Best Claymore Quotes That Will Ignite An Unforgettable Spark In Your Soul

The Claymore anime series is based on the manga series of the same name by Norihiro Yagi. The episodes are directed by Hiroyuki Tanaka and produced by Madhouse Studios. The anime series is adapted through the 11 volumes of the manga over 24 episodes. The last two episodes of the anime were not in the manga and were written by Norihiro Yagi. It was aired between April 2007 and September 2007 in Japan on Nippon Television. The series’ genres revolve around action, drama, fantasy and romance, which cover a wide range of themes such as female warriors, medieval, monsters, revenge, swordplay and tragedy.

The plot of the Claymore follows the adventures of Clare, a claymore, or half-human, half-Yoma hybrid. She and her comrades fight for their survival in a world filled with Yoma, or shape shifting demons. Clare works on the behalf of an organization that trains female Yoma half breeds into the warriors with the ability to destroy creatures.

1. “Don’t be so quick to throw away your life. No matter how disgraceful or embarrassing it maybe, you need to keep struggling to find your way out until the very end.” –Clare

Clare is a female Claymore and the no 47 in the current generation of Organization. She is the main protagonist and successor of the Teresa’s flesh and blood. Eventually, she was a cold warrior who prioritizes duties over everything else. She looks composed on the surface, but her emotions can break out very easily. Moreover, she is always throwing away her life as she let her emotions get the better of her. She repeatedly risks her life to save others by ignoring all the warnings. She rushes into any situation regardless of the danger. There is irony in what she says and what she does. She only has one mission which is to kill Priscilla.

2. “My existence was nothing more to her than a stone by the side of the road. I wasn’t enough to fill her belly. Or perhaps I didn’t even get reflected in her eyes. I couldn’t even hate the beast that killed Teresa. It was me, overcome by fear that I could not forgive.” –Clare

The Claymore1

From the childhood, Clare followed Teresa persistently despite the known dangers. She has enormous willpower to stay by the side of the Teresa. While she was with Teresa, she was initially mute. She was like a stone just lying by the side of road. She felt her existence just like a stone. A stone which doesn’t say anything or does anything but is present. She was not angry with Priscilla who killed Teresa rather she was angry with herself as she could not do anything. Her fear over powered her and she couldn’t react. She cannot forgive herself as to what happened.

3. “We comforted each other during the most painful of times. Even when we became half-human, half-Yoma, and pain ran through our entire bodies, we were able to fall asleep by holding onto each other.” –Clare

Clare was human who followed in the steps of Teresa. Teresa was a mother figure to her whom she admired and respected. Her determination to kill Priscilla made her take Teresa’s flesh and blood into her body, becoming a claymore. When they are into one another, they can comfort each other only. In the most painful times, only they were there to help each other. She became Claymore when she took Teresa’s blood and flesh. They ran through the pain and when we were not being able to fall asleep, they will hold onto each other like an anchor.

4. “I promise you. N I will not die. I will survive this day and meet you again. So, you can’t die either, Raki. I will find you. You need to survive until then.” –Clare

Clare saved Raki from Yoma. She had a soft corner for him. Eventually, she was still willing to take Raki with her until they found a new village for him to settle in. She wanted to be safe somewhere. He reminded her of her childhood self. Raki refused to believe the fact that she was cold natured due to what she had done for him. On the surface she was cold but inside she cared for him also. She promised him that she will be alive and return. Moreover, she told him that she will meet him again and for that he should be alive. He needs to live and survive through the tough times until they unite again. She left on this late of returning.

5. “Even if it’s a rule… whether or not I follow it is up to me. Whether I obey the rule or break it and get killed by my comrades… is my choice.” –Teresa

Before Teresa met Clare, she was merciless, solitary killer. She would accept any assignment without any complaint. Moreover, she was confident in herself and her abilities. She is able to stay focused and keep a cool head in battle. Her sense of survival is strong and she does not back down when anyone threatens her. It’s her choice to follow up or not. Eventually, it’s up to her if she obeys the rule or breaks it. It’s her choice to get killed by her comrades. She ran with Clare, protected her.

6. “It’s hardly profound. The reason is very simple; I’ve found a reason to live. From now on, I’m going to live for the girl.” –Teresa 

The Claymore2

Teresa deeply felt that she had a reason to live now. Clare followed her endlessly which later opened the heart of the merciless killer. Teresa’s cold personality changed after meeting Clare. She became attached to the young human girl. They grew a motherly bond among each other. They lived together until Teresa’s death by Priscilla. She was protective against Clare and wanted to protect her from every harm. After the revival from within Clare, she confessed and thanked God for having met Clare. She only had one reason to live that was to live the girl.

7. “You can come after me as many times as you want. I’ll cut you down every time.” –Teresa

As many times they will come, Teresa made sure that she will cut them off every time. She was a merciless soldier who killed without any much thought. In Irene’s opinion, being with Clare made her soft. But she was determined to fight with anyone who dares to hurt them. She was strong enough to fight with every comrade she have.

8. “Say your prayers, wretches. Filth like you is even lower than Yoma. I’m going to kill… every last one of you.” –Teresa

Teresa was disgusted by her own people hunting her. Teresa broke the Organization’s cardinal rule. She became a target of execution. At the execution site, instead of accepting her punishment, she disabled all five members of the Claymores tasked to slay her. She said that she found a reason to live, which was Clare. Priscilla, Irene, Noel and Sophia were summoned to execute Teresa. She was softened by Clare and defeated her comrades, leaving Priscilla.

9. “Don’t cry. It will make your face even uglier.” –Galatea

Galatea was No 3 Clare’s generation, Claymore. She had an aptitude as a spy. Moreover, she claims that the strength she gains from her Yoki release is the highest of her generation. She takes pride in both her appearance and power. Eventually, she is reluctant to release her Yoki until late in battle because contorting her face and body goes against her idea of beauty. In this quote, her obsession with looking beautiful can be seen. She tells me not to cry as it will make my face ugly.

10. “This might come a little late, but… you people make me sick.” –Galatea

In battle and in usual conversations among themselves, Galatea is seen enjoying her wits and sarcasm. She throws jibes at enemies and even at her allies and handlers. She tells them that they make her sick. Her Yoki perception allows her to understand others better both at emotional and psychological levels. She can accurately read the gestures and emotions of Miria, Deven, Helen and Clare in the Paburo Mountains. Knowing everything makes her feel sick.

11. “It’s truly infuriating… I despise people like you who put their own lives in jeopardy for some glorious, hopeless cause.” –Orphelia

Orphelia was Claymore, no 4 of Clare’s generation. Orphelia is seen as a light-hearted and whimsical character hiding her unstable and sadistic nature behind the mask. She enjoys the thrill of battles and the delights of mutilating her victims in the form of twisted games. But her temper was explosively dangerous. She despises people like Clare and others who put their life at risk just for some glorious cause. eventually, she despises people, particularly those who are weak. She hated the people who try to sacrifice themselves in order to protect others. Her brother sacrifices his life to save her, which traumatizes her and eventually triggers her awakening.

12. “Don’t you think it’s beautiful? That rosy red spreads only where the body is wounded. Shall I paint you in that lovely… little boy?” –Orphelia

The Claymore3

These lines are said to Raki. Orphelia was tormenting Clare by piercing her skin with her fingers. She was musing her interest in blood until Raki intervened. Orphelia cuts Clare’s legs and fights Raki in a game. She played with Raki and asked him about his feelings about blood. The blood looked beautiful to her. She started calling herself ‘Ripping Orphelia’ after she ripped Clare. She asked Raki if she should also paint him as she did to Clare.

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