Best Motivational Squid Game Quotes About Life That Can Inspire

If you are a Netflix audience, you must have heard about one of the hottest television series, the Squid Games. Korean games were the primary base of the series Squid Games, and the makers flourished in hooking its fans because of their topsy turvy storyline.

Some masked guards appear in pink suits, responsible for monitoring each game round. The rounds in the Squid Game have their entire world with even women and a good person at heart. So all of them play with their whole heart and mind.

Apparently, during the ninety-ninth episode of Squid Game, the players get to know that with every challenge that they have to encounter, there is an increased risk of injury or death.

Let’s jump into some of the best squid game quotes that the players possibly owe, along with the squid passing defense manages.

Squid Game Quotes on Life

Squid Game

1. “I’m good at everything except the things I cannot do.”

A player has stated this squid game quotes to persuade Deok-su. The player wants him to join her team for too much money. But, surprisingly, she gets rejected by the mobster without a second delay. He feels that she is a total burden to the squad and has no power or potential that can be helpful to the team.

You can see the reality of life through the squid games. For example, people only want to keep in touch with other people if they have something valuable to offer them. If they do not find anything worth it in you, they prefer not to keep in touch with you and end their relationship.

2. “Life is like a game with many stars and players.”

Life is a game with numerous participants with their battles, roles, and responsibilities. In this squid game quote, we can see that. However, if they find an absence of individuals to interact with, they eventually start interacting with you. Therefore, if life is supposed to be a game according to the squid game, we should consider it one and act accordingly. There will be high and low tides, and we must face them with team spirit and enthusiasm.

Everyone has created their view on the ideology of life. As a result, people behave according to the set of their own beliefs and principles. Some of them do not even realize that life is a game.

3. “I have no home to return to and can stand for the least. But when does this end? I have nowhere to go.”

In the episode of “Hell” of Squid Game quotes, the players have had enough and plead to get out. There is a town called gi hun in Squid Game with a green light where women go to war. Although almost all the players wanted to come out of that place, some still tried to cling on because they could win cash prizes. Some contestants do not even have a place to go if they come out from there.

4. “Do you know what is common between someone who has no money and vice versa? Living life is no more fun and adventure for them.”

Gi-hun realizes in the last episode of the series that everything that happened was caused by “gganbu,” who used to be his buddy in this particular squid game quotes. Finally, il-nam explains the contestants’ difference between being wealthy and being poor. He tells them that if a rich person is there in a room with someone who has no money, you will see that both of them have the same perspective on life.

Both the individuals will feel that there is no fun and adventure in living life and that life is too pale and uninteresting.

5. “This is Hell. What are the rules in Hell?”

Players in Squid game had to go through a lot. After episode 7, the players realize that it is getting tough to move forward. They also discovered that nobody was playing by the numbers given to them. The game venue is an entire world of Hell, and players were getting animal instinct with such games having squid’s heads.

6. “Good rain knows the best time to fall.”

“One Lucky Day” is the last episode of the series where the VIPs and the Front Man cannot keep the delight of the brutal rivalry a secret which we can see in the individual squid game.

Sang-woo and the Front Man cannot keep their gaze away from each other in the last round. In this round, the two have to murder each other to win the squid game, which they used to play as young children.

7. “You do not trust people here because you can. You do it because you do not have anybody.”

During episode 4 of the squid game and squid game quotes, we can witness Gi-hun’s unique way of rioting. After that, he tells the players that they should go to Il-bed after the lights go out. However, she is not ready to believe what he advises and says she does not trust people. Later, she had to start believing Gi-hun because of the circumstances.

8. “You have a reason to leave this place, but I do not have one.”

The audience of Squid Game was shocked when they witnessed the death of a minor character. In this squid game quote, Ji-Yeong has brave enough to lose the game on purpose and has a terrible history of having an abusive father.

Sae-byeok has no hopes and ambitions for the outside world. All she wants to do is be in the game and win a cash prize. Sae-byeok has quoted this statement to Ji-Yeong to put forward her point of view.

9. “We have already come too far to end this.”

During the final round of the titular squid game, Gi-hun and Sang-woo fight each other. They stab, kick, and punch each other because this round will judge who will be the winner of the squid game.

In this squid game quote, Gi-hun realizes that they have been fighting in the same area where they fought in the last bout. This thought makes him feel that now it is all or nothing. He will either have to perform well or lose this match.

10. “You should hide behind someone.”

The participants discuss that they need to survive till the end to win the cash prize in this squid game quotes. They have to survive for that to happen, but the opponents are sometimes decisive. In such a situation, it gets difficult to defend oneself. Therefore, they decide it will be better if they hide behind someone whenever a formidable opponent seems to be approaching. This strategy will make it easier for them to win.

11. “If your movement is detected, you will be eliminated later.”

This statement of the squid game quotes is said to the game participants when they plan to hide behind someone so that a formidable opponent cannot spot them.

It also includes that body parts should not be in movement during the squid game.

12. “The chosen shape must be the same when your piece is out.”

During the battle, it is essential not to stop playing damn hard. One should remember that they should have strong willpower while battling their opponent. Also, it is necessary to ensure they are following the rules and regulations so that they are not liable for getting eliminated.

13. “A feeling of unresolved resentment against injustices suffered, a sense of helplessness because of the overwhelming odds against one, a feeling of acute pain in one’s guts and bowels, making the whole body writhe and squirm, and an obstinate urge to take revenge and to right the wrong – all these combined.”

Squid game makes the players understand the intensity of its consequences. There are mixed feelings inside the heart of every player. Even though they want to stop playing, they have no choice left. They have nothing else to rely on. All the players have a deep unsolved resentment in their minds. Their bodies have shrunk due to fear and pressure. Now, all they can do is continue playing the game.

14. “If you wish to give up on playing, the committee will send the 25.5 billion won to the bereaved families of the late players.”

During the last phase of the game, two players are playing. Both of them are tired both physically and mentally. Both of them can give up if they want. The prize money is an essential factor for both the players. Therefore, they have been working hard to achieve it.

15. “My town called that game Squid Game.”

The idea of the squid game is quite different from the other games. Of course, all games have winners and losers. But not all the players who lose have to die in a game. A player told the story of which citizens played in his town. It was pretty similar to a squid game. The people of the city also called it the same name.

16. “I do not believe in Jesus.”

When the game started, the players did not know that losing would lead to death. Everyone participated in the game for the sake of prize money. Little did they know that they would have to face so much trouble.

After seeing people die, one player said he does not believe in Jesus. If he had been there, people would not have lost their lives for the game’s sake.

Squid Game Quotes Which Are Extremely Memorable

Squid Game

17. “Here, the players play a fair game under the same conditions. These people suffered from inequality and discrimination out in the world.”

This squid game quote was stated by the Front Man when he caught hold of a pink suit man and one of the participants taking advantage of the rules and regulations of the Squid Game. Squid’s boundaries seek refuge to stay alive in the red light and new pyramid scheme.

Oh, il nam is not embarrassed anymore and leads one of the strongest teams ever. However, he does not like that the players will face discrimination or inequality because of the four people involved in the squid game.

18. “Killing everyone out there was a game to you, huh?”

Player 369 quotes this statement and focuses on the man in the pink suit. It emphasizes reading the fine details and points before signing any contract. After that, the players started playing this game, considering it completely harmless. But that was not the case here.

19. “A giant mosquito bit me. Mosquitos are mean these days.”

Seong gi hun makes this statement, a squid game quote, and tells everyone that a mosquito had bitten him. He says this to hide his facial wounds from the loan sharks. But unfortunately, it was a made-up excuse for his daughter. But his daughter was smart enough to know this was not the truth. This ten-year-old girl was not born yesterday to make a fool.

20. “The star sounds excellent. Good with me. Besides, nobody sees many celebrities these days.”

The star sounds excellent. It surely does. We did understand that from these squid game quotes. Oh, il nam quotes this statement during the iconic Dalgona game. The players must choose a shape to cut out of the honeycomb in this game.

Player 1 finds the shape to be quite challenging for him. He ends up with the form of a star. Most of the time, stars do not show up in the sky. It could also depict the presence of a person who is like a star to you in your life.

21. “Stick with the strongest team. That’s the only way.”

During the game, the weaker ones could feel that they were losing it. The pink suit suggested they stick with the strongest team if they wanted to survive till the very end. It is very to understand who is more substantial and who is not. Accordingly, one should decide on who should stick around.

22. “Don’t do it. That isn’t you. You’re a good person at heart.”

Saebyeok quotes this statement in Squid Game Quotes for Gi-hun when he is about to kill Sang-woo. Although she did not trust people at the beginning of the series, she later started charging people for who they were. She spoke this statement to Gi-hun with a lot of trust and belief in him as if she had known him for quite some time.

23. “There’s this saying in investing. Try not to keep your eggs in the same basket.”

Sang woo quotes this statement in the Squid Game Quotes and expressed his thought by saying that one should never keep their choices in the exact alignment. Finally, sang woo tells this statement to Gi-hun and the other participants contesting the game.

But can he be trusted after the type of decisions that he has taken? He interrupts Gi hun every time he wants to flaunt his background. Therefore, one cannot understand what he wants to do or achieve.

24. “Dad, you can be in all the fights you want, but don’t get hurt too badly.”

In the process, Gi hun’s daughter states this quite memorable quote and becomes a good luck charm throughout the Squid Game. He has been one of those participants who has not killed his opponents during the matches he played. Therefore, his daughter recognizes him in the true sense and knows that her father is not the type who would kill or harm anyone.

25. “I don’t stand a chance out there. I do in here.”

Player 322 says this, which is quite relatable to the principle of equality given by the Front Man. Once they return to the original world, they realize how challenging and competitive the world is and how difficult it is to reside in it.

There exist traumas related to money, health, education, and so on, and people must deal with them no matter what. Now is the chance for all the players to show what they have in themselves and prove that they can pay off their debts.

26. “They were eliminated for breaking the game’s rules. If you follow the rules, you can leave this place safely with the money we promised.”

Players should follow some specific rules and regulations in squid games. The man in the pink suit reminds everyone about this. No one should be breaking the rules of the game. Breaking of rules will lead to disqualification.

27. “These days, even women go to war. So I mean, when you finally get older, there’s not going to be that kind of discrimination like we got now.”

The Korean culture is quite different for both men and women. For example, men under 30 are supposed to serve in the military with exceptions for two years. Women are not supposed to do the same. But with passing time, the rules and norms of every culture are changing, and soon enough, people could witness women go to war.

28. “You took more from me than whatever I might owe.”

Quoting this statement, Kang Sae Byeok refers to her co-participant who took the help of her being strong during the match. He makes sure that Kang supports and defends him every time he lands up in some trouble. She feels he took way more than what she could offer him. She feels used and tired after all of this.

29. “Look at me. Life is short.”

Life is relatively straightforward. Oh, il nam. Everyone is chasing victory but losing the real gems of life in the process with a small closed-off space on the same card with a secret inspector.

30. “How much is the truth? And how much is a lie?”

Sometimes we do not understand what the amount of truth is and lie in a particular phase or statement. We have nothing else to rely on. How do we understand that? There is no answer to it.

31. “Doing something is always more fun than watching.”

The second season of the Squid games brings overwhelming odds when the game starts in South Korea. Oh, il nam feels it is always better to be a part of the game and play it rather than keep standing on the sidelines and viewing it from there. The action draws in more fun and adventure.

32. “Do you think money solves everything?”

Well, most of us think that money solves all the problems that we encounter in our lives. But it is not valid in the real sense. Money might be super helpful in most situations, but it cannot handle everything except things that require money. It will never be able to own the entire world, and the birthday gift with a good rain is what will matter in the end.

33. “You won’t get caught if you hide behind someone.”

Life is a circle, Well, most of us think that we won’t get caught if we hide behind someone, but it is not true, as we all know truth is the supreme. It comes out eventually.

34. “Out there, I don’t stand a chance. I do in here.”

Life always give chances to everyone, take risk and achieve the goal, once the chance is gone, its just nothing left than to regret for lifetime. Do it know or leave the opportunity.

35. There won’t be any discrimination between men and women in your future.”

The unfair or unfavorable treatment of a person because of their gender constitutes gender  discrimination. Women are typically the ones who deal with this kind of discrimination on the basis of gender. But in future things will change, they will be treated equally.

Why is it that who chose 456 players for the squid game?

Squid Game

The viewers do not know who chose 456 players for the squid game. Ideally, it is considered the same, but we are not sure about it. This particular number can have some importance, which will show in the next season of the squid game. There is also a rumor that 500 participants were supposed to be there, dropping to 456.

What is the total number of recruiters in the squid game?

When the series ends, Gi hun notices the man who recruited him at the train stop. But, surprisingly, he stands there with a new potential player. Looking at that scene, one can figure out that picking players for the squid game is his job. But as of now, there is no proof of how many recruiters are doing the same job.

Why would a couple choose to compete in the squid game?

Later in the series, the viewers know that players 69 and 70 are a couple that appears quite weird yet attractive. Player 69 dies by suicide when his wife dies in the marble game. However, it did add a tragic layer to the complete storyline of the series. Why they would choose to return even though they knew it would mean risking their lives in the process is still a question.

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