Best Pooh Shiesty Quotes That Will Toughen You Up For Any Situation

Lontrell Donell Williams Jr. also known by his stage name, Pooh Shiesty is an American rapper, and songwriter. He started his professional career in 2019 and rose to prominence in 2020 after he started collaborating with a lot of singers and songwriters.

Although he started his career quite late in his life, he quickly rose to prominence and fame.

1. “Been lit, been city famous. You did everything else but tried to put a song down. The first song went crazy, and it’s been up ever since.”-Pooh Shiesty

Pooh started his rapping career in 219, and he instantly struck a chord with the audience, which rose him to prominence quite fast.

He says that many people were against him when he just started his career, but as his first song got hit, it was an uphill ride from there.

2. “I’m still staying down. I ain’t at my peak yet. And I ain’t trying to overdo it or any of that other sh*t. I feel like I’m gonna get bigger tomorrow.”-Pooh Shiesty

Pooh Shiesty1

Pooh just started his rapping career a few years back and even though he has achieved a lot of success in a relatively less time, he feels like he has not reached his peak yet, which is quite true.

He says that the journey is long, and he will only grow bigger from here, but he is not trying to overdo anything so that he does not burn down quickly.

3. “Rappers were getting locked up, slowing down on rapping, messing up. It made it seem like I could jump in and do it. It was the lifestyle I was living. Like, you might as well rap; this is the only thing you ain’t did yet.”-Pooh Shiesty

There was a time when rappers were facing a lot of problems due to their provocative raps, and pooh says that when he saw that he felt like he could also do rap, as it was the only thing he was not doing.

He took rap later on in his life, which changed everything for him. People related to him and that is what made him famous.

4. “People were riding past me looking, and you could just feel it getting different. Things gotta switch up, can’t go over here no more. I’d be stuck somewhere or dead if I didn’t move different.”-Pooh Shiesty

Here pooh is talking about a time in his life when he felt as if all eyes were on him.

He could not go anywhere without being noticed, because he was different, he felt like he did not belong in that place anymore, and that motivated him to do something different.

He felt like if he was stuck in the same place any longer, he might die.

5. “My school life was rough. I kept getting kicked out and expelled and stuff. And I was smart, though. I always been smart. Even if I didn’t do my work, I was smart enough to pay someone to do it.”-Pooh Shiesty

Pooh had a hard time adjusting to his school because he was different.

He was often kicked out of school, but that did not mean he was not smart.

Even though he could not fit into any school for long, he was smart enough to assign his work to other people.

6. “Being outside, and being on my own, listening to my own music was Lil Wayne and then Chief Keef. I watched Chief Keef come in the game, so I saw that big change and the impact he had.”-Pooh Shiesty

Every musician was once inspired by someone, and pooh was inspired by Chief Keef and Lil Wayne.

He was often on his own, listening to their music, and they inspired him a lot.

7. “We just had to find the time. It was well overdue. I wanted to show my whole versatility for fans and give them the full package.”-Pooh Shiesty

Pooh Shiesty2

It is a sign of a good artist that he wants to show his fans his full versatility.

Pooh felt that and prepared hard. He prepared hard to give fans what they wanted.

8. “God blessed me with some accuracy on the day I was birthed.”-Pooh Shiesty

Many people believe that the day they were born has something to do with how their life turns out, and pooh was one of them.

He believed that he is blessed and was born on an auspicious day, which led him to live this life.

9. “Made a promise I wouldn’t sin no more.” -Pooh Shiesty

When you are on the path of redemption and virtuousness, you do not want to do anything bad, and pooh felt the same way.

When he felt that he was given a second chance at life, he became adamant to live it properly.

10. “Keep it solid in every situation.” -Pooh Shiesty

Pooh is known for writing such raps and lyrics which struck a chord with his audience. People relate to him and that is what made him so famous.

He also gives some very good life pieces of advice from time to time, one of them being the above one, where he says, no matter what situation you are in your life, you must always be strong and do your best.

11. “I just made it out of what I could. It’s either die, go to jail, or get lucky—it’s three options. It’s like a lottery.”-Pooh Shiesty

Pooh struggled a lot in his life, and he was never afraid to show it to his audience and fans.

At one point in his life, it was either of the three situations, die, get lucky, and go to jail, and he got lucky, which changed his life for good.

12. “I got rich but stayed the same.”-Pooh Shiesty

There are many people whose success gets to their heads, but some like pooh stay grounded even after gaining success and fame.

It shows how humble he is as a person, that he did not change even after he got rich and famous.

Pooh came from a very difficult background, and he did not have an easy childhood, which made him humble and did not let success get to his head.

13. “I lost some members at an early age; it left me scarred up.” -Pooh Shiesty

Many people go through some life-changing events in their life, from which recovery is difficult. Pooh experienced a similar thing when he lost a few of his close people.

He says he was broken after that incident and it left him scarred.

14. “They were trying to stop me right there, but you know I stayed down and kept pushing.”-Pooh Shiesty

Pooh Shiesty

When one is trying to reach the ladder of success, there are many people who will try to bring you down.

The same was the case with pooh, as he was getting famous, many people tried to push him down, but he kept trying hard, and his hard work finally paid off.

15. “My pockets used to hurt; now I get racks to spit a verse.”-Pooh Shiesty

This line by pooh shows just how rich he is. He says that there was a time in his life when his pocket was empty, and that hurt, but now when he sings a single line of any of his rap people are willing to pay him a lot of money.

It shows how everything changes, as the condition of a person starts to change.

16. “Cut all the fake sh*t; I see through it.” – Pooh Shiesty

There are many people who can see right through the acts of people, and pooh says he is one of them.

For someone who has gone through a difficult childhood, it is very easy for them to look through the façade of people, and to know who means well and who does not.

17. “You cross me once, that’s where you die, and no, it ain’t no comin’ back.” -Pooh Shiesty

There are many people who give many chances to someone who does them harm, but there are many who do not give a second chance.

Pooh is the latter of them, he says that if someone hurts or betrays him once, he does not give them a second chance, and that’s where he draws the line with that person.

18. “Money—gon’ chase that sh*t until the day I die.” -Pooh Shiesty

Many people who are rich say that money is not important to them, but someone who has grown up in a rough childhood and poverty knows that nothing in this world can be achieved without money.

Pooh also knows this, and thus he says, he will chase money till he dies.

19. “I’m the one who saved the day; I had to think outside the box.” -Pooh Shiesty

Thinking outside the box is a common trait of any great artist. Pooh says that he has saved the day many times by thinking outside of what is normal.

20. “I’m really livin’, not just rappin’.” -Pooh Shiesty

People live their passion, and pooh is one of them. after living a hard life for so long, when he finally had a chance to live a good life, he is living that to his fullest.

He is not rapping just as a profession, but he really loves and lives his life.

21. “I’m a real gangster, did some sh*t you can’t rehearse.”- Pooh Shiesty

Authenticity is a trademark of a great artist and pooh has it.

His work is authentic, true, and relates to people and that makes him different from the rest.

22. “I got my own fire.”- Pooh Shiesty

Fire to do something different and unique is not possessed by everyone. Very few people like pooh have it, and there are even fewer people who recognize that.

Knowing and value your worth is the greatest thing one can do for themselves.

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