evil quote from Dabi?

Dabi has a set of quotes that will eventually bring out your dark side. If not, at least it will show you the Villains’ side. And as we all know, there are no heroes or villains. It’s all a matter of perspective. In some cases, the difference lies in who tells the story.

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