Best Hard Hitting Quotes Which Can Give You Hope in Life

Quotes enhance how we put together the words to make sense to someone. It’s a voice to the thoughts and beliefs that stay in our minds and need to come out through the whole paragraph in just a few words. In other words, it’s just a subtle way of saying things that might not be known to all who don’t possess the ability to see beyond the mere vision of mankind.

Over the ages, some people have succeeded greatly in putting forward these thoughts into some bold quotes that hit hard. Every quote is beautiful in its very way, but some make more sense to the person reading it if it suits the reader’s mood. If you’re happy, a happy quote will spark up your happiness at that point in time, if you’re upset, a sad quote will make more sense to your present state of mind, if it’s about realization, then some hard-hitting quotes will truly justify your thoughts then.

Here we have some hard-hitting quotes that have already made a special place in many hearts and will fit in well for the various situations we face in our daily lives.

Hopeful Quotes that hit hard

1. “Live life to express, not to impress.” -Anonymous

We live in a world where every day, we face disappointment. It pulls us down. It beats us to the ground. But that is no excuse for us to stay low in life. This is an anonymous quote, but it is needed in our lives. A world of exaggeration surrounds us through words, conversations, and social media. In such testing times, it is required that we focus on expressing ourselves. It is easy to give in to the tempting moment of impressing others. But in the long run, self-expression will help us achieve inner peace.

2. “Happiness depends upon ourselves.” -Aristotle

We may feel our long life begins when we start achieving our goals. That may be expressing partly true feelings too. But in the long run, the only person who can make us happy is ourselves. We often think that having a lover will make us happy. But if we are not happy with ourselves, it is easy to feel absolutely worthless with the slightest inconvenience. So we need to tolerate stuff in daily life. The sooner we accept ourselves, the better.

3. “And when shooting star streaks through the blackness, turning night into day, make a wish.” -Robin Williams

We all know Robin Williams. He has been a shining star of our childhood. Even years later, his words impart wisdom to us. It is important to be hopeful in life. Sure, we will have days when night will be a lil darker. Wishing on a shooting star may not seem realistic to the adult us, but the kid in us will love it.

4. “There is more power in a good strong hug than in a thousand meaningful words.” -Brad Meltzer

This is one of the most powerful quotes that hit hard when we read it alone. We are humans. We are social creatures. We must have social encounters with others. Sure, there may be times when we want someone to talk to us. But there are other times too. Times when all we want is a human company. All we want is a warm hug to melt the rock we have turned ourselves into. Hugs can be very powerful. They hold the capacity to make or break people.

5. “Sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails.” -Mark Twain

This quote by Twain tells us about moving forward in life. Life is something to play at rising. Risk is what makes life meaningful in the long run. We have so-called days when we feel low and just want to curl up in our comfort zone. But the change and growth come from the tiny interesting choices we make in the process. Having a fancy car begins with learning to ride a bicycle. In the same way, we should keep ourselves open to the problems we might face, and then tackle them.

Educational Quotes that hit hard

6. “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” -Mark Twain

Schooling is important. But so is breaking the rules to enjoy life. There are so many adventures that we can not do if we keep playing it safe. Life can offer us the most glorious moments when we least expect them. The only way of getting them is by facing life head-on. Without being hinged to the textbook knowledge, we got as a child. Yes, it is important to follow rules. But it is also up to us, and how much courage we choose to show to get the most out of our life.

7. “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.” -Oscar Wilde

Most of us just choose to exist by following the rat race and giving in to it. Life is a brutal teacher, and it has its way of teaching us to be more in tune with ourselves. Self-awareness is the most painful blessing we can receive. It is also a thing we need to cherish. We can only make life enjoyable only when we challenge ourselves and our limitations instead of giving in to our worries. We should be living our lives to enjoy them and make them worth living.

8. “When we are tired, we are attacked by ideas we conquered long ago.” -Friedrich Nietzsche

Oh, we know what overthinking feels like. And this quote is all about it. We have been in bed all night, feeling tired but not sleepy. And then we do the worst. We start overthinking. Honey, you gotta stop doing that and get some rest if you wanna get ahead in life.

9. “Some things take time. Stay positive. Be patient. Don’t settle.” -Karen Salmansohn

How often have you settled for less? A lot of times. We know. But this is your sign. You needa to challenge yourself. And you needa to believe in yourself. Sure, time is gonna get rough. But that is expected, right! You can’t give up. And you better not settle for less. You’re a boss! Live like it.

10. “Hit Hard, Hit Fast, Hit Often!” -Halsey

Now, this is where it gets all hot and interesting. You’ve been thinking of giving up? And you’ve been thinking of letting go? Honey, you’re no Elsa. Take it to your heart, and respond to it like your fighter. Make your voice heard, and go get it against all odds.

Motivational Quotes that hit hard

11. “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” -Neale Donald Walsh

Enjoying your comfort zone too much? That’s a red alert. Stop being a Sheldon Cooper, and get out of your warm snuggly blanket. Get up and push yourself outside of that comfort zone, and accept the challenges life has in store for you. That is what brings color to life.

12. “Often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.” -Anonymous

Are you reeling from a heartbreak? If yes, then this is the quote you need! Stop looking at the closed door. You stare at it and wish so hard won’t change a thing. Do you know what will? Changing your focus. Look around. There are ample doors that are open for you. A new world to explore and make yours.

13. “Life hits hard… but my mom taught me how to hit harder.” -Guns N Roses

Isn’t it! As they say, your mama may have raised a procrastinator, but not a quitter. So you better not quit. It’s the rule of life. Life gets challenging over time. And we get hit by it repeatedly. But leaving is not an option. You gather all your courage and revert with all your strength. Nature has a place for all, especially for fighters who don’t quit.

14. “Sometimes it takes sadness to know happiness, noise to appreciate silence, and absence to value presence.” -Anonymous

Did you think your problems were unbearable? And maybe life has kept you on target for all the bad things to offer? You may feel that the odds are never in your favor, but life has its rules. We as humans need the contrast to see what we want to see. That applies to the itsy-bitsy in life too. We need the dark to see the light and sadness to see happiness.

15. “The path to a dream is rarely linear. You gotta zig-zag your way to happiness.” -Karen Salmansohn

You thought life would be easy? Like some cakewalk, eh? Well, guess what, it is not. You will not even realize it when you fall like Jennifer Lawrence on a Red Carpet. But the trick is not to get demotivated by it. You needa to get up and walk up with poise because the world is your stage, and you are the winning candidate.

16. “Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.”- Christopher Reeve

Sometimes all it takes is a tiny flicker of optimism for you to feel the beginning of a change or take a step in the direction of happiness. In difficult circumstances, many of us need to find hope, yet it can be difficult to do so when we least expect it.

17. “I don’t know what the future may hold, but I know who holds the future.”- Ralph Abernathy

Nobody knows what future hold but its up to us what we want in our future and what all things we can do to achieve that. Try to create more time for them if you know you don’t currently. Try to embark on some journeys with them in the upcoming year and see as much of the globe as you can. With them in your life, your future is always going to be lot more promising.

Attitude Quotes that hit hard

18. “The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal.” -Aristotle

See, you need to understand a few basics in life. We may not be able to correct all wrongs. Sometimes, those aren’t even our wrongs. We are just trying to rectify others’ mistakes. That’s an acceptable trait to have. But it is essential not to take it too seriously. Some wrongs cant be made right, and you have to make peace with them.

19. “The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” -William Faulkner

Life may look hard. But the rule is to take one problem at a time. That is how we break mountains. And like Dashrath Majhi, if you plan to make a road out of the hill, you need to know where to begin from. It starts from the baby steps, the first swing, and the first blow.

20. “Take wrong turns. Talk to strangers. Open unmarked doors.” -C.S. Lewis

The motto to enjoy life is to make mistakes. We are too scared to take the wrong turn. Too afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Well, there is always a first, and a mistake is a lesson when you change your perspective. That is what this quote is about.

21. “People have a hard time letting go of their suffering. Out of a fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar.” -Seneca

You need to explore the unknown. That is where true happiness is hidden. Suffering in comfort is still suffering. And it is always a good decision to take the road less traveled.

Universal Quotes that hit hard

22. “The universe rewards the decisive.” -Karen Salmansohn

Sure there will be times when we feel a lil more alone when we are lonely. But Williams has his motto. We should always be hopeful. We should always dream and wish for the light we want to see. The universe is bound to reward the ones who know what they want.

23. “I don’t have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness.” -Albert Einstein

Have you been looking for happiness in the wrong places too? We all have been there. And we all have done that. It takes a while to realize that we will not find happiness at a destined location and time. Happiness depends on our own mindset. It depends on us and on how we choose to exercise it in our daily life. Happiness comes to us when we are content with ourselves.

24. “Even the most ignorant, innocent child will eventually grow up as they learn what true pain is!” -Naruto

Many of us consider ourselves as evaders. We think that if we run away and run fast from our troubles, we can outrun them. We can not be any more wrong in thinking that. Our troubles are a part of our life, and they will catch up to us. The only way of getting rid of them is to face them head-on. Without fear, without hesitation. After all, we ain’t no ostriches.

25. “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” -Frederick Douglass

Have you noticed how difficult it is to change ourselves when we are all grown up? When are we already acquainted with a way of living? Well. There is no age to bring about a change in our personality. It feels more doable, too, that way. Then again, there is no age bar for bringing a difference if your life and around you.

26. “Time is a created thing. To say, ‘I don’t have time,’ is like saying, ‘I don’t want to’.” -Lao Tzu

Have you ever felt that your date is not giving you time? Every time you try to contact them, they say they are busy. Well, they certainly can be busy most of the time. But they can not be busy all the time. Time is a created concept. And at the end, it is all about putting in that minimum effort to keep the bond going. Be a wise person and decide what your priorities are. Everything else becomes secondary.

27. “In the end, all these lies will keep you from seeing your true self.” -Anonymous

We all go through identity crises. When we were teenagers, our major worry was being accepted by our peers. It is still our biggest concern now that we are all grown up. To know if we can fit into society. And it may be tough to tackle with the amount of stress we have to deal with daily. But true improvement begins when we get in touch with our real selves.

28. “It is both a blessing and a curse to feel everything so very deeply.” –David Jones

So are you one of those people who feel a lot? Lil things make you think about it all day long? Sometimes you feel you are born in the wrong generation because you are so sensitive toward minute things? But guess what, it can also become a blessing if we use it correctly. We hold power to connect with people and understand the issues they face. And what’s better than helping a fellow human being in need!

29. “Find something that you’re excited about in your life. Otherwise, you’re just walking dead.” -Anonymous

Life may get monotonous after a while. The same chores every day may make life appear dull. And that feeling may soon turn us into walking zombies. Idleness or lack of variety can bring such an impact on life. So we must keep finding things that make us happy. Things and activities that make us come alive. Activities that make our eyes glow and heart beat faster. Only then can we make life feel more alive with every passing minute.

30. Out of difficulties grow miracles.— Jean de la Bruyère

Time is the only factor; not you. It belongs to someone else today, but it will be YOURS tomorrow. Everyone faces difficulty in their life but those who comes out stronger are the one who are living their life worthwhile. Give your best and learn form the problems.

31. “Hard times don’t create heroes. It is during the hard times when the ‘hero’ within us is revealed.” — Bob Riley

Although lovely, life is not always simple. It also has issues, and the task is to bravely address them while allowing life’s beauty to work as a painkiller and bringing optimism to difficult times to make the agony bearable.

Day and night, joy and sadness, triumph and defeat—these are only two sides of the same coin. Similar to this, life is full of moments of happiness, pleasure, success, and solace interspersed with suffering, disappointment, failures, and issues. Nobody on Earth who is strong, powerful, clever, or wealthy has never had to go through hardship, pain, or failure.

32. “Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.” ― Roy T. Bennett

You cannot lose your life or your sense of purpose because of the past or the future. Your ability to feel fulfilled depends on where you focus your attention. Being rid of your mind’s illusions is all you have ever wanted, so keep your attention on the here and now.

What is your quote that hits you hard?

Always be sure that your efforts are going well. Sometimes you have difficult times, but difficulties in your life will keep you focused on achieving your goals. It can be tough to endure. Never quit. And that is what life is all about. You go, tiger!!

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