Motivational Quotes by John Daly to Live Life to The Fullest

An American professional golfer, John Daly, is primarily known for the PGA tour and championships. He turned professional in 1987 in The Missouri Open and has counted 19 professional wins to date. His memorable achievements include the “zero-to-hero” victory in the 1991 PGA Championship; and the playoff victory over Constantino Rocca in the 1995 Open Championship. Daly has also been nicknamed “Long John” for his driving distance off the tee. Apart from playing in the United States, Daly has played in events around South Africa, Eswatini, Scotland, Germany, South Korea, Turkey and Canada.

Being a professional golfer, Daly has had his share of controversies and rumors, which includes his non-country club appearance and attitude, the inconsistency at his game and several on-field tussles with the fellow golf players he was engaged in. He is also quite remarkable for his exceptionally long backswing. Daly has moved on to engage in other businesses, such as owning a golf course design company and recording music. In his autobiography “My Life in and out of the Rough,” Daly has touched upon several of the defining moments of his life, along with his drinking and gambling habits.

The life and experiences of John Daly give us a lot of quirky quotes which are hella relatable. But before that, let’s also look into some of the motivating words of this inspiring personality.

Motivational Quotes by John Daly

1. “I don’t want to be average.”

One of the greatest motivations for any person can be the desire to be better than his fellow mates. John Daly points to the fact that everybody, in general, is average, but the desire to do something above them leads to extraordinary success. Daly himself worked on this belief and earned his name.

2. “In life, you have got to make the best of every situation; you must keep going.”

Daly here indicates that the reality of life is that it does not become perfect for anybody. A person can wait for things to improve in life, but it does not happen. It is the imperfection here that we have to make opportunities for ourselves. If one can see, every situation can be good for us if we can make something out of it.

3. “I’m a fighter. I’m a survivor, and I’ll get through anything people can throw at me.”

Through this quote, we can look into the strong mindset of Daly, where he is ready to fight against anything as he believes in himself. This is the best quote one can make for a life mantra that lacks motivation and need strong words to push forward. Everyone can choose to fight against their problems with a strong mindset.

4. “I think of myself as a lion, bringing down the kill, controlling the jungle. A lion controls his jungle.”

Here again, we can see a strong determination disguised as powerful words. Daly wants to control his domain with his skill of playing golf. Just like that, we, too, can hone our skills and become an ace in our fields.

5. “I think people relate to me because of the ups and downs I have had. I mean, I’ve shared a lot of strong emotions in my life that I think maybe ’cause they believe I’m not scared to tell everybody I’m a human being.”

It is easy for spectators to criticize people who stand in front of everybody to be tested and judged. Daly, a professional golfer, has been in controversies. He acknowledges them with humbleness and points toward the fact that he is but a human being in the end who is prone to mistakes. People can relate to him because he is open about his issues and speaks of them. No one should be afraid of admitting their mistakes.

6. “I’ve tried to lose weight two or three times, and every time, my golf game was horrible.”

Daly has been attacked for his weight quite a lot during his career. But instead of going down with it, he comes back with a witty quote such as this to shut the mouth of haters. Likewise, a person should take criticism positively and respond to it with good intentions. That is the best way to deal with it.

7. “Life is full of challenges and surprises, and I’ve had my share.”

It is no doubt that life does not spare anybody, be it an ordinary man or a famous sportsperson. This saying by Daly subtly indicates that only. Every person in life has to deal with problems of their own.

8. “It’s a lot easier knowing you can’t do something than knowing you shouldn’t.”

If a person does not try, they will never know how a thing is done or whether they are good at it or not. Daly inspires you to do something, at least give it a try rather than shying away from it and losing the opportunity of something big.

9. “The fans have always helped me get through good things and bad things on and off the golf course.”

This quote is included here to show how much Daly loves and acknowledges the presence of his fans in his professional life. If one does not give heed to people who are always at the back, like support, he cannot go down the path of success. We should always be grateful for our family and friends who support us in times of joy and despair.

10. “The greatest thing for me is when someone comes up and says, ‘My son started playing golf because of you,’ or, ‘I started playing golf because of you,’ and all that.”

Daly realizes that he has become an inspiration for many as they begin playing golf because of him. This is a stage every professional wishes to achieve when there are people who look up to them as inspiration. It is an inspirational quote that can influence any person to do their best. 

Relatable Funny Quotes by John Daly

Daly is not only an inspiration for being a fantastic golf player, but he is also looked upon as an icon who knows how to deal with his downgrading habits and the condemnation by people and others. He has been a carefree guy to talk about his career and problems in his autobiography for everyone to read. His experiences in life have brought humor to his rescue, which we can see in some of these quotes listed below.

11. “I think what I realized is that I can’t believe I made it to 50 years old.”

With his habit of drinking, John Daly has been in the eyes of spectators. As he turned 50, he exclaimed his surprise with this funny quote which emphasized his quirky personality and excellent disposition.

12. “I was young and dumb in the ’90s, but I had a lot of fun.”

When people are young, they are often chastised by their elders to lead a life of responsibility. However, it is not wrong to be having fun for a while as the time passes will never return. Daly admits his folly of being a little careless back in his young days, but he does not regret it at all. This quote prompts us to have fun and not feel guilty, as everything is an experience.

13. “It sucks getting old.”

The true words! Who does not relate to the ugly realization that they are getting old? Only a person like Daly is required to point out the obvious!

14. “I have osteoarthritis so bad… I can walk up a hill; I just can’t walk down one.”

It is fun to see how Daly has the guts to accept his every situation with a bit of humor here and there. Here he points toward his lousy knee due to arthritis, which is how he presents it.

15. “I’ve screwed up a lot, but I’ve always admitted it.”

Reiterating his humbleness, Daly does not shy away from making mistakes and admitting them. This quote prompts us to accept who we are with all our imperfections and weaknesses.

16. “I think my worst enemy is me.”

This is not only a funny quote but has a hidden meaning to it as well. Daly is ready to face all the criticisms that come his way and acknowledges his mistakes. Likewise, it is us only who can make or break ourselves. We can be our most incredible supporters, and we can be our enemies as well. It is up to us how we wish to lead our way.

17. “I’m a guy who’s either going to go full bore, or I’m not going to do it at all.”

Isn’t it a fantastic way of putting off work? Funny that Daly uses this excuse for his sometimes poor performance.

Do you now understand how important it is to be humble and truthful? Which are the quotes that you highly related with? Do let us know!

Meaningful quotes by John Daly

18. “I’m the luckiest human being that ever walked.”

The secret to prospering abundantly is to love and believe in oneself. When you unconditionally love yourself, your perspective changes to one of abundance and affection. It makes it possible for you to feel more content, certain, and happy, which gives you greater power. Your attitude will shift from pessimism to optimism when you feel powerful, and you’ll draw more inspiring people and experiences into your life.

19. “I’m happy being around my family.”

One of the greatest gifts that God has bestowed onto all living things, including humans, is a family. A happy family is a privilege because not everyone in the world enjoys it. When you think about the fun of living with your parents and getting into arguments with your siblings over little things, you can’t help but smile.

20. “I’m not a religious person. I have a one-on-one relationship with God, but I don’t go to church as I should.”

There is positive energy around us, it is not important to daily go to religious place, what matter is whenever we remember god, it should be with our whole heart.

21. “Perception’s not reality.”

“Reality is perception,” This adage is frequently employed to support a perception that is either blatantly unrealistic or objectively unreasonable. It is used as a club to bully people into embracing someone’s preferred version of reality.

22. “I guess you can say I always liked to take chances. Sometimes it works out. Sometimes it doesn’t.”

The probability of experiencing a damaging occurrence is referred to as risk. Taking risks can have either a positive or bad outcome because there is always a chance of losing, which can be stressful. Many people take significant risks and seem to be unaffected by them. But when faced with risk-taking, many of us feel extremely unpleasant and may start to worry about the risk.

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