Best Boomhauer Quotes That Can Teach You Fun in Every Point of Life

The fictional character Boomhauer appears in the Fox cartoon series “King of Hill.” Jeffrey Dexter Boomhauer III, alias Jeffrey Boomhauer III, was born in October 1953. Mike Judge, one of the show’s creators, voices his role. He is primarily recognized for his quick and somewhat unconvincing language. Here are some of the finest quotes from Arthur Schopenhauer. Boomhauer’s comment has a significant influence on people and the community.

Here’s a list…

Boomhauer Quotes on the Internet

Our leading man here got some interesting takes on things we use in everyday Life, like the Internet. And it will make you go lol and rofl going through the list we assembled.

1. “Yeah, man, I tell ya what, man, that dang ol’ internet, man, you just go in on there and point and click, talk about w-w-dot-w-com, mean you got the n*ked chicks on there, man, just go click, click, click, click, click, it’s real easy, man.” – Boomhauer

Now the Internet is a fine thing. But our lead guy here has a different take on it. And guess what? He even got songs about it. Now, where are you going to find such a guy?

2. “I tell you what, man, that Y2K man. Man, that ol’ mainframe is going to come crashin’ down on that ol’ grid.” –Boomhauer

Our man is also a Lil skeptical about machines. And is pretty evident from the quotes he uses for machines. Check out this statement on mainframes and computers.

3. “Yeah, man, I tell you what…Did one of them snipe hunts last night, man, with their sticks and bags and Whack! Whack! Man, go Woooo-loo-loo! … Talk about a big mistake, you all… It’s right there in that cooler.” – Boomhauer

Did you ever think that someone could have a take on coolers too? We guess not. But to our surprise, Boomhauer has proven us wrong. He got dirt on it all.

The lead guy has fascinating opinions on daily necessities. We imagine it’s similar to the Internet. And browsing through the compiled list will make you go, lmao and rofl.

Boomhauer quotes on Randomness

And sure as hell, this man has an interesting take on life stages. One such is the Randomness of Life. Here is a list of some of his best quotes on Randomness. They are relatable too.

4. “You know we talked about destiny and the big ol’ dipper, man? Well, I’m just like the North Star, I’m always going to be there, man… just like dang ol’ UPS and Hertz Gold, man.” –Boomhauer

Randomness is a part of Life. And it is something we all will find relatable. Sometimes we may see our guy connecting random ideas to come up with something new, like this one.

5. “Dang ol’ destiny, man. Talkin’ about the planets align, like a big ol’ dipper, man.” – Boomhauer

Sometimes its a diaper. Other times, it can be planets and the entire solar system. Well, is it not the whole point of Randomness? And this man knows how to work it best!

6. “You like a butterfly flapping ‘is wings deep down in that forest, man an’ it gonna cause a tree fall like five thousand miles away, man.” –Boomhauer

Did you ever think that someone could have a take on coolers too? We guess not. But to our surprise, Boomhauer has proven us wrong. He got dirt on it all.

7. “I tell you what, man, you see the part where dang ol’ George come in there and he’s talkin’ about tasting his burp, and Kramer comes slllliiiidin ‘in there, he always does that. The New York boys, I tell you what…just a show about nothin’.” – Boomhauer

And who can ignore this part? Sometimes, we may think it is all gibberish. But that is not the case with our lives too. This hero shows us the reality with random ideas.

The hero of the show has a vivid outlook. One example is the unpredictability of Life. Here is a collection of some of his finest randomness quotes. They also have a commonality.

Boomhauer Quotes on Life

Who can ignore Life for a long? Not this guy. He has a fresh take on Life too. Ones that define and shape it. Provided we steer clear of the harm that we may come across. We’re good to go.

8. “Hey, man, I ain’t got no dang ol’ problem here, man… tell you what, worry a little about that son of yours, man, carryin’ a dang ol’ burger on a pillow.” –Boomhauer

Life is something that needs a lot of patience and adaptability. And we should not be expecting anything less. It holds in this quote of Boomhauer too. Take a look!

9. “For God’s sake, Hank, act like an adult, and keep it down, guys, will you? I am trying to get through an article on vintage Camaros, and I’ve been on the same page for twenty minutes.” – Boomhauer

He occasionally mentions planets and such things. At times, he is all about the elderly and the young. I suppose we should call it diversity already! It encompasses a broad spectrum, after all.

10. “Talk about oral gratification all that dang it, is going to give you a low spe*m count, man, give ear hair, yo. It just ain’t… ain’t no good.” – Boomhauer

We may see him talking at length about human Life and health. It also covers some intimate topics which we often choose to ignore. But this guy faces it head-on!

11. “You gon — it don matter, man, it’s not the old oldies all the time, man. Do you know what I think, man? It’d like the dang ol – I think you are, man.” – Boomhauer

Sometimes he talks of planets and stuff. Other times, he is all about old age and young ones. Well, can we not call it diversity already? After all, it covers a wide range.

12. ” If-an ain’t nobody sees it nobody don-done-e’en knows it happens you know ibda baby born into this world int know neck god dang friends got no nothin, but da go come into finding out about em ol evil man. Man, see, like, you don’t even know, man. When-dragon it’d like you born into this world man, and you got — it’s like this: dust in the wind man, or like a dang ol’ candle.” – Boomhauer

A lot of patience and flexibility are required in Life. And nothing less should be expected. It also applies to this Boomhauer quotation. Examine it out if you may!

None can disregard Life for an extended period. Our lead, too, has a new perspective on Life. Those who define and mold it. As long as we avoid any danger that may come our way.

Boomhauer Quotes on Humor

Humor is an essential part of this show. It is evident from the context that the show uses. And the character of Boomhauer adds to it with its quotes.

13. “Man, you gotta think ’bout turnin’ over a new leaf with ol’ Katherine, man… got a lotta vow, man… talkin’ ’bout vows!” – Boomhauer

We see our guy finding Humor in minute things. They may range from tea leaves to massive size kinds of stuff. Simple ones from daily everyday life. Call it the humbleness of this lead!

13. “Boomhauer Goes Snipe Hunting.” – Boomhauer

We couldn’t help but notice how he can make jokes about himself and others. That is a commendable characteristic. Shouldn’t we agree on that? After all, we dont encounter these folks often!

14. “Maybe why don’t I show you something size “Boom?”.” – Boomhauer

Boomhauer finds comedy in the little things. They might range from tea leaves to oversized items. Simple ones from day-to-day existence. Call it humility, shall we! We can not consider how he can make jokes at himself, not just at others. And that is something of a commendable trait. Shall we not agree to that? After all, how often do we come across such people in our lives?

15. “Don’t Smoke. This is your lungs on air. This is your lungs on smoke. See the difference, man? It’s going to stunt your growth all over, and you’ll end up lyin’ in that dang ol ‘hospital bed like Morton Downey, Jr., Robert Downey, Jr. even worse, man, yo.” – Boomhauer

We could hear him speak at length about human Life and health. It also addresses several sensitive issues that we frequently avoid. But this man confronts it!

This program is heavily reliant on humor. It is clear from the setting in which the program is set. And the character of Boomhauer contributes to it with quotes.

Why does Boomhauer talk like that?

Boomhauer has a particular talking style. It was inspired by a man whining about Beavis and Butthead to Mike Judge. Mike Judge produced the animated television program in 1993, which aired in 1997. The first season of King of the Hill aired in 1997. Happy reading!

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