Best Secrets and Lies Quotes on Love, Life and Problems

Secrets and Lies is a popular American television series that is based on mystery and anthology. It was telecasted on ABC from March 1, 2015, to December 4, 2016. This series is captured and inspired by an Australian television series that had the same name. The plot follows the adventures of Detective Andrea Cornell, who belongs to the Police Department. She is into investigating homicide cases.

The first season experiences the death of a young boy living in the neighborhood. In this scenario, Ben Crawford is considered to be the prime suspect. The adventure and thrill continue in the second season, where the investigation is carried out by Cornell. Eric Warner is the new heir to which all the private equity firm is given. Also, Kate, who is his wife, is murdered in this season. Let’s look at some of the most popular quotes and sayings about this television series.

1. “The problem is I’ve too many secrets, and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with your lies.” – Moira Fowley Doyle

This quote was stated by Moira Fowley Doyle when she refers to the fact that having too many secrets makes it difficult for a human to live peacefully. Now and then, they have to focus on their lies and secrets and make sure that no one gets to know about them. In the whole process, they tend to make mistakes that can backfire on their whole plot. Hence, she particularly focuses on the point that too many secrets can be hard to keep.

2. “Did it hurt when your soul ate you alive? It will hurt more when your secrets come to gnaw at your marrow.” -Courtney Privett

In this quote, Courtney Privett focuses on the point by referring to one of the characters that she felt bad about the whole situation. She had been hiding all her secrets and had been telling quite a few lies which is making it miserable for her to deal with. Amidst all this, she needs to make sure that no one gets to know about all of it. If anyone gets to know about it, her reputation will be lost, and she will be extremely embarrassed by the whole situation.

3. “Lies were a mask to protect my thoughts and feelings, while secrets were usually the playground my lies played in. Without them, I felt raw and exposed. I had nowhere to hide.” – Brian Davis

This quote has been stated by Brian Davis, who highlights her thought process by saying that lies help her to protect her thoughts and feelings. It makes her a playground where the secrets that she has been hiding play with each other and make her think over different situations. If they were not there, she would feel extremely raw and exposed, which is a feeling with which she is not very comfortable.

4. “They say that family is the place of safety. But sometimes, this is the greatest lie; family is not a sanctuary; it is not safety and succor. For some of us, it is the secret wound. Sooner or later, we pay for the wounds of our ancestors.” -Nayomi

Nayomi mentions in this quote that a family is a place where one feels extremely safe. But people should not be with them just for the sake of a safe space. It is because, after one point in time, they tend to consider it to be a sanctuary which is negative. They should not be considering their families this way. Certain people consider their families to be secret wounds. While on the other hand, some people also have to pay for the wrongdoings of their ancestors.

5. “Writing Skinny Chris was a very odd process – it felt like I had brought back to life a dead man and then killed him again.” -Ben Crawford

In this quote, Ben Crawford mentions writing skinny Chris which he found to be extremely weird and awkward. He had been the main focus of the investigation. Hence, he made sure that none of the points proved his fault. Also, he mentions that the process that he carried out felt like he brought a dead person back to life to kill him again. He wishes that he never has to do such things ever again in his life.

6. “It’s harder to kill a phantom than a reality.” -Virginia

Virginia mentioned in this quote that it is quite difficult to kill a phantom when compared to killing a real-life aspect. She is a strong believer in what she thinks and preaches. We see, she never has the feeling of resentment in her words which can be felt very evidently in her words. Moreover, her one statement has the strength to pull down dialogues made by many others.

7. “Hakim bit into his bottom lip, and I stirred his eyebrow. He closed his eyes and stated, “Mandisa, I can’t lie to you about my past anymore. Things keep coming up that I thought would be buried, and I don’t want you to believe that I’m the person I used to be.” – Hakim

In this quote, Hakim is the main focus. He is seen biting his bottom lip and stirring his eyebrow. And he has been very skeptical about sharing his past experiences with anyone that he met. Also, he told Mandisa that he could not continue to say lie to her anymore. Certain situations were coming up now and then and he feels that now is the right time that gets to know about everything. Also, he does not want Mandisa to feel that he is not a trustworthy guy.

8. “What are you talking about, Hakim? Everyone has a past and secrets. Look at mine. I have lived my life like an animal inside a cage, poked at and put on display. I have issues, and I know this, but I do not ask any of you to do anything more than be my friend,” I explained, pulling him closer for a hug.” -Mandisa

In this quote, Mandisa is talking to Hakim and telling him that everyone has a past and that no one should feel ashamed of it. She feels that everyone has a story, both good and bad, to tell to this world. Furthermore, she tells that her life is also like an animal which is inside a cage. She is poked and displayed in front of everyone. also, she understands the situation like a mature individual and makes sure that he does not feel uncomfortable at all. Later, she pulled him closer for a hug so that he could feel better.

9. “Having a relationship based on lies and secrets is destined to fail.” -Mandisa

In this quote, the importance of trust is presented in a very subtle manner. It has been shown that no relationship can work without the base of trust and loyalty. Moreover, people should make sure that their bond is not based on secrets and lies because if that thing happens, then their relationship may turn into a disaster.

10. “Secrets and lies! We’re all in pain! Why can’t we share our pain? I’ve spent my entire life trying to make people happy, and the three people I love the most in the world hate each other’s guts, and I’m in the middle! I can’t take it anymore!” -Cornell

In this quote, all the attention is focused on secrets and lies and that everyone is dealing with their problems. Everyone has some sort of pain etched in their hearts that they are dealing with. It gets extremely difficult for people to deal with it at times. She mentions that she had lived a life where she tried to make everyone around her happy. But that is not possible every time. In the situation that she was trapped in, she could feel that she had become a sandwich between two very close people in her life.

11. “You can tell a lot about people from lookin’ at their eyes.” -Cornell

Eyes speak more than words ever can. This is such a true statement. In this quote, the characters talk about the culprit who has gone for the investigation. People are trying to identify who has done the real crime. Amidst all this, this quote was stated for the person who was considered to be the culprit. Eyes have the strength to speak the truth because they can never lie.

12. “Life isn’t fair then, is it? Somebody always draws the short straw.” -Cornell

Cornell asks this question to one of the characters of the series. There has been a feeling in her which made her think that life is extremely unfair to her and all the others. There is always someone who has to go through rough patches of life to make it. She wonders why can’t things stay calm and in place. This shows a completely different personality of hers when compared to what she is the rest of the time.

13. “Deep down you already know the truth”

Sometime we want to listen the truth from another person, even if we know it already. Just to know that we matter to them, they care about us. Although it may occasionally appear as though everything is against you and there is nowhere to turn, this is untrue. There are those who care about you more than you care about yourself.

14. “I respect people that tell me the truth, no matter how hard it is.”

Being truthful implies being honest. Being honest involves making it a habit to tell the truth at all times. A person with high moral character is one who lives an honest life. An honest individual behaves well, always abides by the law, maintains discipline, tells the truth, and arrives on time. A trustworthy individual is one who always speaks the truth and is honest.

15. “I don’t understand how someone can tell so many lies and never feel bad about it.”

Liars are those who spread untrue information and deviate from the truth. Most people are taught at a young age that lying is a dishonest behaviour. However, as people age, lying becomes a way to avoid punishment. Some people lie because they feel compelled to, while others do it out of desire.

16. A real relationship is when you can tell each other anything and about everything”

A connection is one of the most crucial things one may have in life. A relationship could be with one of your male friends, a girlfriend, or a member of your family. Most people picture themselves with a partner or boyfriend when they think of relationships. It’s crucial to have good interactions with your family. A healthy relationship with your family is always beneficial since you can build trust and know they will always be there for you. When you’re dating someone, they could not always be genuine to you and may always judge you based on what they want from you. Your family will always be honest with you and won’t say anything they don’t mean to say in order to gain your approval.

17. “I don,t want perfect, I want honest.”

Everyone should strive to live an honest life. However, many people find it challenging to be honest. Living honestly entails exposing one’s genuine self to others. Honesty is defined as not lying, cheating, or stealing and taking responsibility for one’s mistakes. Many individuals think that honesty is a quality that is no longer necessary. Even though everyone has a distinct definition of honesty, it ultimately comes down to being truthful. One can gain respect from their peers by being sincere. Being true is being entirely transparent about oneself.

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