Best Jessica Pearson Quotes From Suits TV Show

Jessica Pearson is a television character who Gina Torres plays. The viewers have seen her as the former manager at Pearson Spectre Litt. Later, she started being an official partner to the mayor of Chicago.

Jessica Pearson was first hired by Charles Van Dyke for his firm. The firm wanted to have diversity in it, and Jessica offered that to it. She was a black female and a very responsible team member as well.

Daniel Hardman played a significant role in helping her level up. She used to conspire with him to restructure the firm and become a senior partner. Rachel Zane was also an essential character in the Suits series. Jessica Pearson left the role of a lawyer after fighting the case of Rachel Zane.

Netflix’s Suits Characters always motivate everyone. Harvey Specter Quotes are very motivating, while Jessica Pearson Quotes & Donna Paulsen Quotes show women’s power. Mike Ross Quotes are very witty and Louis Litt Quotes also shows how to beat any tough situation. We made a list of the best Quotes from Suits.

Let are some of the most popular Jessica Pearson quotes that make her renowned.

Badass Jessica Pearson Quotes

1. “I don’t respond to threats. I make them.”

Jessica Pearson is a woman who seems to be in a negative role. However, she has been an essential character alongside Mike Ross and Harvey Specter. There are few instances during the law trials where the paperwork was improper. Jessica has been a perfect lawyer and handled all the obstacles well.

When asked whether she fears threats to her life or close people, she said she does not prefer to respond to threats but instead creates them for others. This statement was like a two-way street; everyone loved how she spoke.

2. “You do not make major life decisions when reeling from a loss.”

You can feel that although Jessica Pearson has been that witty character of the Suits, she has been an empowering individual as well. When the trials were failing, again and again, she made her client understand that it is not wise to make crucial decisions in your life when you are facing loss.

The bad guys will always try to pull you down, but you must stick to your choices and decisions. Furthermore, Jessica Pearson ensures that all her clients are satisfied with how she handles their cases.

3. “The clients are looking for money. We are looking for money. The insurance company is looking to keep the money. It is always about the money.”

Jessica Pearson is a money-minded person. She has always found some way or the other to make money. During one of the episodes of season 5, Jessica said that winning the case was very important for her. To this, she replied, ‘I wanna win big and make the bad guys pay.

She also focused on the fact that everyone is after money. No one wants to work if they do not get some cash. Therefore, the account balance should be beaming at all times. Also, she has a poor photographic memory, but when it comes to money, she is pretty good at it.

4. “You can have my faith. What you are not getting is my money.”

During one of the episodes of season 4, Jessica Pearson quotes that she has faith in her clients and works hard for them. But amongst all this, they cannot have her money. Jessica Pearson is the kind of woman who is highly attracted to and conscious of money.

She does not miss out even on a penny if it is hers. Furthermore, all her teammates know about the bad things that Jessica Pearson preaches to follow.

5. “That’s the difference between you and me. You wanna lose small, and I wanna win big.”

Harvey Specter has been an essential character of the Suits. Mike Ross used to work alongside him. Harvey was highly anxious that his clients would get to know that Mike Ross had never received a formal education in law. If they get to know about it, he might as well lose his license in the process.

Jessica Pearson quotes this statement when she learns about all of this. She feels that there is a difference in the way she works and Harvey works. He does neither plan enough or strategies well. While on the other hand, Jessica Pearson is pretty good at it.

6. “Ever loved someone so much that you would do anything for them? Yeah, well, make that person yourself and do whatever the hell you want.”

Love is a very subjective feeling from one person to the other. Jessica Pearson has never been the kind of person who gives to people. All she preaches and follows is to get prosperous no matter what.

Harvey Specter has been the mentor of many fellow associates of Jessica Pearson. In one of the episodes of season 3, he says that when you love someone, you are ready to go to any extent for them. Instead, you should be that particular person for yourself. Once you start working with that mindset, you will be unstoppable.

7. “The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

Everyone wants to be successful. But not everyone has the potential or wants to work hard for it. Harvey has been a mentor and a fellow learner at the same time. Unfortunately, Jessica had mixed relations with him.

Jessica paved her way to the top through planning and conspiracies with Hardman. On the other hand, Harvey believes people can only succeed through hard work. He also quotes this statement and focuses that success comes before work only in the dictionary. When it comes to real life, it is quite the opposite.

8. “Don’t raise your voice. Improve your argument.”

Jessica is an absolute strategist in the series. All of her clients were extremely satisfied with how she worked. But at the same time, she cannot tolerate any nonsense said by someone.

During the trial, the opposition lawyer tried to say false statements to prove his point. When Jessica heard it, she replied to the lawyer by quoting this statement. Jessica Pearson thinks it would be better if the opposition lawyer worked on his arguments rather than raising his voice.

9. “Sometimes I like to hang out with the people that aren’t that bright. You know, to see how the other half lives.”

Mike Ross has also been a fundamental character of the series. He has worked with Jessica Pearson. But she does not have good feelings for Mike because he is a great lawyer without a law degree. But often, good guys have to make their way out.

Jessica gets mad at how Mike is behaving. During such a situation, Jessica Pearson says that she likes to hang out with people who are not that bright or sharp. It helps her understand how other people live and how foolish they can be.

10. “When you work with tigers, they will take a swipe at you once in a while.”

Jessica Pearson has faced the brutal realities of life. She had to go very low before bouncing back and achieving all she desired. In episode 4 of season 5, Jessica Pearson says many times you will have teammates with the qualities of a tiger.

When working with a tiger, you must remember that they will try to show their claws occasionally. However, you should be okay with it to be on the team.

Memorable Jessica Pearson Quotes

11. “I don’t want you on my side.” I want us to be on the same side.”

Jessica Pearson quotes this statement which is quite odd to know. She has been a witty and dramatic kind of person who constantly desired success no matter what. While conversing with Rachel Zane, she tells her they must be on the same page.

Jessica Pearson was handling the case of Rachel, so she needed to know every detail. Furthermore, she has been a legal superhero, an absolute quality on its own.

12. “We already know what we need to do. We have to hear it from someone else.”

In life, we tend to forget that our decision is supreme. But, it seems Jessica Pearson believes it to the core. While briefly explaining the upcoming trial, one of her clients asked what they should do.

To this, Jessica Pearson replied that we all know what we are supposed to do. It is just that it becomes unclear sometimes, or maybe we want to hear it from someone for assurance. Her words represent wisdom and wit at the same time.

13. “Sometimes good is not good enough.”

Jessica Pearson has been the kind of person who wants success at all costs. She strives for it like nobody else. Many times, all of us work hard for something, and we are good at it as well. But that is not enough. Jessica Pearson feels that being good enough is not worth it because it will not fetch you results.

You are supposed to be the best in whatever you do to achieve your goals. It is the ultimate solution to all of your problems. Not only will it help you reach where you want to, but it will also create a sense of fear in your opponents.

14. “If someone puts a gun against your head, either you pull out a bigger one, or you call their bluff, or you can do 146 other things out there.”

Harvey Specter is a man who always keeps his word. The only situation that he feared was losing his license because of a lie that he told his clients. Harvey lied about Mike Ross having a formal education in law. But nobody could know about it because Mike Ross was pretty good at what he did.

Jessica Pearson quotes this statement and tells Harvey about the bluff and 146 other things people do when someone puts a gun against their head.

15. “Loyalty is a two-way street. You’re getting it from me if I’m asking for it from you.”

If he works for someone, Loyalty is the most critical thing for Harvey Specter. He believes that if he gives his everything, he expects the same in return. It is a two-way street that demands equal efforts from both sides.

Jessica Pearson quotes that if someone asks for Loyalty from her, she is ready to give it to them. Simultaneously, one should not be expecting anything more than that.

16. “I like to smile at people who don’t like me.”

Jessica Pearson is never very kind or compassionate to anyone. Instead, she has always been the type to ensure that her opponents are scared of her power and abilities.

In episode 1 of season 5, Jessica Pearson says she loves to smile at people who do not like her. In this way, she ensures they maintain the proper distance from her.

17. “I can, because I do.”

Harvey Specter and Jessica Pearson banter amongst themselves. Jessica has been quite a badass character in the series. She tries to pull people down from their level through her witty remarks.

Jessica Pearson believes that she is good enough to achieve whatever she wants. Harvey is someone who always helps people out. But Jessica is also reluctant to take any advice from him.

18. “You’re not calling shots here. I am.”

Jessica Pearson is cautious and concerned about her firm. She makes sure that no one tries to harm it in any form. However, if someone tries to do so, she gets raged and does everything to knock him out.

In this statement, Jessica Pearson says she is the one calling shots here and nobody else. It represents her strength and potential to handle all the situations and keep the jerks at bay.

19. “I’m not going to cower in some corner and try to convince them I’m friendly. Instead, I will kick some ass and remind them that I’m fierce.”

Jessica is not the type who will cling to a corner and cry. Everyone should know that crying will not help in odd situations. You must get up and show that you are fierce enough to handle the problem wisely.

20. “I will slap the taste out of your mouth.”

Whenever anyone tries to poke Jessica Pearson, she makes a statement that leaves everyone in awe. For example, when one of her clients tried to mess around with her, she said this statement, leaving the audience wondering how she could tell that effortlessly.

Know more about Jessica Pearson

In Suits, Pearson is introduced as the founding and managing partner of Pearson Specter Litt, one of New York’s most famous law firms. Throughout the nine seasons of the show, the firm goes through a number of management and name changes. Pearson started her legal career after being hired by Gordon Schmidt Van Dyke because the company wanted to meet a diversity quota and she was a Black woman. However, the white male partners that hired her would ultimately fail because they misjudged her.

With the help of her associate and protege Harvey Specter, Pearson would rise through the ranks and overthrow the partners in a coup (a cocky, pop culture quoting golden boy with golden gloves in the ring and the courtroom). Later, Pearson would take over as managing partner of the company. In a later episode of the series, Harvey would take over as managing partner after being elevated to junior partner.

Thankfully, the showrunners and Torres add subtleties upon nuances with this fantastic heroine, whereas worse actors and writers would’ve simply reduced a character like Pearson to the one-dimensional Strong Black Woman Boss stereotype. Pearson is the ideal fusion of ethereal beauty, power, and wisdom, much like the actress that portrays her. The ever-regal and ferocious Pearson moves like a queen on a chessboard and is no less formidable whether she is in a courtroom in New York or Chicago City Hall.

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