Best Bird Box Quotes by Josh Malerman That’ll Show Modern Culture

Josh Malerman, an American author and vocalist, published his first book, a post-apocalyptic book titled Bird Box, in 2014. The book was first released on March 27, 2014, by Harper Voyager in the UK and on May 13, 2014, through Ecco Press in the US. In spite of the potential threat from an unidentified foe, the woman in the book must figure out how to lead herself and her children to safety. Three different eras are represented in the story, which is portrayed in part through flashbacks. During this time people send Halloween Quotes and Facts to their friends.

The present-day events in the book are linked with flashback scenes from two earlier times. The narrative is told from Malorie’s point of view, the primary character. The chronology of this summary is followed.


1. “You are saving their lives for a life not worth living.” -Josh Malerman

The Bird Box1

These mental monologues from Malorie expose the extremely distressing battle that permeates her existence. She questions her existence and considers the horrors her children will have to face at this point. Malerman makes an effort to develop character with mood, as she does throughout the entire book, in order to create a sense of tension and impending doom.

2. “Rowing blindfolded is even harder than Malorie had imagined. Many times, the rowboat has run into the banks and got stuck for a period of several minutes. In the time, she was besieged by visions of unseen hands reaching for the blindfolds that cover the children’s eyes. Fingers coming up and out of the water from the mud where the river meets the earth. The children did not scream; they did not whine. They are too patient.” -Josh Malerman

When they all have to get blindfolded in order to prevent seeing the creatures, they wear blindfolds whenever they go outside. Malorie says in this quote that it is even harder than she had anticipated, so she talks about her children, who are so patient with the process of getting blindfolded as they did not scream or whine once while all the things with creatures were happening.

3. “The chicken wire…has served as armor, protecting the children not from what could see them, but from what they could see.” -Josh Malerman

Malorie conveys the reader’s understanding of the children’s predicament while also expressing her own sense of powerlessness. Malerman challenges the conventional notion of danger by pointing out that what kids can perceive is what should frighten them. The monster they are now afraid of, not the one under the bed.

4. “The children have never seen the world outside their home. Not even through the windows. And Malorie hasn’t looked in more than four years.” -Josh Malerman

Malorie, the main character in this quote, refers to her children when she says that they have never looked outside of their homes, not even through windows, because they have always stayed inside. When they did look outside, they were blindfolded because they had to prevent seeing the creatures because the one who saw them died, so Malorie wanted to protect her children from the creatures outside.

5. “You are saving their lives for a life not worth living.” -Josh Malerman

In a moment of self-doubt, Malorie questions whether her overly protective parenting approach undermines the goal of parenting, which is to provide children with a happy and fulfilling existence. Malorie’s motivation for leaving the house where the kids had lived in safety for several years and starting a perilous voyage down the river is her wish to see the kids not only survive but thrive. She thinks it’s a chance worth taking.

6. “Your baby is smarter than you think.” -Josh Malerman

The Bird Box2

In this quote, Olympia is talked about because she is seen as smarter and braver than her mother, as the suicide pandemic had already reached America when Olympia became pregnant. When it happened, Olympia was fortunate enough to be able to survive for the first few days of the apocalypse and finally located a postmodern home owned by a man named Greg, who had already permitted a small number of other survivors to take sanctuary in his home on the first day of the epidemic.

7. “How can she expect her children to dream as big as the stars if they can’t lift their heads to gaze upon them?” -Josh Malerman

This quote is about Malorie’s kids, and it raises the question of how she can expect them to have as large of dreams as the stars when they couldn’t lift their heads to look up at them because they weren’t permitted to go anyplace outdoors or even look up at the sky. To keep them from seeing the monsters, which were deadly and could kill them, they were blindfolded. As the incidents increase, people seek shelter in their homes and close their windows to keep from accidentally seeing the monsters.

8. “You can smell it, too. Death. Dying. Decay. The sky is falling, it is dying, the sky is dead.” -Josh Malerman

This quotation refers to the topic of death. The book’s and the film’s central idea is that witnessing the creatures causes an epidemic. The “enraptured” ends up experiencing insane bliss and fixation, severe depression, the intense terror that drives them to commit suicide, or other extreme reactions as a result. These individuals are just here so that others may witness the beasts. And it has to do with things like mortality, decomposition, etc., that apply to all species. As the creatures speak of death and destruction, the sky and birds are also brought up.

9. “It’s better to face madness with a plan than to sit still and let it take you in pieces.” -Josh Malerman

This powerful phrase motivates us to get things done in life rather than just lazing around. Instead of staying motionless and letting yourself crumble, it is preferable to face craziness and be mad with planning. This teaches us that it is better to be insane for a while with a plan than to sit still and wait for life to break you into pieces, which also implies that death will finish everything, and we wait idly and expect things to happen in life, but time waits for no one. It can also be because someone is facing fear and holding themselves back because of the madness and the fear of society and is unable to do the actions, but it also teaches us that this implies facing fear and holding ourselves back because it breaks us into million pieces.

10. “Whatever they are,’ Tom says, ‘our minds can’t understand them. They’re like infinity, it seems. Something too complex for us to comprehend. Do you see?” -Josh Malerman

Tom provides a convincing, if hazy, explanation for how the animals impact people, despite the fact that the mechanism is never fully defined. The absence of motives, characterization or any other kind of descriptive information causes the creatures to have symbolic importance as representations of unknowable things.

11. “Maybe a thing has to be smart enough to lose its mind.” -Josh Malerman

In this quotation, it is stated that anything must be intelligent enough to lose its mind. It also discusses insanity and intelligence, suggesting that perhaps something must be intelligent enough to become insane and that becoming insane should be worthwhile. The public should go bonkers about the things that are worthwhile.

12. “We left because some people choose to wait for news and others make their own.” -Josh Malerman

This statement discusses decisions that humans make, including difficult decisions and unfavorable outcomes. The two categories of people, those who wait for news and those who fabricate news and history, are also discussed. It entails disconnecting from other people so that they can start their own journeys and live their own lives. They must do this because life is all about making your own choices and finding your own route to fulfillment; you cannot wait for other people to construct your life for you.

13. “Man is the creature he fears.” -Josh Malerman

The Bird Box3

Only men should be feared since they are the most dangerous animals. Every time he hits the earth, he cries out in dread to the skies and asks for help from the unknown; and it is said that men are the most terrible people because they only care about themselves and not others, and they fear themselves since they are the cruelest and selfish people.

14. “Once, she told me I looked like the sun to her because of my hair. I asked her if I shined like the sun, and she told me, ‘No, Daddy, you shine more like the moon when it’s dark outside.” -Josh Malerman

This quote is about the memories of the past and the way Tom and Robin talk to each other. He tells Tom that he looks like the sun to him. Because of his hair, and when he asks her if he shines like the sun. When she sees her, she declines. And says that his father is more like the moon to her. Because he shines bright when it’s dark. This also implies that when life is dark and miserable, and she can’t cope, he helps her find a way.

15. “What would twelve years of living like veal do to their minds? Is there a point, Malorie wonders, the clouds in the sky become unreal, and the only place they’ll ever feel at home is behind the black cloth of the blindfolds?” -Josh Malerman

Malorie worries that her efforts to shield her kids from harm might have unexpected consequences. She is particularly concerned that. If they ever get the chance to do so, their adoption of certain habits. As necessary may prevent them from ever being able to truly appreciate the world. Malorie’s behavior is influenced by her conflicting motivations. To keep the kids safe and to give them a fulfilling life during the course of the book.

16. “The moment between deciding to open your eyes and then actually doing it is as scary a thing as there is in the new world.”- Josh Malerman

This quote is about finding the time and the exact moment where we get to know what we want in life and take necessary steps to achieve that.

17. “Only a box of birds, Malorie thinks. Yet, it does feel like progress.”- Josh Malerman

Character is better tested by small things than by big things. Great things do not come every day; they do. The world revolves on thin hinges, but we brace ourselves and exert extraordinary effort for big achievements. Little things deal with reality without any show; typically, little things are much bigger than big things, and as a result, little things have much bigger effects. If we take care of the minor things, we won’t need to worry as much about the bigger ones.

18. “In a world where you can’t open your eyes, isn’t a blindfold all you could ever hope for?”- Josh Malerman

The various ways we can view the world are referred to as methods of knowing. It represents various viewpoints on identity, society, and daily living. Stepping into another person’s shoes to learn about them and their way of life is what the phrase “ways of knowing” refers to. It’s about broadening your knowledge and understanding life from perspectives different than your own.

This is critical, in my opinion, to your development as an artist and your overall development as a person. Getting outside perspectives is the best method to stimulate creativity. Writing what you know is advised while taking your first creative writing course. That’s a fine place to start, but the most creative inspiration might come from writing about things you don’t understand.

19. “‘This,’ Malorie says, placing a bloodied hand on the Girl’s head, ‘this is Olympia.’ The Girl looks at Malorie quickly. She blushes. She smiles. She likes it. ‘And this,’ Malorie says, pressing the Boy to her body, ‘is Tom.’ He grins, shy and happy.”- Josh Malerman

This quote is about the girl and a boy. Malorie draws the Girl’s rapid attention. Blushing, she. She beams. She enjoys it. Malorie presses the Boy against her body and declares, “And this is Tom.” He grins shyly and joyfully.

20. “Maybe a thing has to be smart enough to lose its mind.”- Josh Malerman

This statement talks about the decisions that people make, especially the difficult ones and the results that are not good. There is also discussion of the two groups of people—those who wait for news and those who make up news and history. In order to embark on their own adventures and live their own lives, it requires distancing themselves from other people. They must do this because you cannot wait for other people to build your life for you; life is all about making your own decisions and pursuing your own sense of fulfilment.

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