Best Blades of Glory Quotes That’ll Teach Commitment, Friendship, & Ambition

Jimmy MacElroy and Chazz Michael Michaels, two banned ice skaters, are extremely passionate about their sports in this movie. Both of them are real rivals, but still, both of them come together by putting all their differences and enmities aside.

Finding a way around the rules and land to become the first male figure skating duet, and making history in the process. The situations that each of them encounters on a daily basis merely participating in skating sports teach us some very important lessons about commitment, friendship, and ambition.

1. “All right, this has got to stop right now. From here on out, you guys are a team. Do you understand? You are going to eat together, sleep together. You’re going to file a joint income tax return. Practice starts now. End of discussion.”


They were poles apart from one another and couldn’t even look each other in the face. But due to the numerous consequences, they end themselves in the same room together, and Jimmy wasn’t prepared for that at all. The coach stressed to them on doing their daily activities as a team, such as sleeping and eating, in unison.

This may seem harsh, but when a person becomes a part of a team, it’s crucial to act as a team, and recognize each other’s strengths and weaknesses.  Encourage, motivate and support each other and push forward in order to accomplish the desired goal. Sharing life together increases the team spirit and is one of the finest ways to make people feel at ease.

2. “The wolf that runs with the lone wolf. So the lone wolf never has to be alone again.”

In the journey together, they also shared their personal thoughts where once Chazz reveals this tattoo he has on his arms, claiming it to be Jimmy as that tattooed wolf. Here, both share deep bonds in a humorous way that they are now best friends having each other back.

It is important to have a life, maintain a balance in life, and know that someone is always there to hold you back and support you without even letting you know. And never leave your friend alone as a friend in need is a friend indeed.  Motivate and push each other limits to perform well as  JimmyMacElroy and Chazz Michael Michaels did to take part in their dream competition in any way possible.

3. “I can’t do the Lotus with a shattered ankle. I’m just a man for God’s sake.”

During practicing their moves for the ice scatting competition both of them try their level best to improve their techniques. Additionally, Jimmy once requested a Lotus move from Chazz, which the latter found to be somewhat indigestible for Chazz. Both of them are honing their skills and doing things that would be unthinkable to others in order to win the competition.

The same goes to the real world as well, in order to win the race, it becomes significant for the team to occasionally have to opt for a strategy that the opposition would never consider. It is crucial at this point to have faith in your teammates. And certainly, one should offer suggestions or other potential solutions for the job if the offered option seems unworkable.

4. “If you can dream it you can do it”

One of Jimmy’s motivational quotes from the film. If someone can dream, it indicates that they have the drive to realize that dream. Dreams are inner voices that help people recognize their own passion and pleasure. Simply put, one must find the door, to begin with, rest zeal of the dream will do. A person’s burning desire will enable them to progress and overcome all obstacles in their path.

Dreams are a form of manifestation; the more one desires something, the simpler it is to make it come true. The person achieves the goal thanks to their belief system and dedication to their dream. Dreams are bliss; they merely knock on your door and transform your perspective on life. One must never stop dreaming.

5. “They laughed at Louis Armstrong when he said he was gonna go to the moon. Now he’s up there laughing at them.”


Jimmy expressed his shame about what he believed others were seeing in them as a pair. Then Chazz elegantly quotes him in response. The propensity of society is to laugh out loud and create memes when someone picks an alternative road to reach out to its motifs rather than going for mob mentality. This is how society has always been. One must never give up, never should stop believing in their dreams, or listen to what society has to say about them.

A person or group should concentrate with all of their passionate efforts on realizing their dreams and enlightening the other way possible they can to accomplish the objective. Here, Chazz is pulling out their inferiorities to Jimmy and making him stand tall and convincing him that he has nothing to be embarrassed about.

6. “Two men skating? That’s a riot. A laugh riot.”

The two characters’ experiences were like a roller coaster due to being barred from the sport. Chazz found it humorous and amusing when he discovered a way to enter the competition, simply because it never happened. The coach, however, was serious about the plan.

This understanding was okay rather than believing that both partners are men because both were committed, had a passion for athletics, and had to win the medal. It can be difficult to imagine how life can help someone find their way, so it’s critical to keep trying and, if necessary, to forge ahead with the desire.

7. “Let’s kick some ice.”

Jimmy and Chazz are both ice skaters and available for practice. Here Chazz is motivating Jimmy to practice. Both are pursuing their goals with a zest, following their aspirations while maintaining their friendship and sense of humor.

It’s crucial to keep each other motivated at regular intervals to keep the pace going in order to accomplish the goal. One of the crucial aspects of team building is to prioritize keeping friendship and excitement alive. As a result, the team members are put at rest and inspired to work harder to attain their goals. They should work as a team to envision the dream.

8. “Maybe if you concentrate on the skating, people will forget all the hype, and they’ll focus on the purity of the sport and the spirit of honest competition.”

They are being prodded and encouraged to believe in their aspirations and love of the sport that they have for ice skating by Katie. All of these people would be able to tell that despite Chazz and Jimmy being banned, their dedication enabled them to pursue their dreams.

In life, when an individual or group focuses on their own desires and goals without being distracted by what society is stating or the hype they are portraying, it will cause diversions because nothing will work out for them except working on refining their abilities and getting better every day since doing so will make the audience know their dedication to their dreams and all the sacrifices they made to make those dreams come true.

9. “It’s basically just gliding, trying not to fall, with a couple of jumps thrown in, right?” 


When the dream is materialized or we reach a position of recognition, it becomes essential for the person to ease the way for those who have identical visions. One needs to stand still and inspire people to move forward, take a chance, follow their dreams, and be compassionate without worrying about failing or being a laughingstock in society. It’s crucial to find the drive to take the initial step.

To achieve what one’s heart desires, it’s critical to get through all of your doubts. Giving someone a back when capable enough becomes easy for the other person to believe in their own dream and guide the best way possible as once Chazz and Jimmy were in the same position and the coach helped them to drive their goal. Here, Chazz carries out the same action while talking with those who share his passion and putting them at ease.

There’s more…

One of the unique blessings in life is having a true friendship. Sometimes our efforts alone won’t be sufficient to realize our dreams; the only people who can assist us in doing so are our friends and family, like Jimmy, Chazz, Coach, and Katie.

When there is cooperation, mutual trust, and support among the group, achieving the goal is made simpler. It becomes crucial to put personal preferences aside and work toward the goals of the team even when our preferences, sense of honor, and successes may occasionally get in the way of our dreams.The difficulties encountered in reaching the goals revealed the key to overcoming the shortcoming.

Living up to one’s dreams is considerably more admirable than simply adhering to social conventions. The lesson presented in the movie is to never give up, try, and figure things out since there is always a solution available. We just need to find it and work on it passionately as a team with all the trust, humor, compassion, and drive required to do the job.

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