Best King Von Quotes About Life That Will Inspire You To Move Ahead In Life Without Regrets

King Von’s real name was Dayvon Daquan Bennett, an American rapper from Chicago, Illinois. He was professionally signed by Lil Durk’s record label, Only the Family and Empire Distribution.

King Von was born on August 9, 1994, in the city of Illinois, Chicago. His mother mainly raised Von since he lost his father at 11. His father was shot dead by gunfire. Von later paid tribute to his father through multiple songs, mainly in “Exposing Me.”

King went to jail for the 1st Time when he was 16. In 2014, he was arrested in connection with a shooting where one person was killed and two others injured. King Von also had a brother named Ryan Evans. He was eventually acquitted of all charges. After this incident, he started focusing on his music career in collaboration with Lil Durk.

After this collaboration, Von’s career was on the air, and he never saw back after that. He is known for his hip hop, trap, drill, and gangsta rap music. In a short span of his life, he achieved colossal fame. . But unfortunately, he was shot dead on November 15, 2020, at 2:15 a.m. . He was immediately transported to the hospital in critical condition and died later that day.

Best King Von Quotes on Life

King Von

1. “Always watch your back for fake n*ggas.”

This quote means that you should always be aware of fake people, like people who act to be too good to you but talk wrong about you behind your back or try to harm you.

He means you should surround yourself with people who give positive vibes and help you when you require them. You have to drop people out of your life if you feel they don’t match your people.

2. “Time goes by, and sh*t just changes, man. People get old. People got their sh*t going on. You know how that goes.”

King Von says that no one sits and thinks about the things that someone else is going through. Everyone is concerned about their lives and no one others.

Here, he says that as people get old and mature, they have a lot of things to be figured out in their own lives, thus keeping them too busy in their world. He explains that with time things change, and people forget about it, no one is interested in our sh*t, and we know how that happens as we grow up.

3. “You either gonna wait on it, or you gonna go and get it? The choice is yours.”

It’s critical to be consistent and follow a set of rules. You will constantly be occupied in life. Regardless of your time, you will be doing multiple tasks at once. People who know how to manage their Time well will achieve the best success in life.

It’s great to try new things, but if you have work to do, you must be able to complete it. So don’t believe that avoiding everything is the best option.” On the contrary, if you put in the effort, you can learn to accomplish anything. People with a strong desire to complete a job will be able to work hard and succeed. Hence, the choice is yours, and you need to decide if you want to work for something and get what you want or leave it just because you don’t want to work towards making it happen.

4. “You gotta do what you gotta do.”

Sitting at the office makes it easy to feel like you’re the only one doing your job or that you’re not very good at it. But, there is a way to achieve life balance and accomplish whatever it takes to achieve perfection.

You may sometimes feel like you don’t have enough time to do your work. Unfortunately, because you’re doing it for the wrong reasons, you sometimes feel like you don’t have enough time to do it. It is upon us how we take things, but we need to fulfill our responsibilities and do what comes our way no matter what sometimes.

5. “Do you ever get that sad feeling out of nowhere?”

While our feelings can be intense, the truth is that we are not alone. Most people who have gone through difficult times have been unaffected by it.

It’s pretty standard for a person to feel sad or depressed out of nowhere since so many things are simultaneously happening around us and affecting us. But we should always try our best to keep ourselves engaged and involve ourselves in things that make us happy and leaves positive energy around us. This will help us feel satisfied and also keep us motivated to achieve success in our lives.

6. “A man that stands for nothing will fall for anything.”

This means that someone who has no opinions and no strong convictions in life will easily accept any weak, stupid or unbalanced, biased viewpoint point to him.

This means that if a man does not have his own opinions or thoughts, he can fall for anything wrong and lead him to get into really difficult situations. Hence a man needs to have his own decisions and not fall for anything stupid, which can lead him to many problems in his life.

Inspirational quotes by King

7. “I’m not doing sh*t for anything; I don’t give a f*ck about any of that sh*t. I don’t care about people; I care about my people.”

Here in this quote, he says he does not give a shit for anything or a fuck to any of the f*ck that’s going around him. He says he does not care what people think or talk about him. The only thing that affects him is what the people who matter to him think about him.

8. “You must go harder so everybody can talk about you. The more people know you, the more money you get.”

We all have short attention spans and a desire to learn more about everything. “Many people are so involved in their work that they aren’t even aware that they are being distracted,” You must go for it without pausing after discovering an issue and a solution.

It would help if you worked harder so everyone would talk about you. The more people know of you, the more money you will earn. To increase your cash, you must work harder, so everyone will hear about you. Getting yourself into a position where you can learn something new every day is the best method to start learning new things.

“If you want to be more successful, you have to work more so everyone can talk about you.” Don’t read about the problem to divert your attention away from it. Learning something new every day is the best approach to improving one’s success

9. “Give positive vibes out even though what we rappin’ about is just entertainment right now. It’s just music.”

Music makes people happy on their low days, so the singer or the rapper must give out positive vibes even though they know that what they are rapping is just a source of entertainment for others.

10.We are strong, but we are stronger together.”

Many people look forward to the love of their family, friends, and community as they age. However, we can’t just go out and try to make new acquaintances; we must work hard to come closer to our objectives. It would help if you committed to your network and business.

People you want to be close to are most likely to assist you in achieving your goals. When people get together, they have a strong sense of unity. Working hard might be difficult because it demands significant effort and dedication. We need to take things slowly at first and build our way up.

11. “I’ll do whatever I can do.”

It means that you should always endeavor to do your best, no matter what you’re doing or for whom you’re doing it. It’s also a good reminder that no one is ideal, which is alright. This was a slogan that King Von lived by. His entire life had been committed to assisting others, and he never allowed anything to get in the way of his goal.

This phrase reminds me that even if we don’t have all the answers or resources we need—or even if we’re not sure what our role in a certain circumstance should be—we should do our best to help out in any way we can.

12. “I remember the times I had nowhere to go.”

It’s important to realize that there is always a way out of a difficult situation. It is not impossible, even if it is difficult. We must understand that anything is achievable if we have hope and determination. It’s about how we all have times when we feel like we’ve hit rock bottom.

Every problem has a solution; even if it doesn’t appear so at first, some people will always be there for us when we need them.

13. “I am what I am. What I’m not, see, I’ll never be.”

This is one of the most famous quotes of King Von, and this quote means that he is who he is and won’t ever change his personality for anyone in this world because he believes that his personality makes him unique.

Best Love Quotes By King Von

King Von

Raised in a crime-ridden neighborhood, Von was fully aware of the violence in the world of crime. During his teen years, Von was involved with the crime world. At the age of 16, he went to jail for the first time. He was charged with the count of first-degree murder and two counts of attempted murder. In 2018, Von left his early days behind and started to experiment with music.

Lil Druk, who took an interest in him, welcomed him into the Only Family Collective. His single “Crazy story” broke into a larger audience. He received platinum certification and gained a huge fan following.

Followed by the success of “Crazy Story,” Von released many singles along with some of his mixtapes such as “Crazy Story 2.0″,” Crazy Story 3.0″, “Rollin,” and many more.

Sadly on November 6, 2020, Von and his crew were involved in an argument with Quando Rondo’s crew outside of the Monaco hookah lounge in Atlanta, Georgia. The dispute quickly escalated into gunfire, and Von was shot multiple times. He was transported to a hospital in critical condition and died there later that day. He was 26 years old.

Before his death, Von not only enjoyed his successful life in music but also experienced the horror of the crime world as well. Even though he is no more with us, his music and words continue to rule the hearts of his fans across the globe. So here is a list of some of the best quotes from King Von about love, life, and inspiration.

1. “If I tell you I love you, I mean it.” – King Von

LOVE a four-letter word may sound sweet and simple but has a very complex nature. Sweet love stories often hide the dark and emotional side of love. Even after knowing love’s true form, we embrace it. We hope to fall in love with someone who will reciprocate the feelings as well. Knowing that nothing is permanent in this world, we don’t fall a step behind in expressing our love. So don’t be afraid to express your love. You get this life only once, so you might as well love to your fullest.

2. “Watch people in your gang.” – King Von

Each one of us in this lifetime has some friends as well as a few enemies. As a child, we would find it easy to differentiate between a good person and a bad person. As we grow from a child into an adult, we find to difficult to recognize who is the bad person staying by our side. A person who pretends to be your friend is the most vicious creature. They hide their true form beneath the mask. So one must always look after such people. Remember, not everyone in this world wishes the best for you.

3. “Always watch your back for fake niggas.” – King Von

Following the above quote, one must always watch their back for fake people. Our society has always admired successful and wealthy people. Reaching the top is not as easy as it may seem. The road which leads to success is filled with anger, insecurities, jealousy, and betrayal and the one who lingers on this road for a long time loses themselves to the inner demons. As they were unable to climb the steps, they will always wish for the others to fall back on their way. So be careful. As long as the world continues to produce successful people, there will be others who will try every possible trick to bring you down.

4. “Igot a lot of people to take care of.” – King Von

The world will always be filled with vicious people, but that doesn’t mean we must abandon the ones who remained loyal to us. Those people genuinely care for us at each moment of our life. Especially when you were about to give up on your dreams, they stood firmly by your side, reminding you that all of the pain and suffering would be worth your efforts. Now when you stand on the stage holding your victory cup, remember the faces who stood by you all the time because now it is your turn to take care of them.

5. “Don’t cry because it is over. Smile because it happened.” – King Von

In life, there will be some moments when we have to bid goodbye to our loved ones. We try our best to remain strong. We cover our emotions with a mask while consoling our minds that those people were just a part of our journey. But what happens at the end of the day when we remove our masks? We discover the emotional person who was hiding behind the mask and now wants to be free. Instead of hiding, set it free. Cry as much as you want. Heal your wounds. Do not rush. Trust the process. Eventually, you will heal. Those scars that caused you pain won’t feel pain anymore. As you will heal your wounds, you will look back. You will look back and smile. Sad memories will not haunt you anymore. Smile and be grateful that it happened.

6. “Watch who you fuck with the ones you think are real; they fake.” – King Von

Von repeatedly made this point of spotting fake friends among the real ones. It is better to have an enemy rather than a person who pretends to be your Ally. Such people can never wish for someone else’s happiness. Their deep-rooted jealousy and insecurities have made them transform into a bitter person. They no longer wish to climb up the stairs. Instead, they are focused on bringing down others with them as well.

Inspirational Quotes By King Von

1. “I remember the times I had nowhere to go.” – King Von

Not every successful person was a product of nepotism. Some of them started at nothing, and now they are sitting on the top where they can enjoy as much luxury as they want. As you sit back and relax, you must not look down on others. Stay humble to your roots. Don’t let the glitters blind your eyes. Do not be ruled by arrogance because you could step on a stone and fall back into the ground. The ones who remember their struggle are the ones who will enjoy their success in the long run.

2. “We are strong, but we are stronger together.” – King Von

Do you remember that story where the father wants to teach the essence of unity among his sons? As an individual, each one of us is strong, either physically or mentally. Now imagine as we stand united the amount of power that we will hold. Unity is the greatest power. Standing together, we could overcome any kind of obstacle because we will always be there to empower each other.

3. “Prepared for the worst but still hoping for the best.” – King Von

In life, whenever you have the chance to prepare for something, be it a test or a match between your rival team, always be prepared for the worst. Especially at the time of adversity, you will remain hopeful. Life is unpredictable, so be prepared to face the challenges as well as the consequences.

4. “A person who stands for nothing will fall for anything.” – King Von

Each person in this world must have some rules which he can abide by in his life. A person who doesn’t hold anything dear to his life is sure to fall for anything. In life, we all must hold something precious to our life. Holding something dear to us will give us the motivation to perform better than every day.

Life Quotes By King Von

King Von

1. “You either gonna wait on it, or you gonna go and get it? The choice is yours.” – King Von

There are always two kinds of people- the dreamers and the achievers. The dreamers are the ones who dream about their goals, whereas the achievers are the ones who go after their dream to pursue them. In life, if you are grateful enough, then opportunities will knock on your door more often. You won’t have to wait for them. But that’s not the case for everyone. While some people are considered to be extremely lucky, others have to create their own luck.

The choice will always remain yours and only yours. No one has the right to say anything in between. You can either wait for your chance to arrive, or you could step up and run towards it. So if you want anything bad in your life, then do not just sit back and relax, hoping that your opportunity will arrive. Instead, run towards it before it gets too late.

2. “You gotta do what you gotta do.” – King Von

Let this quote be your motto. Yes, do what you have to do in your life. Don’t be afraid of failure. Prepare for the worst consequences and move ahead in your life. Do not fear the judgments of others. They don’t matter. At the end of the day, it will always be you and your dreams. So don’t be afraid to chase it. If you’ve tried running, then take a break and relax but don’t stop. Do not give up. In the end, all of your pain and suffering will be worth your efforts. Don’t wait anymore. Grab your opportunity before it slips away from your hand.

Few famous quotes by King von

  1. I’m from the streets, so I like rap music; that’s what makes up the streets everywhere.
  2. “When I say, ‘Let me focus,’ that was me talking to the audience. I was talking to the audience. See, I was daydreaming in the car or some shit. Now, folks and I see what’s goin’ on. Oh, I’m gonna ride this nigga. You see what I’m saying?”
  3. “You a real nigga and You doing this shit da rite way. Don’t let no nigga tell you differently; don’t let any of dese weak ass hoes throw you off.”
  4. “That shit gonna figure it out in real life.”
  5. ” You all broadcasting the wrong shit.”
  6. “I drop a song, and these niggas quote it. Is he looking for me? I’m probably where his hoe is!”
  7. ” I’m good at shit, though. So the First Time I do something, I’ll probably be good at it.”
  8. “Would’ve never guessed I’ll be making movies.”
  9. “You know? The ladies love me.”
  10. “I gotta drop on this flexing nigga.”


These were some of the most famous quotes by the rapper King Von. Here, I have explained some of his favorite quotes, which give us an insight into his life, thoughts, and much more.

Facts about King Von

  1. Money had always been his true motivation.
  2. He loved playing baseball.
  3. He was a Lil Wayne growing up.
  4. LeBron James had been his favorite basketball player.
  5. He would never work with 6ix9ine.
  6. He didn’t want to rap forever.
  7. He even wrote a book.
  8. Touring with the meek mill was one of his best moments.
  9. He spent most of his Time reading while he was in jail.
  10. He loved giving back to the community.

1. What Is King Von’s Real Name?

King Von’s real name was Dayvon Daquan Bennett.

2. What was King von’s age when he died?

He was 26 years old when he died.

3. What is King Von’s First Song?

His first song was Problems.

4. When King Von moved to Parkway, did he know any kids who lived there?

He didn’t know anyone; he was too inexperienced. They would be on the floor a lot because they were filming. His mother warned him not to go outside, and She said there was a disaster. But he would be bored and wretched if he stayed at home. He would beg her to let him go outside and then go outside and get into fights and other nonsense.

That’s when he started getting to know people. He’d go out there and fight with someone. There were some terrible kids in the neighborhood. You start battling each other, and before you know it, you’re all cool. They see him again, they quarrel again, and then they relax. He got to hang out with some cool guys and do some crap. That is how he got acquainted with the kids living there.

5. When did he start rapping? When did that become something he was interested in doing?

He started rapping in the year 2018. It’s been four years since the day his first song was out, “problems.” He started rapping at that time. This was when he became interested in rapping.

6. King Von wasn’t even thinking about making rapping a career?

People would talk to him about this in jail. A lot of niggas were getting at him, like, “Durk fucks with you. You need to go rap and shit. You can do it.” But he was like, “Nah, I’m going to let him rap, and I’m going to figure out something else.”

7. So why did he start rapping? Was it easy?

He’ll give it his all. He began rapping after the other nonsense he attempted to figure out failed. He was making a mental list of things he could do. He recognized that his work wasn’t performing well at the time, so he decided to try his hand at rapping.

It wasn’t easy, to be sure. He is, however, a master of shit. He’ll most likely be good at something the first time he does it. Do you understand what I’m saying? I wouldn’t know it’s simple, but he’s good at shit, so he figured it out quickly.

8. How were they making this new album different than other projects? Has it all been done during these last months of the pandemic?

He said It’s just working. It’s he who is back at it, steady working. New material, just getting better. It’s just him upgrading, developing, and getting older. He just started. He said that this was his first actual project that was coming out.

9. Was there any style or type of songs he hadn’t done before that he was interested in trying?

Nah, he’s going to give it his all. This Time, he’s included some melodies. He got some nonsense dubbed “Demon.” That’s a new one for me. He’ll be coming at her in Auto-Tune. On the bitch, he’ll be singing. He’d poured his heart and soul into it. What more does he have? For the hoes, he got sluggish crap. He’s got some material he brought, and while he doesn’t want to say, “Fuck that nigga,” it’s not a straight drill, direct kill.

It’s about some female nonsense. It’s a different kind of shit, some genuine street shite. Everyone will be able to relate to it. We’re on the same track; we’re simply getting higher. It’s progressing; everything is improving, including the sound and junk. The witticisms, the narrative, He has gotten some major news. The tales, oh, the tales. He has got another story to tell you. It is larger. It’s also more dramatic. It has a slower tempo. It has a more cinematic feel to it. How does “Crazy Story” provide you with such… This one is the kind of narrative that makes you want to sit down and read it.

10. In some of his tracks, he wrote without a beat. Did he continue doing that?

When he returns to bed, he frequently finds his notes. He returns because he has many papers he wrote while incarcerated. If there’s a song he screws with the most, as he did with most of them, it’s this one. He’s been through a lot, but he’s still got some things he can accomplish. So he’ll go back and read them, figure out the flow, and rap them the way he thinks they should sound since it’s been a minute, and he’s probably forgotten the flow.

He’ll try to get it back, put it together in a voice memo, and then send it to the nigga DJ Chopsquad, who will build the beat and send it back to him, and then he’ll get perform it. That’s how he handles the crap he’s writing. In prison, he wrote “Took Her to the O” and “How It Go.” On the bus, he wrote “Crazy Story” and “The Code” with Polo G. He penned a lot of nonsense. He authored a significant amount of silliness.

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