Best Demon Slayer Quotes Which Are Inspiring

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba is a manga series produced in Japan and illustrated by Koyoharu Gotouge. The plot revolves around Tanjiro Kamado, who plans on becoming a demon slayer. This change is seen in him because his family gets killed by the demons which infuriate him. Soon after, his younger sister Nezuko plans on becoming a demon herself.

This anime series has twenty-six episodes. Ufotable produces it. Demon Slayer lifts not just your spirit but talks about human life and one’s weakness. The magazine Weekly Shonen Jump published the series Demon Slayer during the time of February 2016 to May 2020.

This demon hunter is filled with pure rage and knows how to move straight ahead—this nature of having pure rage and straightforward leads to the only fate with the only swords lady.

In the era of Taisho in Japan, the story found its plot and base where there exists a secret society. Demon Slayer Corps is a secret society in this anime series. This isolated group has been planning a secret war against demons for hundreds of years. Let’s dive deeper and reflect on some of the most Demon slayer quotes.

Demon Slayer Quotes Which Are Inspiring

1. “Feel the rage. The powerful, pure rage of being unable to forgive will become your direct drive to take action and motivate you to move former thunder Nashira.”

In this statement, the demon slayer quotes the rage of being unable to forgive. It seems like a piece of harmful advice for Tanjiro. Giyu Tomioka tells Tanjiro kamado to allow himself to feel outraged. Well, we often associate the feeling of anger with negativity, but it is not always how it looks.

But sometimes, anger can act as a driving force and has the potential to kill demons that were once human life. So Ginyu’s sentiment in this scenario is much more inspirational.

If Tanjiro Kamado is depressed and lives in despair, he will not be able to avenge his family, which is his primary motive. He should be using his anger as a driving factor and should not be powerless anymore.  The feelings are supposed to direct in the right direction. One can use it the way they want to.

2. “No matter how many people you may lose in the process, you have no choice but to go on living with your own life — no matter how devastating the blows may be.”

Demon slayer quotes profoundly impact its audience, especially with this particular statement. Tanjiro is the one who makes this statement after multiple losses that he faces consequently.

In this quote, he expresses that no matter what happens or who you lose in the journey of life, one has got no choice other than to continue living their own life. He looks pretty unappealing in grief but simultaneously realizes that instead of crying and repenting on what has happened, he will have to take a step ahead.

3. “I would never trample over those who always regret their actions. Because demons were born humans and converted into what they are now. Just like me, they were human too.”

Urokodaki has a different thought process about becoming a demon. He believes that to become an actual demon, one must have no compassion or pity in their heart.

Urukodaki does not consider Tanjiro a perfect fit to become a demon slayer. While becoming a demon slayer, one has to uplift not just your spirit but chop off the demon’s head.

But later, the empathy that Tanjiro has for individuals who do not deserve it makes it the most potent quality he possesses. He does not feel great killing the monsters because they were once innocent humans.

4. “All I can do is work hard to achieve what I want! That’s the only and complete story of my life!”

The demon slayer quotes his drive to achieve his goals in this statement. Tanjiro makes it very clear from episode one that he is an extremely hardworking individual and wants to support his family at all costs.

Even though his family leaves for the heavenly abode, he focuses all his energy and time on saving his sister, Nezuko, and eventually becoming the best Demon Slayer.

Although it seems like a straightforward quote, it preaches a perfect meaning in itself. It inspires us to work hard to achieve victory because that is the only best option available.

5. “Everything you did included only memorizing a fact. Your body has no idea as to what it is supposed to do.”

While Sabito and Tanjiro are training together, Sabito tells him Tanjiro has an inability that prohibits him from learning and mastering the Water Breathing Technique. The water breathing technique is why he cannot cut the boulder that Urokodaki puts before him. It is much more like being theoretical than being practical.

Practice makes a man a perfect creature, and that is what is supposed to be followed by Tanjiro Kamado. He is supposed to master the Water Breathing Technique completely. Just because you know about something need not necessarily mean you can be good at it practically.

6. “It’s not about going initially. Instead, it is about the complete flow.”

This Demon slayer quote is dedicated to Tanjiro by Inosuke, which is a remark about the fighting style of Inosuke. Impulsive reactions and decision making is the type of behavior that he exhibits. Tanjiro, on the other hand, is quite the opposite when it comes to taking action. He analyzes every single detail before making any decision or implementing it.

But apparently. the way Inosuke lives is also quite handy in different situations. So anyway, whoever’s stronger has only one demon inside him.

7. “I Can Do It. I Know I Can Do It. I’m The Guy Who Gets It Done, Broken Bones Or Not. No Matter What, I Can Do It! I Can Fight!”

Tanjiro has the potential in himself with an upbeat spirit that carries him off through all the terrible things he experiences during the series. He faced many challenging situations during the first season of Demon Slayer.

In this quote, his statement highlights why he can overcome all the difficulties so well. He does not doubt his abilities and knows how to get things done. These specifications of Tanjiro’s personality inspire individuals to adopt them in their lives to make them better and more beautiful.

8. “If someone can do something, they should hone it to perfection. Hone it to the highest possible limit.”

Jigoro kuwajima is the instructor of Zenitsu agatsuma. He tells him this when training to master his unique technique of Thunder Breathing. It is a piece of advice by Jigoro kuwajima that Zenitsu agatsuma carries with him at all times.

The viewers can see this evidence in the boy’s flashback. One can view it quite clear where he fights with one of the Spider Demons. This fight takes place on Natagumo Mountain. This quote applies to any craft, although Jigoro kuwajima makes this statement about becoming a demon slayer. It has the potential to become good at something. Therefore, people should put in all of their efforts to hone their skills.

9. “One should never give up. But, even if it’s excruciating, don’t try to take the easy way out.”

This quote is exceptionally sentimental in itself. Zenitsu Agatsuma recalls the phase during and after his fight with the Spider Demon, which took place on Natagumo mountain. He is thoroughly beaten down and poisoned. But even if it’s a painful situation, Zenitsu does not forfeit but gains the courage to fight back.

Muzan kibutsuji had to die because of the explosion. After the explosion, he faced the spike traps that injured him. However, Zenitsu refuses to give up and eventually finds a surefire way to achieve his goals.

10. “I may be the only swords-lady among the Pillars who cannot chop off a demon’s head. But anyone creating a poison that can kill monsters can be pretty amazing.”

Shinobu stated this Demon Slayer quote which has a compelling message. Shinobu is the only Hashira who cannot cut a demon’s head off, and she can easily sulk about this fact. But she instead focuses on what she can do and achieve. She wants to assert to her opponents that her strength is far more potent than her weaknesses and she can conquer anything she wants through hard work.

It would be better if everyone tried to be happy with who they are and what they can do rather than crying over what they do not have and cannot do; our society would be a much better place to live.

Demon Slayer Quotes Which Will You Leave In Awe!

11. “The weak one has no choices or rights. Their only fate is to get crushed relentlessly by the strong!”

Giyu Tomioka has stated this demon slayer quote. Furthermore, she mentions that the powerless one has no option in the battleground. If they do not stand up again, all they will have to face is defeat! The world is competitive, and everyone is here for their needs and desires. But not everyone can be given the same prize; hence, cutthroat competition exists.

This competition involves individuals who are both skilled and weak, but only those individuals win who have the power and strength to combat the battle. In the end, there is only one winner that must remain.

12. “Killing humans is unforgivable.”

In this statement, the Demon Slayer quotes that killing humans is wrong. Tanjiro Kamado is an individual who is highly caring and compassionate from the heart. He does not like seeing humans getting killed. After the unfortunate demise of his family, he went on to protect his sister and became a demon slayer eventually.

He always hated that demons killed humans, although the monster was once humans themselves. Tanjiro Kamado makes this statement as he considers killing humans a sin. However, he is ultimately against it and does not want anyone to do that.

13. “Head-on battles are always better and more accessible. Whoever is more robust or fast wins the match.”

Tanjiro Kamado has stated this demon slayer quote. He believes that head-on battles are simple and the best. Head-on battles require no preparation, and you must show your opponent all you have. In such a battle, whoever possesses more power and strength is considered the winner.

14. “You should breathe until your fingertips! Meditation can boost concentration skills.”

In this statement, the demon slayer quotes the power of meditation. It is beneficial in boosting your concentrating strength and overall coordination of the body. Tanjiro Kamado makes this statement and says that one has to breathe to their fingertips to meditate correctly. Therefore, meditation boosts concentration and has a lot of positive factors to it.

People who are into martial arts make the perfect use of the power of meditation. It helps to gain a new and better thought process in stressful situations and makes you react impulsively. Not just your spirit, it also increases self-awareness and reduces the production of negative emotions.

15. “When you lose someone younger than you, it destroys your soul!”

Well, this has to be the quote that will hit you hard! Hashibira Inosuke states this quote. She is a traveling companion of Tanjiro Kamado. He is one of the main protagonists of Demon Slayer. Also, he comes under the Demon Slayer Corps.

In this world, the older ones leave for heavenly abode before their younger generation. It happens the other way round at times. But unfortunately, it cannot measure the amount of grief it leaves with the older individuals.

16. “However, life can be as uncertain as the weather. It is never stagnating and changing constantly. It won’t always stay bright and sunny, and snowfall will also not last forever. And whenever the happy phase has to meet its end, the smell of blood always accompanies it.”

Isn’t life inconsistent and vague at times? Well, it indeed is, and Tanjiro Kamado knows that. In this statement, the demon slayer quotes the unpredictability of life. Life is always uncertain, just like the weather. It keeps on constantly changing, which leads to utmost inconsistency and vagueness. Sometimes it is bright, sunny, and fortunate, while the other times, it may be dull, gloomy, and dark.

But amidst all of this, one should never forget that no weather remains forever. It keeps changing. If it is gloomy and dull today, it does not mean that the bright sun won’t rise again and uplift the mood of everyone. It will happen for sure, and that too pretty soon.

17. “Go further if you call yourself a man! There’s no other direction to take rather than to move forward!”

Sabito is the one making this statement where he refers to Tanjiro Kamado. Tanjiro had been for quite a, but the battle was not ending. In such a situation, Sabito tried to motivate Tanjiro by stating this line and telling him to go forward if he coins himself to be a man.

If he thinks that he is a man and has the potential within him to stand against any form of storm, he is bound to move forward and fight. However, he cannot give up on what he has to achieve and should remember what happened to his family.

18. “You should use your head. You should think better and think hard.”

Tanjiro kamado quotes this statement and tells Nezuko to think over what she has been doing. One should not just leave everything to their instincts but instead, put some of their brain over what they have been doing.

Tanjiro wants to remind the same to Nezuko. He wants her to understand that becoming a demon is wrong as she does the same to the humans that the demons did to their families. She stops acting on impulse and instead starts making decisions wisely.

19. “If you master the technique well, it calls for a celebration for all of us.”

All the martial artists were practicing and learning various techniques from their instructors. Amidst all this, Zenitsu Agatsuma quotes this statement. He says that if the team masters the method, it calls for a celebration.

Celebrating the success and victory of every single achievement we receive is vital. It helps to boost confidence and motivates people to move forward and achieve more.

20. “Be it any kind of wound in this world, there’s always some kind of medicine or treatment.”

Tamayo has stated a very accurate quote. There are victories and failures in life. Unfortunately, we often fall too hard on the ground quite often. But that does not mean we should not get up. There is always a medicine or treatment for all sorts of wounds. So one should keep this thought in mind and keep moving forward.

Maybe you might not have the same treatment you expected to get. But there always exists some sort of alternative which will eventually come your way.

21. “No! I have mastered it myself. I can teach them too.”

Tanjiro Kamado is a person who trusts in himself and his abilities. In this statement, he tells everyone that he learned the technique himself. He took help from no one. Hence, he understands every move of the technique. Therefore, he believes he can teach the method well to the rest of his teammates.

22. “Gramps smacked me around a bit too much. But he never abandoned me.”

Zenitsu Agatsuma lived with his grandfather when he was a kid. His grandfather was very strict and stern. He made sure that Zenitsu was disciplined and followed the rules. He knew that following these rules and principles would make Zenitsu a better person.

He was also very adamant that he should not deviate from his path. Zenitsu felt that sometimes his grandfather was a little too strict with him. But he never left him alone. He was his grandchild’s true pillar of strength. Zenitsu mentioned him on the topic of abandonment.

23. “Nezuko has been a human since she was born.”

Nezuko had to face hard times because of the villains in the story. She took care of her younger brothers and sisters. She became a demon in the later phase.

Her brother Tanjiro never wanted that to happen. But Nezuko was always a human. She had been a human since her birth.

24. “Those who regretted their own actions, I would never trample over them. Because demons were once human too. Just like me, they were human too.” 

It can be costly in more ways than one to keep repeating the same mistakes. Because your actions don’t match your words, perhaps your team has lost faith in you. Or perhaps you or someone else has lost a lot of money as a result of your faults.

The good news is that you can take action to correct your errors. Then, rather than repeating them, you’ll learn important lessons that will benefit you in the future.

25. “It’s not about going first. It’s about the overall flow.”

Like sunscreen in the heat, effort needs to be continuously used. We must work hard every day if we are to reach our objectives. both on days when we feel well and when we don’t feel like working. Many people will put forth effort for a brief period of time, but when it does not instantly bear fruit or they become sidetracked by life, they cease making the daily effort required to complete and achieve.

26. “I’ve… been protecting it… because you… said that… this thing is more important to you… than your own life.”

Deep friendships don’t just spring up. Many of us have trouble making new friends and lasting friendships. It’s never too late to make new friends, get back in touch with old ones, and generally enhance your social life, emotional health, and general wellbeing, regardless of your age or situation, though.

27. “You opened a path… to reach further heights… and you abandoned it… Very weak.”

Any goal must be attained with self-discipline. It entails being cognizant of our behaviour and having the strength to break some of the harmful habits that may be restricting us. It is not simple to develop self-discipline in our lives.
It demands consistency in our observation of our behavior and a strong desire to do great things. You must have a strong desire for the goal you want to achieve in life. Weak intentions lead to weak outcomes. For you to succeed, you must have a strong desire.

28. “I am a perfect creature that is infinitely close to perfection.”

This resonates with me because it emphasize the value of feeling like you belong rather than needing to be a flawless person. Our culture is currently so preoccupied with being the world’s most powerful nation that we are not concentrating on creating communities where everyone feels like they belong.

Who are the Main Characters of Demon Slayer?

Tanjiro Kamado is the essential protagonist of the demon slayer. He has a very kind and compassionate personality with a zeal for determination and the strength of never giving up.

He is very protective of his friends and family and never feels shame while asking for help, even though he is strong on his own. Nezuko Kamado is the sister of Tanjiro Kamado. She has a very kind and caring human personality. She took care of her siblings immensely and portrayed the role of a strong elder sister. She does not fear getting in harm’s way, which is ironic.

Zenitsu Agatsuma is yet another protagonist of Demon Slayer, who comes off as a coward and often claims that he does not have to live long because of the type of job that he has been doing. He has strength in him, but his self-esteem is relatively low. He always remains in a constant state of fear and wants to run away whenever a situation encounters danger.

Hashibira Inosuke is a short-tempered fictional character in Demon Slayer who is. Herod was young and considered himself the strongest samurai to deal with a complicated battle situation. He constantly challenges his mates to a fight and wants to get praise and appreciation from all directions.

What is the backstory of Inosuke?

Inosuke is one of the main characters of Demon Slayer, but literally, no one knows his backstory of him. He always wears a boar’s head and walks around here and there. He lived in the wilds of a mountain, but apart from that, he is an enigma. Viewers can witness brief glimpses of his past during the series, especially during his fight with the Spider Demon’s father.

The depiction showed that his mother, drenched in blood, abandoned him. This scene causes many companions to arise in the viewer’s mind regarding the backstory of Inosuke.

What is the story behind the Hanafuda earrings of Tanjiro Kamado?

Tanjiro owns Hanafuda earrings which Muzan kibutsuji seems to have out. Manga readers already know about the story, which the anime viewers do not know. They are still in suspense about how the Hanafuda earrings are in Tanjiro’s possession and who was the mysterious Demon slayer Muzan kibutsuji faced.

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