Best Quotes for Godson That Will Bring In Your Faith In Baptism

For any Christian taking Baptism is an important occasion in his lifetime. All the family members are invited to this auspicious occasion. Godchild means the kid who is taking baptism and the process of taking baptism is sponsored by a Godparent. It is not mere sponsorship but the complete involvement as a mentor. Believers are immersed in the Holy water saying in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes relationships are a little familiar, sometimes not so familiar. So, it is the only difference of gender and relation. There are Godson, Goddaughter, Godmother, Godfather, God sister, God brother.

1. “Dear godson, on your baptism day, I’m proud that you have made a public declaration of your faith in God. May you continue to draw strength from the Lord and grow in your spiritual life as you move into adulthood. Congrats!”


     God always gives His grace. He does not ask anyone anything. So the process of taking baptism is to show faith in God before all. It is the beginning of a journey towards spiritual life. To walk in the path of God and follow his sayings.

2. “Dear godson, What a joy to welcome you into the family of God! May you continue to grow in your spiritual life as you move into adulthood. Congrats”

Baptising is of two ways. Baptising adults and infants. Be it anyway the baptising process is to strongly believe in God and to continue in His way. Eventually, there are different ways of practicing Baptism. So the most general is triniterian formula. That is used in general prayers and spiritual gatherings.

3. “Congratulations on your baptism day godson. I’m proud to see you take the next step to grow your faith in God. You have been a blessing in my life and I look forward to watching you become one for others.”

  Godson is mentored by Godparents to be in God’s path. Moreover, they too have love, care and affection towards him as their own children. And they cherish almost the same bonding as the biological parents and children. Eventually, they guide in the sacred path to be the one for others. In fact it is a great responsibility.

4. “Gotta love being a godparent. May the good Lord watch over you and guide you through life. Congratulations on your baptism, beloved godson!”

Being a Godparents is an honor. Moreover, it is the trust of a complete family including parents by putting their child in Godparents hands. They hand over to teach about what is divinity and what is to be done to be in the path of God. Eventually, they lend their hands in every move the kid makes.

5. “A godchild is a precious gift that blooms in your heart with love and happiness. They fill your soul with joy.”


To accept being a Godparents is having another big responsibility. It is to carry out the children to a certain stage that they clearly understand the way of God and His love. They can reach to get His grace in a much better way.

6. “Congratulations on your baptism godson! It was a beautiful ceremony and we are so happy that we were able to be there to witness it.”

To be a Godparent is a moment of pride. To teach a kid what a person have trusted his whole life is an achievement. They will be the sunshine and enlighten their path. That will be a chilling experience in scorching heat too. They can give guidance and support.

7. “Congratulations on your special baptism day! May you continue to find strength in the Lord and grow deeper in your faith as an adult. With love, your godmother. “

A godchild can get the ease and comfort of friendship and protection and strength of family from Godparents. The child will be watched by the Godparents to develop love and faith towards God and mankind too. It is a blessing for both.

8. “On this special day, we congratulate you on your baptism and welcome you into the faith. We hope to see you at mass more often.”

    Mass is prayer form. It is to commemorate Jesus and His sacrifice to mankind. And it is also a holy sacrifice. It is considered to be the greatest form of prayer in Christianity. It’s the belief that offerings are made to God and the Son of God directly. One of the example of mass is the Sign of Cross Prayer and Hail Mary prayer.

9. “Baptism is an exciting day, and I’m so proud of you godson! You’re now showing everyone that God has a big plan for your life.”

  Being baptized is a great thing. It is generally called as communion. God shows the path. Some smallest kindness acts can change the way of thinking and pave the way to divinity. All the fears will be destroyed with His help. He can give the courage to do what is needed to be a Godchild. One need to be kind and loving to all.

10. “It was a beautiful baptism service and we were so honoured to be your godparents. We love you dearly and pray that God will guide and protect you as you grow up.”


In Baptism the initial strong feeling developed is Lord will keep us safe and warm in all conditions. God listens to every prayer and answers all the questions. Whatever is encountered everyday is a planning by God. Sometimes God might make us wait, but will surely answer in some or other way. A little late is only to test the faith and amount of patience we have towards Him.

11. “Congratulations on your baptism! It’s such a beautiful day and I’m so honoured to be your godmother. I love you dearly and pray that God will guide and protect you as you grow up.”

   A Godson is considered to be the reflection of God Himself. In this beginning of new journey there might be several hindrances. Moreover, they are to be overcome with patience and love. In fact love and kindness are very powerful weapons in the life of spirituality and divinity. Eventually, they can win any toughest battles with a single smile of grace.

12. “To our beautiful Godson, congratulations on your baptism! We’re so honoured to be your Godparents and can’t wait to watch you grow.”

To see the harvest if crop is the happiest moment for a farmer. Similarly to watch the child growing up in a productive manner is a pride moment for parents. Even though not biological parents Godparent will also feel the same. Moerover, the path that they have shown is being followed and nurtured by their Godchild. So it is one of the cherished memories.

13. “I felt so lucky to be your godmother today, son. I never knew that a baby could be so cute! My prayer is that God will guide you and protect you as you grow.”

In the process of growing, Godparents  role is equal to biological parents. Eventually, they introduce the child the strength that he has within himself. Then show the kindness that he had not shown to anyone else. Moreover, they can also take out his smartness that he had not used till then. All this can happen only with a belief that the bonding is througha divine power.

14. “Gotta love being a godparent. May the good Lord watch over you and guide you through life. Congratulations on your baptism, beloved godson!”

    Godchild will be guided not to be afraid or discouraged of anything. He will be made clear that God can handle the worst of the situations and gives the resilience to maintain composure by all means. Every reasonable wish will come true with the faith in God and by blessing of God. He will be trained to learn something even from bittererest experiences.

15. “We thank God for blessing us with such a wonderful godson like you on this baptism day of yours. We prayed for your future and we’ll always be here for you.”

One of the greatest blessings is to be a Godparent or a Godchild. Moreover, both have responsibilities and rights too. To share the knowledge and wisdom known to them is of course a pleasure. It is because they do it joyously. Sharing means caring. Also the caring is reciprocated equally. Eventually, they might be far away. But nothing can stop their love and affection towards each other.

16. “Congratulations on your baptism godson! It was a beautiful ceremony and we are so happy that we were able to be there to witness it.”

All of us are children of God. So it is hard to care for and share knowledge to theentire mankind. Thus choosing the option to be a Godparents. At least to pave a spiritual path in a full pledged way to one person. Moreover, and to make him a kind hearted person who has all good traits that are said by God Himself. Eventually, this gives utmost satisfaction and immense pleasure. It cannot be explained in words. It is only to be experienced.

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