Top 35 Best Sunday Wishes One Can Write For Loved Ones

Well, I don’t know about you, but Sunday is an amazing day for me. The sun seems to shine differently on Sunday. Regardless of whether it rains on a Sunday or it’s unnaturally bright. It’s a Sunday, and that counts as a whole. The Sunday vibe is different. Even the holy Bible states that the seventh day is a day of rest, which should be observed. Because God created the world in a week, and on the seventh day, he rested. So that’s officially a resting day.

And we’re in a remorseful state. But most of us do some relaxing activities on this day. Beginning with the Sunday worship and then proceeding to a sumptuous breakfast and the preparations for an altogether festive meal for lunch. By the time evening dawns in, the excitement tends to fade away. Monday has already crept in…

So here are some Sunday wishes to brighten up your day.

  1. May this Sunday prepare you for a fantastic week ahead.
  2. Don’t the Monday vibe already kill your Sunday blues!
  3. No matter the workload, Sunday calls for ditching the uncomfortable tasks and heading towards your bed!
  4. No plans for today. We’ve already signed the deal with the best comfortable places at home today.
  5. Say hello to a week’s laundry after a good amount of exercise, which calls for some uninterrupted sleep.
  6. It’s a bright day to thank God and meet your friends and relatives. It’s the only day of the week that allows you to socialize.
  7. The week was hard, so here we have an extra day for you to sit back and relax!
  8. May this day fill you with happiness, good times, and good sleep.
  9. We know how great that lunch was; now it’s bedtime.
  10. Nothing beats the Sunday afternoon nap. It’s peaceful and worth every penny!
  11. Say hello to a new week ahead. Prepare for the best but without expectations.
  12. Sunday calls for a week full of opportunities… May you never miss any one of them.
  13. It’s a good time for your family. You get to spend the rest of the day seeing them in front of you. Blissful.
  14. For all the movies on your bucket list, get ready! Happy Sunday.
  15. The sun shines brightly today, and maybe it’s an indication of things falling into place.
  16. Grateful to God for blessing us with this day, may we worship him and ask him for strength to overcome our shortcomings.
  17. It’s finally a Sunday, the day when even grocery shopping sounds amazing!
  18. Here’s to spending the rest of the day with my loved ones. We run short of time on weekdays, and I hope that doesn’t make our relationship weak.
  19. A day to try our hands on the YouTube delicacies.
  20. It’s finally a Sunday, the only day that makes me forget I’m married, employed, and have a family.
  21. The joy of spending Sunday alone in your room is blissful. It’s my perfect time.
  22. My laptop needs rest, and my phone needs rest, my eyes need rest.. But I need a vacation. Happy Sunday.
  23. I guess my dog regards Sunday as his official outing day. I hope not to disappoint him today.
  24. Saturday shopping for Sunday is worth it. I prefer a “ No change of clothes for Sunday. “
  25. I’m tired, and I need a day’s rest! I’m glad it’s finally a Sunday.
  26. The same things that disappoint me on weekdays look amazing on Sundays. For example, my wife/ my husband!
  27. To one’s asking me why I cancel plans on Sunday… You’d get your answer. To be precise, I wish you could also fall in love with Sundays.
  28. I firmly believe that God had a great plan when he made Sunday. It’s effortlessly different from all the other days.
  29. I mean, it’s Sunday, the official day to avoid people. It’s, without a doubt, my day!
  30. I’m not even looking forward to Monday. Let me enjoy my Sunday!
  31. Sunday is the only day I don’t care about my phone’s charge. It’s alright, even if it’s dead by now.
  32. I wish Sunday were my favorite aunt. She’d stop if I urged her to.
  33. Wondering if a week could give two Sundays, wouldn’t that be amazing?
  34. I think Sunday should be made an official no-contact day. Only then would that be a happy Sunday.
  35. On the best day of the week, I hope you come soon.

Sunday isn’t just a day, probably. Maybe it’s an emotion that we haven’t discovered yet. We wait eagerly for a Sunday. The whole week, people open the calendar only to check when the following Sunday is. What date would that be? So here’s to the fantastic day of the week, different people with different ways to spend this day. But we’re accepting all of it. Happy Sunday!

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