Best Pennywise Quotes From IT That Will Make Clowns Your Worst Nightmare

Pennywise is one of the main antagonists and villains in Stephen king’s novel “It”. It was later adapted into movies with the same name, which received quite a lot of praise from the audience.

Pennywise is one of the forms of the creature named “It”, which is said to have lived Billions of years and is from another dimension. It is said that it can take many shapes and forms, and like Pennywise, it usually takes the shapes of people’s worst fear to gain power over them, terrorize them, and finally kill them.

Pennywise feeds on humans and mostly targets children because they are easy to manipulate and hence took the form of a clown because children love clowns and no one suspects them mostly, but over the course of the film, he takes many shapes and forms depending on the person he scared and their worst nightmare. During this time people send Halloween Quotes and Facts to their friends.

We see that Pennywise usually eats for his consumption before usually going to hibernation for 27 years. Courage is one of the main weaknesses of Pennywise, and since he despises humankind, he usually takes humans very lightly, which sometimes gives them an edge over him, as was seen in its end when the losers took control of their fears and literally killed him.

1. “I’ll take him. & I’ll take all of you. And I’ll feast on your flesh as I feed on your fear. Or… you’ll just leave us be… I will take him. Only him, and I will have my long rest and you will all live to grow and thrive and lead *happy* lives, until old age takes you back to the weeds.” -Pennywise


During one of the last fights, when PennywisecaptureBill, he says this line to “the losers”. Pennywise has been after Bill for a long time now, and he wanted him. While being cornered, he captures Bill and then offers the rest to leave them if only they leave Bill behind with him, which of course, they did not.

2. “Well, I’m Pennywise the Dancing Clown.” Pennywise?”. “Yes?”, “Meet Georgie”. “Georgie, meet Pennywise”. -Pennywise

At the start of the film, this was one of the first scenes when we were introduced to Pennywise. Georgie’s boat goes into the drain, and Pennywise uses this opportunity to lure Georgie toward him. When Georgie says that he does not talk to strangers, Pennywise introduces himself with the above lines.

3. “Oh! Without your boat? You don’t wanna lose it, Georgie. Bill’s gonna kill you! Here. Take it.” -Pennywise

After Georgie’s introduction to Pennywise, Georgie was going back, but Pennywiseto lured him and told him that Bill would be angry with him if he did not take the boat back. Then, when Georgie came near him to take the boat, Pennywise abducted him.

This was the last word of Pennywise while he was dying. During the whole franchise of the movie, it was shown that Pennywiseused people’s fear against them. He fed on their fears, and hence, it was quite natural that it was his last words.

It is often said, “rise above your fears” because our fears often get the best of us, and only when we know how to conquer them, then can we achieve anything we want.

4. “Everything down here–floats.” -Pennywise

Pennywise said these lines to Georgie when he was trying to trap him by telling him that he has balloons down the drain. Georgie asks if they float in there, and when he puts his hand forward to take the boat, Pennywise grabs him.

5. “You’ll float down here. We’ll float down here.” -Pennywise


Just seconds before Pennywise was going to abduct Georgie, he says this line to him, but since Georgie was a little child, he could not anticipate the dangers of the situation and hence, was caught by Pennywise.

6. “For 27 years, I dreamt of you. I craved you.” -Pennywise

After 27 years, when the losers were all grown up and when they came back to the area, they met Pennywise, and then he said the above lines to them. Pennywise had been planning his revenge for a long time after his last defeat and had grown stronger than before.

7. “Tasty, tasty, beautiful fear.” -Pennywise

The above lines were said by Pennywise to eddy, and since Pennywise was a creature who fed on people’s fears, he knew very well how to exploit them for his benefit. He made people weak by using their fears against them and then killed them.

8. “This isn’t really enough for you, Billy? I’m not real enough for you?” -Pennywise

While saving Eddie, when Bill came face to face with Pennywise, he said the above lines. Billy was in a notion that it is not all real, just a fragment of their imagination and fears, and hence when he was confronted with Pennywise, he was a little shocked.

9. “Do you want a balloon too, Georgie?” -Pennywise


Pennywise fed on humans and mostly children because they were easy to fool, as was Georgie when he first met him. Even though Georgie was told not to talk to a stranger, after having a little chat, Pennywise managed to manipulate him and, sadly, captured him.

10. “Let me go! Cmon Let me go, and you can have everything you’ve ever wanted; Money, fame, fortune, power! I can give you these things. & I can bring your wife back! & I can do it, only I. She’ll remember nothing, just like the seven of you remember nothing. I can’t give you eternal life, but I can touch you, and you will live long lives. 200 years, 300, perhaps 500! & I can make you gods of the Earth if you let me go! IF YOU LET ME GO. JUST IF YOU LET ME-” -Pennywise

This was Pennywise bargaining for his life with the losers when he was defeated and about to be killed. Pennywise was supposed to be a creature who came from a different world and had lived many years, taking many forms. Hence, he possessed some godly powers, with which he tried to bargain with the losers, but in vain.

In the book, the origin of Pennywise was not sure, but it was confirmed that it came from a different dimension and was very powerful.

11. “Let go. Be afraid. You all taste so much better when you’re afraid.” -Pennywise

When we allow our fears to take control of us, we become weak and feel lost, and this is what Pennywise fed on, people’s fear. He said fear was like salt on the human body, which made it even tastier if the person is afraid, which most people were in a near-death scenario.

12. “I lost it, Billy. Don’t be mad. It just floated off… But, Bill? But if you come with me, you’ll float, too. You’ll float, too. And You’ll float, too. You’ll float, too. And You’ll float, too. You’ll float, too! And You’ll float, too! You’ll float, too! And You’ll float, too! (Georgie’s face begins rotting, and his voice deepens demonically) YOU’LL FLOAT, TOO! And YOU’LL FLOAT, TOO! YOU’LL FLOAT, TOO! And YOU’LL FLOAT, TOO! YOU’LL FLOAT, TOO!” -Pennywise

Pennywise could take many shapes and forms to manipulate people and take advantage of their weakest point and strongest fear.

In the case of Billy, Georgie was his weakness and losing him, his guilt, and hence, Pennywise tried to manipulate Bill with Georgie saying that he could not save him and he died because of him.

If Bill had given up on his fears, it might as well have been his end, but he did not and fought with Pennywise, which made him stronger, as he took control over his fears.

13. “Why? Because you weren’t there, Billy!” -Pennywise

This was Pennywise tormenting Billy on Georgie’s death. Even after 27 years, Bill was living with the guilt of Georgie’s death, thinking he could not save his little brother, and Pennywise knows it. Hence it is using it against him to make Bill weak.

Pennywise was known to use people’s worst fears and guilts against them.

14. “Look at you… you’re all…grown up…” -Pennywise

At the end of the movie, the losers use Pennywise’s trick on him and make him believe that he is insignificant, thus gaining control over him. These were Pennywise’s last words as the losers held his heart in their hand and crushed it, finally killing him.

As a book and movie, It gained quite a lot of popularity and remained one of the favourite horror franchises of people. Pennywise is the people’s favourite scary character who left an impact on a lot of audiences. The massive success of the two recent films added more to their popularity.

The story has it all, a scary villain to haunt you at night, a group of scared but brave kids who will fight them, a story to pull your heartstrings, and a lesson that you can learn from it. It is definitely, a must-watch film for Halloween if you want to be scared of clowns.

Some More Quotes

15.  “Time to float.” – Pennywise

16. “Tasty, tasty, beautiful fear.” – Pennywise

17. “This isn’t really enough for you, Billy? I’m not real enough for you?” – Pennywise

18. “Popcorn! Is that your favorite?” – Pennywise

19. “Here, take it. Take it, Georgie.” – Pennywise

20. “Beep beep, Richie.” – Pennywise

21. “I’ll take him. I’ll take all of you. And I’ll feast on your flesh as I feed on your fear.” – Pennywise

22. “I’m taking him, only him.” – Pennywise

23. “Fear.” – Pennywise

24. “Well, I’m Pennywise the Dancing Clown.” – Pennywise

25. “You’ll float down here. We’ll float down here.” – Pennywise

26. “For 27 years, I dreamt of you. I craved you.” – Pennywise

27. “Well I’m Pennywise. . . and you’re Georgie. . . so I guess we know each other now!” – Pennywise

28. “Don’t you want it?” – Pennywise

29.  “Kiss me fat boy!” – Pennywise

30.  “Hi Georgie, I said Hello. Oh, come on puckle, don’t you want a balloon.” – Pennywise

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