Best Hange Zoe Quotes That Will Teach You To Believe In Yourself

Hange Zoe is the most admired character within the AOT fandom. A former Squad leader fulfilling her duty of researching Titan ended up becoming the 14th commander of the Survey Corps by Erwin Smith before his death. In addition to being an energetic and quirky scientist who has always been able to keep herself and her squad a level ahead in a difficult situation, her curiosity to find out what the enemy makes her stand out from the rest of the soldiers and a delight to watch. While she seems to be in love with the process of discovering new things, she has managed to shuffle her way into the hearts of her fans.

The audience witnessed Hange Zoe’s first episode, “To you in 2000 years, The fall of Shinganshina.” Then her death happens in Season 4, Part 1, which saddened AOT fans worldwide. Let us see some of the most popular Hange Zoe Quotes.

 1. “Defeat is All The Survey Corps has Ever Known”

Hang seems to be always at service for relieving people when their world could be shattering. She is the real “SERIAL CHILLER” who can pull out people from their state of vulnerability. After the military police killed Flegel’s father, he became friends with Hange and became a helpful ally. At first, he had given up all hope and awaited death. Hange said these words while trying to persuade him to help the Survey Corps after Flegel stated that their gang had already lost.

2. “You Understand, Don’t You? One Day or Another, Everyone You Care About Eventually Dies. It’s Something We Simply Can’t Accept. It’s a Realization That Could Drive You Insane.” 

This statement is from the episode ‘A heroic parallel- Erwin and Armin’ during which Captain Levi Ackerman was faced with the problem of saving either Erwin or Armin with the titan serum. Hange has always been thoughtful of her comrades. At this moment, Hange Zoe steps up as the “Scout Regiment Mother”, attempting to comfort them by letting them know that although death is a difficult pill to swallow, it is that pedestal of life that cannot be skipped.

3. “For Decades We Have Tried to Fight the Titans With Hatred In Our Hearts. I Want to Try and See Them From a Different Angle Than The Current Norm. It May End up not meaning a Thing. But I’m going to do it anyway!”

Hange Zoe is truly a free thinker and devoted to the mission she set for herself. While the people around her always considered Titans a threat to humanity, she wanted to dig into the deeper aspects of the mystery that Titans brought with them. With her wit and out-of-the-box stance, she finally succeeds in gaining knowledge on Titans and helping Eren understand his abilities as a Titan Shifter.

4. “Aand yet, Despite all those lives lost, So many mysteries remain. We have caused so so many deaths. What did we accomplish.”

With the Female Titans’ fall, Hange goes about introspecting herself if all the lives that were sacrificed were worth the outcome. Although her thoughts were uncertain, she did not fail to investigate what stood in front of her.

5. “When I first joined the survey corps it was hatred that drove me but then, One day I realized it. It was after I’d kicked away the head of a three-meter Titan. It was light extremely light.” 

Hange was known mainly for being decisive, and her decision-making abilities were once no different than Eren’s. She, too, hated Titans and wanted to have them all killed. But, when she annihilated a Titan, she was astounded to see an abnormally light head. This fact alone was eye-opening for Hange. She began to see Titans in a different light. She is a genuinely kind and caring person. She showed insane curiosity towards Eren, while most of the other Survey Corps had trouble seeing him as a human.

6. “I’ll be devouring you instead. I’ll devour all the information that we can drag out of you.”

From the start, we can observe that Hange tends to show particular affection for the test subjects. Still, the fact that she does not hesitate to inflict pain upon them for experimentation shows how much her heart is dedicated to her work. She could decimate anyone who got in the way of learning the truth about them.

During the Female Titan’s capture, she was determined to get every bit of information from the Titan before she eventually escaped from their clutches. It is hard to determine if she was seriously pissed at her for killing her comrades or if it was just her sadistic way of expressing her experimental curiosity for the Titans.

7. “If there is something we don’t know, We should find out. It’s absolutely worth putting our lives on the line.”

Contrary to the soldiers who were seen slicing the napes of the Titans, Hange Zoe was the only one who had a thirst for gaining more and more knowledge about them which ultimately paved the way to the victory of the human race against the Titans. 

8. “Why did you ever make me commander? Erwin this was your one mistake.”

In this statement, we could once again see Hange Zoe having moments of self-doubt. Although Erwin was not a perfect person, and his gambles cost many people their lives, he believed that physical power is essential for leadership. It was necessary to put an experienced, respected, and thoughtful person in his position, Hange Zoe. Hang was oblivious of the qualities she possessed till the end. Intuition, strategic thinking, high moral standards, rationality, enviable calmness, objective nature, and prudence made her the best leader.

9. “I led us all to this point. I kept moving forward, even if it meant killing so many of my comrades. It’s time I take responsibility for that.”

From thinking she is unworthy of a Commander’s responsibility to own her decisions and committing to them, Hange came a long way. Ultimately, Hange accepts that she is the commander and all the responsibility that entails, makes proactive decisions, owns her choices, reaffirms her convictions, and sacrifices herself, believing in her comrades to see it through. And in doing so, she became the successor Erwin always knew she would be. 

10. “You are not getting me to agree with any reason to support this! I’m not accepting genocide.”

This quote by Hange shows us her absolute refusal to allow millions of innocent people to die so that Paradis can be free. This belief is the most prominent example of Hange choosing empathy towards the enemy over their self-preservation. Hange’s values and beliefs have brought the narrative forward to work with the alliance. Their ability to empathize with the enemy and to reach across the table toward anyone willing to listen brought the Marley and warriors together to fight against the common enemy.

11. “He is nothing more than a harmless man who just refuses to die.”

This episode is yet another portrayal of the top-tier friendship that Levi and Hange enjoy with each other. Levi and Zeke have always been the worst of enemies for years. While we were left to believe Levi had died enduring the wounds from the Thunder spike blast, Hange saves her beloved friend and helps him travel by building a bed connected to a horse. Hange said these words to General Magath and Pieck to let them know that Levi could not hurt them. 

12. “Do you know what exactly we in the survey Corps have spilled our blood for? To take back the freedom, titans stole from us. For that cause our lives were a small price to pay.”

The strongest emotion Hange expressed was anger as they were often seen flipping from calm and collected to rage-filled and threatening. One of those few moments was during the battle against the Female Titan when she learned that the walls protecting them were made of Colossal Titans.

Being an emotionally intense person, this side of hers is revealed when she tries to get Pastor Nick to spit out information that he kept to himself due to religious beliefs by threatening to push him off Wall Sina. Hang tried to get him to speak out the truth. He eventually disclosed that Historia was the princess of Paradis, allowing Hange and the rest of the Survey Corps to take control of their country.

13. “If they don’t understand who we are, we just have to teach them.”

She indeed acknowledges the importance of understanding things and how it is not possible to live in this world if one does not try to comprehend it, a way of thinking that the Survey Corps has always embodied, but also if people do not allow others to know and understand who they are.

14. “This Was My Decision.”

Jean persuaded Hange not to kill Reiner when the Survey Corps had him in custody so that they might seize the Armored Titan. Zeke and Pieck, however, intervened to save their friend before they could. Hange informed Jean that he wasn’t to blame despite his self-blame.

Erwin could have joined Armin in becoming a titan shifter if they had been able to prevent Zeke and Pieck from saving Reiner.

15. “Do You Know What Exactly We In The Survey Corps Have Spilled Our Blood For?…”

Hange and the other Survey Corps members discovered that the walls enclosing them were constructed by Colossal Titans during the fight against the Female Titan. Because of his Christian convictions, Minister Nick was aware of this all along but chose to remain silent. He was urged by Hange to divulge all of his knowledge. Hange and the rest of the Survey Corps were able to seize control of their nation thanks to him, even though he continued to remain silent for a considerable amount of time. He eventually helped them learn that Historia was the princess of Paradis.

16. “I Want Everyone To Feel Safe Again Soon. I Want This To Be A World Where People Can Live Without Fighting Each Other.”

Hange, however, desired to covertly evaluate Eren’s abilities because he was aware that the Survey Corps was in jeopardy. Hange was always in charge of the tests and had to consider what could be done to keep the crew alive.

17. “The World Needs Paradis To Be The Root Of All Evil…”

The Eldians have been using the titans to hurt the rest of the Earth for millennia. They lost their memories after the Great Titan War, and their descendants changed from what their forefathers had been. They eventually discovered the truth and desired to develop friendly relations with other nations.

18. “You May Have Had Some Sort Of Just Cause In Mind When You Did This…”

Even though it took some time, Hange and Nick eventually hit it off. Hange faced the Military Police Brigade members after they had killed him. There was nothing that could be done right away because there was no proof that they were the murderers. However, Hange requested that they deliver this message to the murderer. After then, justice was done.

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