Best Kevin Wendell Crumb Quotes From Split That Will Make You Rethink About Morality

Kevin Wendell Crumb is the main antagonist of the movie split, who suffers from dissociative identity disorder and has 23 personalities residing inside him. All his personalities are good and kind except for the two, mainly Dennis and Patricia, who are evil and dominating and believe in the awakening of the 24th personality called the Beast, who is supposed to wipe out the “impure” from the planet of the earth.

In split, the role of Kevin and the 24 personalities was played by James McAvoy, and he did a phenomenal job of that.

In the prequel of this movie, we see that Kevin’s father died in a train accident in which there was a sole survivor. Kevin was left at the mercy of her abusive mother, and to cope with it, he developed these identities. Slowly and steadily, these identities began to take control of his mind and body, and he was hardly in charge.

Near the end of the movie, we find that Kevin has not been in control of his body and mind for a long time now, and that’s when he realizes how messed up it all is. Hence, he asked Casey to kill him with a shotgun he secretly hid in his room. Psychological Horror is a different kind of genre Best Psycho Quotes can also give you goosebumps.

1. “You like to make fun of us, but we are more powerful than you think.”-Dennis

Kevin Wendell Crumb1

Dennis was one of the personalities who respected Kevin, and even though he knew that the horde was not always right and just, he believed that they had every right to be respected and no one had any reason to make fun of them or make them feel less.

Hence, he, too, believed in the Beast and his vision and knew that they all were more advanced and powerful than most of them.

2. “We trust in him. He’ll protect us. Look at what he can do. Let him show the world how powerful we can be.”- Patricia

The above lines were said by Patricia, Kevin’s one of the 24 personalities. Patricia is a sophisticated, uptight woman who controls a majority of other personalities and is one of the most dominant ones to whom everyone listens.

She has full faith in the Beast and his ways and beliefs that the Beast will protect all of them because he has superhuman powers.

3. “We are glorious! We will no longer be afraid. Only through pain can you achieve your greatness! The impure are the untouched, the unburned, the unslain. Those who have not been torn have no value in themselves and no place in this world!”- the Beast

The Beast is the 24th personality residing in Kevin’s mind. With extraordinary superhuman powers, Kevin has a beastly nature and is extremely powerful. He has a fixed set of values that he believes in wholeheartedly, like, as those who have not experienced pain or suffering are impure and have not known something greater than them and hence, have no right to be in this world.

4. “You might be pregnant now.”-Hedwig

Hedwig is a nine-year-old boy living inside Kevin and has several obsessive-compulsive behavioral patterns. He befriends Casey and develops a slight crush on her, so when he kisses her slightly, he jokes around that she might be pregnant.

Although Hedwig lives in an adult body, he is just a child and shows all his qualities of it.

He is often controlled and monitored by other personalities.

5. “Those who have not been torn have no value in themselves and no place in this world! They are asleep!”- the Beast

Kevin Wendell Crumb2

The most dominant personality of all of Kevin’spersonalities was the Beast. An extremely strong creature with some superhero powers, the Beast believed that those who have lived a comfortable life have the right to live in this world. Only those who know pain can survive and is worthy of living.

6. “The Beast is a sentient creature who represents the highest form of humans’ evolution. He believes the time of ordinary humanity is over. I hope this makes you feel calm. You will be in the presence of something greater. I was gonna ask for your last shirt, but I won’t. Because tonight is a sacred night. It’s almost over.”-Dennis

Dennis is one of the most manipulative and perverted personalities who has control over Kevin for most of the film. He had a liking for watching naked teenager dance and had an obsessive-compulsive disorder in which he had to have everything clean and tidy. Hence, he asked for their shirt in this scene to clean it.

He knows that the horde is not perfect but believes that there is no need to ridicule them and hence, believes in the Beast, who will show the world and Kevin that all of them are so much more powerful than they believe them to be.

7. “The Horde keeps obsessing about the ones who haven’t suffered. I don’t know where they’re going with this, but it scares me.”- Kevin

Kevin was the center and main owner of the body, who hardly had any time in the light. Most of the time, he was overpowered by one or another personality.

Kevin was a smart, intelligent, and kind person, but he knew about his problems and even tried to cure himself. He knew that his other personalities of him were planning something behind his back but could not understand what, and hence, he reached out for help when he thought that things were getting out of control.

8. “‘In the sun, we will find our passion. In the sun, we will find our purpose.’ I read that in a sympathy card in a supermarket. It was for a funeral, but I thought it was beautiful.”-Patricia

After the dining table scene, when one of the girls tried to escape, and Patricia caught her, she said to him and while pointing a knife to her stomach said, that they never were harmed and were always protected, and that is why they are kept so safe because they will become the perfect sacrifice for the Beast.

So calm, composed, and poised, Patricia was one of the terrifying personalities. She was also the most dominant one after the Beast, to whom everyone listened.

9. “Don’t worry; he’s not allowed to touch you. He knows what you’re here for. He listens to me.”- Patricia

After Dennis tried to get close to one of the girls, she only escaped when she peed on him. Due to his OCDtowardcleanliness and tidiness, Dennis left them.

After a while, Patricia came and told the girls that Dennis would not treat them like that again since they needed to be kept untouched and unspoiled for the Beast.

Also, this line shows how almost every personality listened to Patricia, and she was one of the most powerful ones.

10. “Patricia has reminded me that… I was sent to you for a reason. That… you are sacred food. And I promise not to bother you again.”- Dennis

Kevin Wendell Crumb3

After his little incident with the girls, when Dennis later came back, he apologized to the girls and promised not to bother them again.

Dennis, Patricia, and Hedwig were the personalities that were in front of the girls most of the time, and Dennis was the most functional of them. Although he was rather dangerous, he was someone who could easily fool people of being Kevin and normal.

Even though he was one of the personalities that remained in the light the most, Dennis was not the most powerful one, and he usually listened to Patricia.

11. “My name’s Hedwig. I have red socks. He’s on the move.”- Hedwig

At the start of the movie, when Hedwig is first introduced to the girls, he says these lines. Hedwig had compulsive behavior where he would repeat certain words and often tell people about his socks.

Hedwig was also the one who was among the most playful of them all, mostly because he was a 9-year-old boy.

Later in the movie, we find that Hedwig was the one who was responsible for passing the lights from other personalities to Patricia and Dennis, most of the time, and even though he was not very dangerous, he too believed in the Beast and was ready to follow his lead.

12. “You are different from the rest. Your heart is pure! Rejoice! The broken are the more evolved. Rejoice.”- the Beast

During the last chase scene between Casey and the Beast, when the Beast is just about to reach Casey, he sees the scars on Casey’s body, which she got from her childhood traumas, and says the above lines.

The Beast knew that Casey was broken and had suffered in her life, and hence, he decided that she was worth living and let her go.

The split did quite well at the box office in terms of money. And it did fairly well with critics too. James MacAvoy was highly praised for portraying Kevin. And his personality so well; clearly, one of his finest works. But the movie was a little criticized by mental health advocates and experts for its poor representation of dissociative identity disorder.

They said that people with DID are rarely violent, and they are more likely to hurt themselves than others. Nevertheless, this movie has it all; the thrill, the chase, action, drama, and bone-chilling scenes. A must-watch for the Halloween season.

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