Best Kyojuro Rengoku Quotes That Will Get Your Mental Engines Running On Duty

Kyojuro Rengoku is the protagonist of the fantasy horror manga series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and also a major character in the Mugen Train Arc. In 2019, the series was adopted as an anime television adaptation project which became quite successful. There are many other characters in the anime series, with each having different motivations and backstories.

The character of Rengoku is the Demon Slayer of the Demon Slayer Corps and the Late Flame Hashira. A hashira is among the highest ranking combatants in the Corps. Rengoku has a weapon which is a standard-sized katana made from scarlet ore with the words ‘Destroyer of Demons’ written on it.

Kyojuro Rengoku is an inspired character who has a sense of duty and service, which is depicted by the powerful sayings he utters. Let us look at some of these quotes and sayings.

1. “Life is a series of decisions. You never have unlimited options… or unlimited time to think, but… what you choose in that instant defines who you are…” -Kyojuro Rengoku

Kyojuro Rengoku1

It is an important quote which points toward the fact that life is never ending. It has a beginning, and we are unaware of its ending. Therefore we need to make this as fruitful as we can. Our life is made up of our choices which we make consciously and unconsciously. We need to prioritize our choices as it impacts the course of our life. Wise decisions lead to smoother life.

2. “Growing old and dying is what gives beauty to the fleeting span of human life. It is precise because we age and die that our lives are unbearably valuable and noble. Strength is not a word that means much in regard to the flesh.” -Kyojuro Rengoku

Life is a short series of events that make a difference in this world. As it has a beginning and an ending, it becomes important for us to make this journey lively and impactful. This is the beauty of life, and this is what gives it its value. Thus we need to keep this thing in our mind when we are making decisions and when we are dealing with difficult situations. Everything is here in our hands.

3. “Set your heart ablaze, and go beyond your limits.” -Kyojuro Rengoku

Rengoku remarks this quote to motivate his fellow members. These words have the power to motivate us to chase our dreams and work for them. If we have a desire in our hearts, it becomes the driver of our life as we make choices to be able to reach our goals. We need to leave our comfort zone behind and work for it by stretching our limits. It is then the desire in our hearts will reach its last stage.

4. “I will fulfil my duty! I will not let anyone here die!” -Kyojuro Rengoku

Rengoku has a strong sense of duty as a Demon Slayer and even when he is hurt, he keeps his combatant duty before everything else. This saying by him iterates the fact that no matter what he will not leave anybody behind. This quote inspires us to hold on to our roles in this life and fulfil its responsibilities earnestly. That spirit makes the character.

5. “No matter how devastated you may be by your own weakness or uselessness, set your heart ablaze. Grit your teeth and look straight ahead. Even if you stop and crouch down, time won’t wait for you or snuggle you and grieve along with you.” -Kyojuro Rengoku

It is important to understand that we are our greatest critics, but that doesn’t mean that we need to drown ourselves with questions. At every point in time, we should know that we are doing our best whatever we do. Even if we fail in something, that doesn’t mean we don’t have anything to be proud of. In situations like that, we should keep our heads high and move forward. Time stops for no one, and thus we need to pick ourselves up and go along with it.

6. “True strength does not just refer to the physical body.” -Kyojuro Rengoku

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The physical body is just the outer part which carries us everywhere. It is the mind which has the true strength to make our journey on this earth a worthwhile experience. If we bow down to problems that come our way, it makes us appear weak both physically and mentally. When the person does not fail before problems, their mental strength provides them with a swifter way to things.

7. “Those who are born blessed with more bountiful gifts than others are obligated to use those gifts for the sake of the world. For all of our brothers and sisters. You must never use that God-given strength to bring harm to mankind or for your own selfish desires.” -Kyojuro Rengoku

Every one of us is unique in its own manner and has talents that make us unique in our way. When we use these talents for the betterment of society, it makes us feel grateful for them. These bountiful gifts are meant to be used for the service of others who might not have them. It is therefore applied that the wealthy should help the poor. One may be selfish, but not be selfish in a negative manner.

8. “It’s the duty of those born strong to help those who may be less fortunate.” -Kyojuro Rengoku

Similarly, through this quote, we understand that we should help the ones below us. People are of differing standards in various ways, and it is the responsibility of the stronger ones to help the weaker so that holistic development of all can be undertaken. A human should provide a helping hand to another human for everybody’s sake.

9. “Senjuro, you’re different from me! You have a big brother! And he believes in his little brother! Whatever path you walk, you’ll be a great person! You have a burning passion in your heart! So let’s do our best! Let’s work hard in life! Even if we’re lonely!” -Kyojuro Rengoku

Rengoku believes in the potential of another person. It is through encouraging words he tries to build the confidence of his brother. He advises the person to always believe in themselves and work for their passion. Even when they are lonely they are meant to move forward as it is through this spirit, they are able to continue any journey they undertake.

10. “If you get knocked down by your own weakness and cowardice, flame up your heart, grit your teeth and move forward. Don’t be saddened by the fact that we are all reaching the end.” -Kyojuro Rengoku

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Every journey is a difficult feat that we undertake in order to reach the goals that we set for ourselves. But not every journey is beautiful and free from problems. It is our way of dealing with these that makes the path either memorable or forgetful. Every journey also has to end on its time. Therefore, we should not be saddened by anything. We should enjoy it as long as it lasts.

11. “Warriors who strive to save other people’s lives are precious. Their pure and single-minded dedication is separate from their natural talent. They don’t risk their lives to earn praise. They simply feel that they must. What they choose at that moment is a cry from the depths of their souls.” -Kyojuro Rengoku

In this saying, Rengoku is talking about the Demon Slayers. But we can take this in the context of everyday life, where we get the choice of being a warrior. We become a fighter when we choose to fight against anything that creates hurdles in our path. They take up their journeys dutifully not to be praised by others but to fulfil their duty.

12. “Not being all alone, I think it’s a blessing.” -Kyojuro Rengoku

This has to be one of the most impactful quotes on this list. When we know that we have a backup of our family and friends wherever we are in our journey, we always get a surge of strength within ourselves. It is truly a blessing that we have something to fall on if things do not go well. We are not alone; that thought is wholesome and powerful.

13. “Spirit alone isn’t gonna get me anywhere! Use your head, not just your spirit. Think, think.” -Kyojuro Rengoku

Life is very practical, and it is one of its miracles that logic always wins. Therefore, it is good that we have the spirit of doing something, but we need to look at it very logically to see if it could be possible in the real world. The world is a cruel play, and one has to be ready withal its tool to deal with it.

14. “Killing for no reason without a second thought. Without any hint of remorse. I won’t allow this kind of tyranny!” -Kyojuro Rengoku

Rengoku is a Demon Slayer and it is his duty to employ violence to make things happen. However, he is mindful of the fact that it is the wrong thing to kill mercilessly. Therefore he makes it a point not to allow anybody those methods of work. This quote is an important one as it indicates the fact that we do not need to do things that will only harm others. We should be responsible for our actions.

Readings these quotes must have made you feel strong toward your sense of duty and responsibility. Do let us know in the comment section below which quote you relate with the most.

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