Best Ghostface Quotes From Scream That Will Make Your Life Feel Like A Horror Movie

Ghostface is the main villain of the famous film series called scream. His mask was made inspired by the famous Edvard Munch painting called the scream.

Ghostface usually calls his victims on phone, threatening to kill them and taunting them, and finally kills them with an 8-inch knife. He might be a horror films fan as he often asks his victims trivia questions about horror movies and stalks and kills them in a manner that is similar to those films.

The first movie in the franchise came in 1996, and the latest one came in 2022. And the next installment of the film is set to release in 2023. Although a knife is Ghostface’s favorite weapon, he is sometimes seen using a gun and other equipment also.

Ghostface has become one of the most popular and well-known villains in the history of cinema. Known for its witty nature and love for killing and horror movies, there are scenes in the movies which make him look quite dumb, but that turns serious pretty quickly.

1. “Not This Movie, Sidney.”-Ghostface


The duel between Sidney and Ghostface that had been going on for a while reached a new level in 2022’s scream when Sidney says that she has already seen the movie and survived it, but things turn creepier when Ghostface says that she has not seen this movie and thus, set the tone of the movie already.

2. “You Should Never Say ‘Who’s There?’ Don’t You Watch Scary Movies? It’s A Death Wish.”-Ghostface

Ghostface had a knack for humor and was witty. Also obsessed with horror movies, and most of his references were to horror movies.

In a typical horror movie, when the victim usually shouts and asks who is there, she gets killed minutes after, and the same happens in this case, the only difference being that the killer who is Ghostface is himself giving this advice to Casey.

Also, since Casey could not answer a horror movie trivia, Ghostface had already sealed her death, making it one of the most brutal kills of the movie.

3. “I’m Going to Slit Your Eyelids in Half, So You Don’t Blink When I Stab You in The Face.”-Ghostface

This line from Ghostface brought back memories from the older scream movie where Ghostfacesaid, “gut you like a fish…”. having threatened a lot of people of all generations, this line only shows that this time Ghostface means business and has returned to more brutal and prepared than last time.

4. “…If You Want to Be In The Hospital, I’d Be Happy To Put You There In The f****ng Morgue!”-Ghostface

One of the few creepy lines of Ghostface that was not directed at Sydney but rather at Rebecca, her assistant, who was fired minutes before this scene.

Rebecca was talking on the phone and saying that she was in the hospital, while the other person did not believe her and the irony of this scene is that it escalated so much that Rebecca did end up being in hospital after Ghostface killed her brutally.

5. “You Hang Up on Me Again, I’ll Gut You Like a Fish!”-Ghostface


Ghostface had the habit of calling his victims before killing them, and in this one particular scene when he was calling Casey. The scene turned out to be quite funny initially because Caseycursed and hung up on Ghostface before realizing later that she was in a much more dangerous situation.

Also, the scene turned out to be quite ironic as Ghostface did cut her up like a fish, and it set the tone of the movie quite well that one should be up for a bumpy ride, which can go from funny to rather terrifying, very quickly.

6. “It’s Always Hard Being Friends with You, Sidney. When You’re Friends with Sidney, You Die!”-Ghostface

One of the scariest moments in scream 3 came with a little bit of mocking tone. During the phone call, Ghostface began to taunt and mock Sidney that the closest people to her had died, and Sidney also began thinking about it.

It did not bode well for our favorite girl, who had already seen so much in life.

7. “You Wish It Was Ted. Don’t Forget to Set the Alarm!”-Ghostface

Scream is famous for its big stars’ cameo in the movie. This was a scene when Ghostface taunted Cici minutes before attacking her.

What makes it even more creepy is that you know when Ghostface says lines like these that he is around somewhere in the house.

8. “What’s Your Favourite Scary Movie?”-Ghostface

Ghostface is famous for bringing up horror movie trivia. Also, this line perfectly sets the mood of the movie, that it is indeed a horror movie.

Ghostface perhaps had a love for horror movies becauseĀ  his acts and questions would usually resemble that of famous horror movies.

9. “Hello Sidney, It’s an Honor.”-Ghostface

One of the most famous lines of Ghostface just tells how in every scream movie, Ghostface is obsessed with Sidney.

It was the opening line in the 2022 scream movie also, and it just tells that the problems of Sydney are not over yet.

As soon as we hear these lines from Ghostface, we know that things will get very serious going forward now.

10. “Welcome Home, Sidney. Preview Of Events Coming.”-Ghostface


After OliviaMorris’s death, when Sidney picks up her phone, she hears Ghostface’s voice on the other end. The thing that makes it even more creepy is the foreshadowing that this line does as they usually do in a horror movie.

This line and this scene gave an insight into what to expect for the coming scenes in the movie, which made it quite unsettling. The movie had a knack for this poetry-style storytelling where they foreshadowed in the lines and the scenes what would happen in the future.

11. “I Only Hear You Too, Sidney.”-Ghostface

One of the most chilling scenes in scream 3 is when we see how Ghostface is obsessed with Sydney. On the call, when Sydney was speaking, she could only hear her voice, and that’s when Ghostface said these lines to her, taunting her and telling us in a way that he would go to any lengths to torture Sydney.

12. “Name the movie that started the slasher craze: Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Last House on the Left, or Psycho?”-Ghostface

On a call with Casey when Ghostface asked her this question, it set the tone of the movie that it is a scary movie.

Ghostface was well versed and educated about every horror movie and often asked trivia questions to his victims about horror movies, and if they answered them wrong, he would kill them.

13. “I Never Said I Was in Your Closet.”-Ghostface

This line was said by Ghostface while he was having a conversation with Kirby reed on the phone. She responded quite bravely and did not get scared even when Ghostfacethreatened her.

As it is shown in horror movies, Kirby opens the closet and does not find Ghostface there, and that is when he says these lines.

It was during this conversation that the friends saw that he was next door murdering the neighbors. The scene mocks the classic horror movies and sets its satirical tone.

14. “What’s Your Favourite Scary Movie?”-Ghostface

In one of the earliest lines of Ghostface, he tries to set the mood. And lower his defenses before getting into a much more serious tone of killing and murdering. What makes it even scarier is that it just feels like a candid conversation between friends who are discussing their favorite movie. The only difference is that on the other side, there is a killer.

15. “This isn’t a comedy; it’s a horror movie. People live, people, die, and you better start running.”-Ghostface

Although everyone knew that what they came in for was a horror movie, this line just sets the tone right. It also shows the humorous and satirical nature of the writers.

Ghostface is a killer with a humorous side to him. And he often delivers these funny lines which make viewers forget. That they are watching a horror movie.

Although Ghostface is a human, he is a serial killer with some special powers. He has great hiding and spying skills. And he knows everything about his victims very easily and is usually up to date with their lives. He has amazing physical strength and keen attention to detail. And he is also very aware of his surroundings which makes him quite powerful.

The franchise was a great success due to its witty and funny storytelling. The character of Ghostface became quite popular among people. And it remains one of the most used costumes for Halloween.

The next installment of the film comes in 2023, and even though the main plot remains the same. The overall thrill is fresh in each of the movies.

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