Best Young Dolph Quotes That Will Inspire You For Sure

Born on July 27th, 1985, Adolph Robert Thornton Jr. who was popularly known by his stage name “Young Dolph” was a renowned American rapper. In his 15 years of active music life, Young Dolph witnessed the highest peak of his career growth. Through his four albums ranging from King of Memphis (2016) to Role Model (2018) then the Key Glock collaboration for Dum and Dummer (2019) was followed up by the successful album Rich Salve (2020) and Dum and Dummer 2 (2021). One of his most hit singles “Cut it” stole the spot of 35th number on the Billboard 100 chart.

Raised in Memphis, Dolph made his debut in 2008 with a mixtape “Paper Route Campaign”. With the subsequent releases of “The Weed Album” and “South Memphis Kingpin,” Dolph came into the limelight in 2012. Soon after that, he dropped his successful series of mixtapes. By 2014, Dolph was working with some of the major label producers including Drumma Boy and Zaytoven.

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Before his death, Young Dolph had amassed a fair share of fame and fortune. He signed several lucrative record deals with top music labels and went on to release several chart-topping songs. In recognition of his contribution to the music industry, in 2018 he was nominated for the XXL Freshman list. Moreover, he also won a few awards such as the Best Rap Video award at the BET Hip Hop Awards and Best Emerging Artist award at the VLEND Music Awards.

In 2020, Dolph’s seventh studio album, Rich Slave landed the spot of number 4 on the Billboard 100 chart. The album spoke about the issues regarding racism and inequality prevailing in America. Dolph died on November 17th,2021. He was shot at the Memphis Bakery.

Although Young Dolph is no more with us, his words continue to inspire millions of people all across the globe. Without further ado here is the list of some inspiring quotes by Young Dolph.

1. “You only get one shot in life, one life to live, make the most out of it. Put as many smiles as you can on people’s faces, help as many people as you can, and get you some paper. Live the life you and your folks.”

Young Dolph1

We only live once. We get this life for one time and yet we run after insignificant things in our life. Our lives have been overflowed with work and responsibilities that we don’t bother our minds to relax and enjoy the moment of our life. We make plans for our retirement which our society has made us think is the ideal time to enjoy our lives.

But for how long we are going to live in this illusion? At the time we retire, we won’t have the same amount of energy as we possessed back in our youth. The fire which was fuelled with excitement to enjoy life would vanish into the thin air. Instead of waiting for the future why don’t we live in the present? Live in the present and enjoy every possible moment. Be the reason for someone’s happiness. Explore new places, try out different cuisines, make the most out of each second, and don’t forget to express your gratitude.

2. “It’s always easier in retrospect to be confident in the decisions you have made if they worked out. Society admires risk-takers but the ones whose risks pay off.”

Who doesn’t admire a strong and confident person? Be it a child or a mature person, if you have the confidence to stand strong and face any obstacles that life will provide you on your journey, you’ll become the source of admiration for the rest of the people who are struggling out there. Confidence is one of the admirable qualities one could possess. To succeed in life, one must take risks.

Risks scare people because you’re uncertain about the outcome. Risk-takers are always admired by society and especially when their risks pay off. So you must display your confidence only when things have worked out for you. And even if things do not go on your way do not lose your focus. The ones who could remain steadfast in such situations are the ones who are guaranteed to succeed in life.

3. “While you’re waiting on even trying to do anything, try investing in yourself. Just try to keep going up and coming up with new things to do, being creative every day. Make this your life.”

There comes a point in everyone’s life where everything comes to a halt. No matter how much you try you cannot improve your situation. At those times, instead of wasting your time on improving the situation try to invest that time in yourself. Try to be more creative. Learn new skills. Educate your mind. Keep up with the daily challenges. Or take a break from everything. Go on a vacation. Relax your mind and don’t forget to live your life to the fullest.

4. “Because I live and breathe it, I admire the hustle. Opportunities will knock, doors will swing open, concerns will be vanquished and risks will play off for those who work hard.”

We all have our dreams but only a few courageous souls work towards the achievement of their dreams. The path that they are about to step is filled with insecurities, jealousy, anger, and lastly the most dangerous one failure. One must always remember that hard works pay off. If you are dedicated to your dream then you don’t have to worry because opportunities will soon knock on your door. All of your hard work will be paid off. Your risks will lead you to the doors of success.

5. “Not a lot of people make it out from where I’m from but I’m a living example showing you that it’s possible. Work hard, play hard.”

When you will start the journey towards the achievement of your dreams you will be accompanied by many strangers who share the same dream as well. As you embark on your journey you’ll notice a fall in the number of people who have accompanied you on your journey. And the moment you will reach the end of the line, you will turn around to notice no one is standing with you anymore.

Those people have either surrendered themselves to their inner demons or were scared by the hurdles that came along their way. Whereas you have banished your inner demons deep into your mind and overcame the hurdles wearing the armor of confidence. As you are standing alone enjoying your victory you have become a source of inspiration. You have proved that will hard work and the right amount of dedication anything is possible.

6. “You know, working with different artists, some people kinda get confused in trying to find their way, I stay true to myself.”

Young Dolph2

While working with other people, one may lose track of their work. We get overwhelmed by their work and in such situations, it is quite easy to get distracted. If you ever find yourself in such an overwhelming situation do not lose your focus. Stay true to yourself because that is what has made you unique in the first place. It is quite okay to feel distracted but you should always remember the way back to yourself.

7. “As long as I keep moving up and working, my worth will rise.”

Once you have the chance to take a sip of success, nothing will ever stop you from rising to the top. As you keep on working towards your dreams your worth will rise as well. The steps toward success are long and tough one that requires your immense determination and dedication. The road will demand sacrifices from you. And as you make your way towards the top you shall be rewarded generously.

8. “Have a good team. Let them do what they do and you do what you do. Have people around you that work and that will want to make your work even harder.”

Every person who is standing on the top and enjoying the fruits of success have or had a team who drove them on the journey towards success. A team could either be your family, friends, or even a group of professionals whose dedication and efforts towards their work have made you even more stubborn and courageous to reach your goals. Let them do their work and you should focus on your work.

9. “When I’m finished doing music or whatever, I want people to remember me as just being great.”

Although Young Dolph is no more with us, his legacy will live on through his music which continues to rule the hearts of his fans all across the globe. His music and words not only inspired people but also helped him to build his large fan following. Not only does his music continues to stay in the heart of many people, but his words also act as a source of inspiration for all those newbies who are willing to step and make their mark on the music industry.

10. “ Don’t try to… go to work and try to go to the other job. And if you are gonna do other things on the side, make sure it’s like it’s only for the money just to support what you want to do and you give it your all.”

Young Dolph3

No matter how much we try to ignore it, on our way to success there are times when money becomes something of a crucial matter. To survive one needs monetary aid. But if you’re truly dedicated to your goals then you must give everything that you have got. Pursuing your dreams will demand your focus and commitment. It is quite harmless to work on side projects which would generate some sort of income but this shall not become a barrier between you and your dreams.

Don’t be afraid to pursue your dreams. The road may look dangerous but remember hard work will always pay off.

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