Best Red Dead Redemption Quotes That Tell You About Life & Struggles That Come With It

Having sold millions of copies worldwide and gained massive success, red dead redemption is an action-adventure game developed by Rockstar San Diego and published by Rockstar Games. Primarily set in the western part of the American countryside and northern areas of Mexico set in 1911, it follows the story of a former fugitive John Marston as he is forced to hunt down former gang members when corrupted government agents are kidnaping his wife and son.

The report finds some similarities with its predecessor, red dead revolver and grand theft auto in the use of machinery and guns, and a somewhat similar ending where the protagonist comes home leaving his criminal past behind in the hopes of living everyday life, only to be killed at the end. It is the second game in the red dead series and was released in 2010.

Released in 2018, after the massive success of red dead redemption, Red dead redemption two is the third series in the franchise. Set in 1899. It follows the exploits and life of outlaw ArthurMorgan, a Van der Linde gang member. The game’s epilogue follows the life of fellow gang member John Marston the protagonist of red dead redemption 1. Widely anticipated and heavily marketed, the release broke several records and sold millions of copies worldwide, making it the second biggest launch in entertainment history.

Best John Marston Quotes

John Marston

One of the main characters of red dead redemption, John Marston, was born in 1873. His father was an illiterate Scottish immigrant, and his mother a prostitute who died while giving him birth. His father died when he was eight years old in a bar fight. John was then sent to an orphanage.

After he ran away from there, he tried to make it on his own, but at the age of 11, he committed a crime when he shot a man, and at the age of 12, he was caught stealing for which he was going to be hanged but was saved by Dutch van der Linde who took him under his wings and made him the part of Van der Linde gang.

He later left the gang for a year, and when he returned, he was welcomed with open arms, but a rift was caused between him and Arthur, who felt betrayed by his actions. Later he had a son with a prostitute named Abigail Roberts but never believed him to be his child.

1. “I am always honest… maybe not always good… but I’m always honest.”

This one line describes John’s character the best. John’s someone who does not follow people blindly. He loves his family and would do anything for them. He dramatically respects women but is quick to anger and feels no remorse for whatever killings he has done in the past or present. He lives his life honestly, doing what he thinks is right. It may not always be good, but if he thinks that’s what is required of him, he will do it.

 2. “People Don’t Forget. Nothing Gets forgiven.”

John says this, explaining that his father hated the Englishmen for the crimes they committed long ago, and similarly, no one will forgive him for his deeds. 

3. “You See a Man Whose Character Changed. I See a Man Who Got Found Out for Who He Really Was.”

Unlike Arthur, John never trusted the Dutch blindly. He had his own opinion of him, as everyone had, and he thought he was a greedy man but was very good at hiding it.

4. “If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging.”

John says this to Abigail, who probably has learned this from experience. He means that once you have found yourself in trouble, you should stop there, assess your situation and follow accordingly rather than creating more problems for yourself.

5. “When I’m gone, they’ll just find another monster.”

Isn’t this how the world works? We always find someone to blame, make someone the monster of our life who ruins everything, and John says the same, that this cycle will never end. If he is gone, this will continue as people find someone else to blame.

Best Arthur Morgan Quotes 

Arthur Morgan

Arthur Morgan is the central protagonist of red dead redemption 2. Born in 1863, his mother died of unnatural cause, while his father was a petty criminal. Arthur was 11 years old when he was arrested, he later witnessed his death, and despite having a difficult relationship with him, he kept his picture and hat.

Around 1877, he was picked up off the street by Dutch van der linden ad Matthew maes who took care of him and were like his father figures for his whole life. He later became one of the founding members of the van derLinde gang. In 1885, he met a 12-year-old boy named John Marston, who Dutch had saved from being lynched.

He met a woman named Eliza, married her, and had a child named Isaac, but later in the storyline, they were killed for 10 dollars. Arthur is a cold outlaw who often resorts to violence but rarely kills. At his worst, he could be ruthless beyond measure but also has a positive side, which he shows to his close ones. He has a wide range of personalities as the story progresses.

6. “Nothin’ means more to me than this gang. I would kill for it. I would happily die for it. I wish things were different… But it wasn’t us who changed.”

This one sentence shows what Arthur cares for the most, his gang. He is loyal and would do anything for those he loves, but he also knows that Dutch has changed, he is more careless and reckless than before, and it won’t be long before their gang falls apart.

7. “Lack of something to feel important about is almost the greatest tragedy a man may have.”

Having a difficult childhood, he always wanted to feel like he was a part of something bigger than himself and searched for meaning in life.

 8. “I guess I… I’m afraid.”

This was perhaps Arthur’s most vulnerable moment when he visited a sister after he learned about his illness, wondering what to do with his life now and what his actions amount to. The sister said to her, “take a gamble that love exists and do a loving act,”

9. You don’t get to live a bad life and have good things happen to you.”

Arthur was a philosophical man; he believed in karma and knew that your past comes back to haunt you, and you don’t get to choose when to leave it all behind and start anew.

10. “I gave you all I had.”

Probably The most heart-wrenching scene of the whole franchise and the most heart-ripping line when Arthur lay on the ground bloodied and wheezing said the above line. Arthur followed Dutch his entire life, trusted him blindly, and ultimately, he even gave his life.

11. “Vengeance is an idiots’ game.”

This line was said still early in the story when Arthur was crueler and crasser but still knew better. When he went to an old lady to collect her husband’s debt and her son told him to watch out as no one knew how the events transpired, Arthur advised him to understand better than to take vengeance.

12. “You Are The Only Feller Who Got Half Of Their Brain Eaten By Wolves And Ended Up More Intelligent.”

The connection between Arthur and John is tense at the beginning of Red Dead Redemption 2. To say that Arthur is not very fond of John is an understatement, and towards the start of the game, he uses many derogatory terms to refer to him.

After chasing John and discovering him stranded following a wolf assault, Arthur offers this razor-sharp remark. Red Dead Redemption fans may first perceive Arthur as somewhat of a villain because of lines like this one that pretty much sum up his behaviour of John early in the game, when he still has no respect for him. Given Arthur’s motivations, it makes sense and makes this line rather humorous.

13. “Thank You.”

Red Dead Redemption 2 does a fantastic job of establishing a bond between Arthur, the player, and the horse. In this tragic finale with the duo, sticking with one horse for the majority of the game pays off.

In the last quest of the main game, Arthur’s horse dies as he and John attempt to flee. The moment Arthur praises his horse is incredibly unexpected, but it is also incredibly emotional, powerful, and beautiful to perform and watch.

13. “We’re More Ghosts Than People Now.”

Being two of the strongest-willed, kindest, and most endearing characters in Red Dead Redemption 2, Arthur and Sadie Adler have one of the best interactions and relationships throughout the entire game.

This quotation comes from one of the many memorable sequences that the two have shared, in which Sadie convinces John to help her exact revenge on the O’Driscolls in return for assistance with John and Abigail. Such an effective line. These people have suffered enormous losses, and neither one, particularly Arthur, appears to have a very bright future. At this stage of the game, they are actually just living half a life, either out of retaliation or to allow other individuals to have complete lives.

14. “We’re Thieves In A World That Don’t Want Us No More.”

Arthur and the gang live in a Western culture that is changing, where law and order are prevailing and outlaws are being squeezed out. Arthur is aware of the fact that they do not have the same place they once did. There are a few quotations that centre on this specific arc, and this one could be the greatest of them.

15. “Hey, Mister!”

The line “Hey, sir!” is fantastic, even though it isn’t necessarily one that is used in a cut scene conversation or one that is incredibly meaningful or has any type of noticeable consequence.

These brief introductions by Arthur to others, especially when he addresses his horse as “boahh” or “gurrl,” are some of the most endearing lines of speech in the game thanks to Roger Clark’s flawless delivery. Although it does not accurately portray Red Dead Redemption 2’s outstanding dialogue and writing, players will still remember it.

Best Dutch Van Der Linde Quotes

Dutch Van Der Linde

Born in 1855 to an English mother and a Dutch father, Dutch lost his way in life and swore a grudge against the southern after his father died in battle. His relationship with his mother was also strained as she died soon after. To live a life of independence Dutch resort to a life of crime in mid-1870, he met a con artist named Matthew Hosea and soon built a bond with him that would continue for their lives.

Soon they started a gang together called the Vander Linde gang. Though his character was rather grey, it cannot be overlooked that throughout his life, he was rather courageous but later in life, he turned to be more reckless.

16. “They’re chasing us hard because we represent everything they fear.”

Holding deep grudges and hatred towards government and society in general, the Dutch wanted to live a life free of rules and regulations, and he did that. He was a man of solid values and believed that his way was the right way.

17. “You Can’t Fight Nature, Captain. You Can’t Fight Change. We can’t fight gravity; we can fight nothin’. My whole life, all I ever did was fight…”

No matter how grey his character was, there is no denying that Dutch was a great leader, A man more significant than life itself broke. He also cared for his members and looked after them as his child, constantly raising their morals and encouraging them. We can see his true character in this line, how tired he was of it all, and how he was also suffering. Lines like these made him human.

18. “There simply isn’t a reality in which we do nothing and get everything.”

Dutch truly believes that what he does are for the greater good. He did anything and everything to achieve his goals. Throughout the story, the crimes he commits become more extreme, and he even begins killing innocent people and justifying them.

19. “I Have a Plan.”

Throughout the franchise, one can often see Dutch saying, ” I have a plan, or we need more money. As a leader, it’s all he always cared about, how to achieve more success and money. 

Best Hosea Matthews Quotes

Hosea Matthews

Born in 1844, the right-hand man and best friend of Dutch van der Linde for over two decades, Hosea Matthews is one of the main characters of the red dead redemption series and a member of the van der Linde gang. Despite having a rough childhood, Hosea was wise and intelligent. He used his intelligence to con his way out of any situation and hated violence. He would instead use his wits to rob money from people than kill them. He seems to reflect too much on his past actions and feels remorse for the people they hurt. Like Dutch, he was a father figure to all the gang members.

20. “I wish I had acquired wisdom at less of a price.”

It takes many years and mistakes to gain a certain level of wisdom. Matthew certainly had an experience in both fields, but it always comes with a price. A price that people usually regret paying. This line shows much those years have taken a toll on him. 

21. “Oh, these futile lives of petty sin we have lived! What choice did we have?” 

Matthew was an intelligent man who was often seen reflecting on his past actions and usually regretting the things they did to reach today, but then again, he knew with the kind of lives they lived, they did not have another choice.

22. “My Pa used to say if you stare into the fire long enough, you can see the whole world pass by.”

Reminiscing on the past, Mathew said these words. Considering that he did not get to see his father much, it shows a lot about his character that he still cherishes his father’s memory. Maybe the fire symbolizes anger, hatred, and fear, and if one holds on to those feelings, they can never move on while the whole world will, and maybe that’s what his father meant by this line.

23. “Anyway, I got caught by some hill country sheriff stealing a chicken. I think it was… And he decided I was going to be hanged for it.”

Hosea told the gang sitting by the campfire that he was raised in the mountains during his early years. He had an absent father whom he only saw for like three but still loved and carried his photo with him. One day, he was caught stealing a chicken, and the Sherriff decided it was too much of a crime to be hanged for, and he would have been if not for an unknown man who came and decided that the punishment was too unfair, shot the rope, set him free and instead hanged the sheriff. 

Best Abigail Roberts Quotes

Abigail Roberts

Abigail Roberts was born in 1877 and joined the VanderLinde’s gang after being introduced to them by her uncle. She was a prostitute by profession but later fell in love with John Marston and became pregnant with their son Jack Marston. Sometime later, they also had a daughter together.

Abigail was a strong woman and a great mother; she cared deeply for John and wanted him to show interest in the family, but he had none. She is strong-willed. Independent and often fierce, she always wants to protect her family. She died at age 37 in 1914 and was buried beside John and her uncle.

 24. “John… I love you. Don’t you forget that… not ever now.”

A strong woman who loved and cared for John deeply, she never approved of John’s ways of endangering himself and his family in the name of revenge and redemption, but she always stood beside him and loved him.  

25. “The life we led, that doesn’t go away. It’s never over.”

An orphan who grew up fending for herself by working as a prostitute, Abigail led a life in which she had seen it all, and she knows we reap the fruits of the seeds we sow.

 26. “If they put one bruise on him, I swear, I’ll bring the fires of hell on them myself.”

A strong independent, fierce woman who loves her family deeply but doesn’t back off when the moment comes to protect them, this line from Abigail shows what a strong character she was; Powerful, strong-willed, and afraid of no one.

A great franchise with a fantastic storyline, some powerful dialogues, and impressive action sequences, this game had it all. No wonder it received so much love from all over the globe.

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