Best Mike Ross Quotes About True Genius From Suits

Mike Ross is a famous television character who was a former lawyer in Suits. He was also a junior partner at Spector Litt. Furthermore, he was married to Rachel Zane. Harvey Specter hired him as an associate lawyer at Pearson Hardman. Adams has been quite related to him.

Harvey Spectre has shown immense faith and trust in him. He knew the secret of Jessica, which always held him in a tough spot. Suits would have been incomplete without the presence of Mike Ross. The photographic memory collected was one of the best scenes of Mike Ross.

By now, you might know who he is and what he is. Let’s look at some of the most popular Mike Ross Quotes.

Netflix’s Suits Characters always motivate everyone. Harvey Specter Quotes are very motivating, while Jessica Pearson Quotes & Donna Paulsen Quotes show women’s power. Mike Ross Quotes are very witty and Louis Litt Quotes also shows how to beat any tough situation. We made a list of the best Quotes from Suits.

1. “Once I tell you, I can never take it back. It is my everything.”

Mike Ross

Mike Ross is a man of words. He has worked with Louis and has always been very particular about legal consultations. In this statement, Mike Ross quotes that when he gives his word to someone, he ensures that he provides everything for it to be true.

He believes in himself and strives to work hard every day. No matter what happens, he can never go wrong with his decisions. Donna also showed a sign of trust in him.

2. “Whose story is looking more far-fetched now?”

During the 14th episode of season 5, Mike Ross had to undergo a trial because he did not attend law school. The firm taking the prosecution wants to prepare him beforehand through a mock test. People called Harvey to make statements about Mike Ross. He tells the jury that Mike Ross made a round trip from Harvard to Boston in just three hours.

Later, Mike Ross quotes that even though he never attended a law school, all the senior lawyers wanted to work with him. He has proved his talent and works ethic in front of them. Funny, people with so much experience like to work with him. Furthermore, he mentions that his story is far-fetched than anyone present there.

3. “Patient zero is the first person infected with the disease, not the disease itself.”

Mike Ross never went to a law school. Louis discovers this secret about Mike Ross. Both of them take a car ride with Harvey and argue a lot. Louis loves practicing law and Pearson Spectre Litt.

During the journey, Mike Ross apologizes to Louis and asks him to forgive. In this statement, Louis replies that he tends to ignore only those people who are infected. But for him, Mike Ross is like patient zero. When Mike Ross hears this, he tells him that maybe he is the infected person, not the disease. In this scenario, Harvey is the patient zero.

4. “Hey, Harvey, I know I am not a partner but do you mind?”

In the Suits, Daniel Hardman was one of the primary antagonists. He tried to remove the firm from Jessica and lure Louis into his malpractices. A meeting teammates conducted a meeting where everyone had to undergo a drug test. He tried to get rid of Harvey after he refused to go for the drug test.

Later, Harvey spilled Hardman’s secrets. He told everyone that Daniel lied and took the money from everyone for his selfish intentions. When everyone knew that Hardman took the cash to get the firm from Jessica, everyone voted for his dismissal. Mike Ross does not like Hardman at all. Although he was not a partner, he requested Harvey to give him an opportunity so that he could vote against Hardman.

5. “Peabody vs. Danthorpe.”

Mike Ross and Harvey had an exciting relationship. Mike Ross knows how to work hard to get what he wants. However, he does not let the other party know what’s happening and changes the situation in his favor. It can be seen very evidently in episode nine of season 5.

Mike Ross offers two solutions to the problem between him and Harvey. He understands that Harvey will not adhere to his first solution, so he goes for the next. Even Mike Ross wanted to go with the second idea. Harvey asks him about the time frame. On this question, Mike Ross quotes this statement about Peabody vs. Stanthorpe.

6. “You put your interests above mine, and I am putting them back next to yours.”

In one of the episodes, Jessica comes to know that Harvey lied to a client. Harvey is worried that he might lose his license if his clients get to know that Mike Ross never went to law school. Mike Ross gets fired because of Harvey’s fears.

When Mike Ross learns he is getting fired, he blackmails Harvey by telling him he will spill the secret of him not going to law school. If he does that, Harvey will surely lose his license, and he will not be able to continue with his profession. In such a situation, Now, he is the one who has to make his decision wisely.

7. “When the hell does this become your dirty little secret.”

This statement is from season 11. In the episode ‘Enough is Enough,’ Louis is thoroughly pissed off because no one told him about Mike Ross’s secret of not attending law school. Louis asked for a new partnership agreement which Jessica took to the office of Mike Ross. Mike Ross had been piling up on a lot of work that had crossed its deadline. After being asked why he replies that it is because of his secret.

Jessica knew about the secret of Mike Ross. She has been using his knowledge quite a few times to her advantage. Hence, this secret belongs not only to Mike Ross but to Jessica.

8. “When you go after Harvey, you go after me.”

Mike Ross

This statement is from episode 9 of season 3, named ‘Bad Faith.’ Mike Ross meets Rachel’s father, Robert Zane, to discuss legal issues that could save his money. He offers Robert a deal which he denies. According to Robert, the agreement does not is for him to win. It is more related to the problems involving Harvey and Jessica.

The ideas which Mike Ross gets are entirely exceptional. He knows how to break the ice. Mike Ross tries to threaten Robert Zane. He tells him that if he does not agree to his deal, Rachel will know about the mess he created with his client. Furthermore, if Robert goes after Harvey, he will tell everyone about his genuine affection.

9. “Drink up.”

During the second part of the Pilot, Louis is adamant about Mike Ross taking the drug test. He is forcefully sending him for it. Surprisingly, when Louis asks Mike Ross to go for the test, Mike has a bag full of weed with him at that moment. Later, Mike confronts Louis when he learns he made a fake positive report on his drug test.

Louis tells Mike Ross to go for the second round of tests. On knowing this, Mike Ross explains the drug test policy wherein you must wait three months before going for the next test. In such a scenario, Mike Ross fills up a cup and tries to throw it at him telling him to drink it. You could see Mike Ross behave in such a way for the first time.

10. “The rules dictate that you must be precise as the law is a precise endeavor.”

During episode 4 of season 1, named ‘Dirty Little Secret,’ Mike Ross is seen participating in a quiz round. Louis is hosting this contest for the younger associates of the organization. Mike Ross gets a chance to answer a question. He says ‘Bible.’ On hearing the word ‘Bible,’ Louis says it is Gutenberg Bible and not only the Bible. He should be precise with his words because the law is a straightforward endeavor. You cannot have anything less than proper specifications.

The world can hang on with the business. But you need to listen and decide. During the last question, one of the quiz participants answered it, which seemed almost right. When Mike Ross hears it, he uses the same statement that Louis used and won the quiz.

11. “She warned us that she’d never let me get into the bar; we just didn’t listen.”

Mike Ross has a very soft yet different relationship with Jessica. She takes help from him from time to time. Not only that, but Jessica also takes care of Mike Ross. He is not the type of person into attachments, but he still likes her care and concern towards him. His response to her is very nice.

Jessica does not like the fact that Mike Ross goes to the bar. Mike Ross has this habit of frequently visiting the bars and drinking a lot. Once he is high, it isn’t easy to manage him. One night when Mike went to the bar, Mike got into trouble. Upon this, Mike Ross quotes that Jessica had always tried to stop him from going to the bar, but he was adamant about it.

12. “How the hell am I supposed to get a jury to believe you when I am not even sure I do?!”

Mike Ross is one of the essential characters of the Suits. During one of the major trials, Donna had to meet a lawyer. She knew that she would require one very soon. Hence, she thought of continuing with the same lawyer. Mike never received formal training for his career, so trusting him was a considerable risk. But there was not much of an option.

13. “Pull the car over right now. I am going to beat the shit out of him.”

Harvey is the kind of person who gets pissed off pretty quickly. Many times, he gets infuriated at his teammates and colleagues as well. During the phase of the placard, the work pressure was way too much on Harvey. He did not want to lose his active license because an official institution did not educate Mike.

All the situations were turning chaotic for him. It was getting difficult for him to handle all of it. When he did not find the car in the place where it should be at all times, he got pissed off and wanted to know who dared to park his car somewhere else.

14. “He’s an ethics professor and breaking the law?”

Mike Ross is very particular about his profession. He never had a formal education in the law but is a great strategist. Harvey was very scared that no one should get to know that Mike Ross had never had proper education for the same.

Mike Ross has exceptional evaluation potential. He did not like the fact that Harvey was breaking the law. Harvey is known for being an ethics professor, making their students follow the rule rather than breaking them himself.

15. “I am saying it’s not a complete loss.”

In episode 4 of season 5, Mike Ross quotes the importance of using the brain at all times. He is a great strategist and knows how to make wise decisions in difficult times. Patrick was someone Mike learned a lot. He knew his intentions for Patrick and why he was with him.

Everyone felt it was a massive loss for the whole setup. Surprisingly, Mike did not have the same opinion. He thought that Patrick leaving the team was beneficial.

16. “Stay out of trouble, boys.”

Mike Ross

Harvey has always been a great mentor. He wants all his fellow young associates to learn in the process. Many times, there are instances when the decisions made by the young associates backfire on them. Hence, Harvey ensures that he guides them enough, so they do not commit any mistakes.

17. “If it gets Louis a fresh start, I don’t care.”

Mike Ross has always been a person of perfect wit. He never really had good relations with Louis. Although Mike never really liked Louis, he did not have a problem with him joining the team yet again.

Mike knew that if Louis joined the team, it would benefit them. He can use his strategy to get to the top level.

18. “You have no idea what it is to be a fraud and have to start all over.”

Harvey has always been a wise man. He explained to all the younger associates the pros and cons of the direction they are working. The thought of achieving what you want by working complex sounds good. However, it would help if you never forgot about your end goal.

Harvey told them to work with discipline and merit. If they do not work correctly, they will have to start again. Hence, he advises them to play on price and be confident with their decisions.

19. “Walk away, Harvey. You’re going to lose.”

Mike Ross is very particular about his decisions and knows how to make a wise ones. But unfortunately, he never had excellent relations with Louis. Harvey was always scared that his clients might get to know that Mike Ross had never received a formal education in the field of law.

During the quiz competition, Mike Ross tells Harvey to quit the game at the starting of it. He believes in the fact that he will win the quiz. Harvey gets agitated when he hears Mike say something like this but still chooses to continue the examination.

20. “I thought you liked it when I breached your borders?”

One can feel that Mike Ross is very confident about his decisions. However, in this statement, he is talking to Louis. Louis is someone who never had excellent relations with Mike Ross. Even Mike did not like Louis, for that matter.

While a conversation between both of them, Mike sarcastically tells him that he breached his borders. He tries to gaslight Louis because of the toxic relationship between them.

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