Best Loki Quotes That Will Teach You Nothing is Wrong

Loki is one of the most popular characters in the marvel cinematic universe. His full name is Loki Laufeyson, and Loki Odinson adopted him. He is a fictional character played by the famous actor Tom Hiddleston.

The audience first witnessed Loki in the movie Thor, released in 2011. Then, his death happens in the film Avengers Infinity War. Finally, the audience could see a variant of him in the alternate timeline in the movie Avengers Endgame.

The character has appeared in a total of six movies till the year 2021. There exist numerous characters and storylines.

Let’s see some of the most popular Loki Quotes.

Memorable Loki Quotes

1. “Hurts. Being lied. Being told you’re one thing and then learning it’s all fiction.”

This statement is from the movie Thor Ragnarok, where one can witness one of the rarest moments of Thor. He is at his lowest in this movie. Thor has been defeated, which he is not able to accept. In this scenario, Loki gives him empathy to deal with the situation. He quotes this statement and makes him realize the reality of life.

2. “Trust my rage.”

In this statement, Loki quotes the intensity of his rage within himself. This statement is in the movie Thor the dark world. This statement quite significantly tells about the overall personality and behavior of Loki. It encapsulates his emotions too well.

3. “I am the monster parents tell their children about at night.”

Loki is a very different personality in the marvel cinematic universe. In this statement, Loki quotes something which has the potential to spark a tragic descent. He has never been able to find his true heritage, which is extremely sad. His father never cared for him and always felt left out. It has been the unspoken truth of his life.

4. “Your ledger is dripping, it’s gushing red, and you think saving a man no more virtuous than yourself will change anything? So pathetic! You lie and kill in the service of liars and killers. You pretend to be separate, to have your code. Something that makes up for the horrors. But they are part of you and will never go away!”

Natasha Romanoff is the black widow in the marvel franchise. One can feel that Loki is lashing out at her. But it is not entirely true. He has been dealing with the choices and decisions that he has to make. His instincts ultimately drive his intentions, which is how he leads his life.

5. “You’ll kill me? There will be a line.”

In this statement, Loki says he does not take death as seriously as others. However, he has the guts to ignore multiple deaths and still be okay with it. He is the God of mischief. His decisions are often not accepted by others, and he does not care to explain them.

6. “I am Loki of Asgard and burdened with glorious purpose.”

Loki loves making dramatic entries in different scenes. This quote is from the movie the Avengers. He has the power and grit to show his arrogance and dominance, proving that he is not ready to accept a negative reply from anyone. He knows that he is here to fulfill a purpose that he strives for. He understands that he is a villain, and a villain is supposed to invoke fear.

7. “I never wanted the throne. I only ever wanted to be your equal!”

Loki wants to get approval from his father. Not only that, but he also wants his brother to treat him as an equal. He desires all of this after learning about his true heritage. He wants to be there on the throne and still be superior to Thor.

8. “I guess I’ll have to go it alone. Like I’ve always done.”

Loki got a lot of time to adjust since he came to the prison planet quite earlier. So, ironically, we can see the affectionate behavior of Loki toward Thor. But we can clearly understand the double meaning which lies behind the statement.

9. “You will never be a god.”

This statement is from the movie Thor the dark world. In this statement, Loki quotes when he realizes his final moment of redemption. He pledged loyalty to Thanos but betrayed him with his action and behavior. Loki betrayed Thanos for his brother’s sake and considered Odin’s admonishments. He could find his redemption in such a tragic moment. Nearly every living thing that he has come across wanted this to happen.

10. “Satisfaction isn’t in my nature.”

In this statement, Loki quotes Satisfaction as not his actual natural state. He also felt that he never received the first position in whatever he did and that something was always lacking. He has compassion for Thor when he speaks about him. He does not want his brother to die.

11. “You always have to keep going, or you will die.”

Loki believes that you have to keep progressing every second of your life. If you think about quitting, you will fail for sure. Growth is a sign of progress. You should always be thinking about the next move you will make. The strategy will help you achieve your goals. If you blink your eye even for a second, someone will kill you and take away all you have.

12. “You can’t keep up with me.”

The plot of Marvel is all a fiction story. In this statement, Loki remarks to his enemy while on the battleground. He says that he is strong enough not to be intimidated by him. Also, his enemy can’t take him down. He has worked hard to become who he is today. Furthermore, he is pretty sure about his strength and potential.

13. “I don’t like people who surrender.”

Loki has a different attitude when it comes to fighting. He gives in everything he has got while he is on the battleground. For Loki, everyone must be fighting with a spirit to win. When he found that his enemy went on his knees, he told him that he did not like people who surrendered. Later, he killed him because he was not worth living. According to Loki, he lost the right to his life when he went to his knees.

Inspirational Loki Quotes

14. “The timekeepers have built quite the circus, and I see the clowns are playing their parts to perfection.”

In this statement, Loki quotes this line when Mobius are interrogating him. He tries his best to get into his skin by converting him into a clown. He used this statement as a metaphor to manage the people around him. This scene is the initial phase of an improbable partnership between the two.

15. “Love is a dagger.”

Undoubtedly, Loki is a guy who knows how to use metaphors at the correct times example, heHe compares Love to a dagger in this statement. It is an absolute beauty until it starts poking and hurting people. Well, though this statement may be symbolic, it is entirely accurate.

16. “You can trust one thing. I love to be correct.”

In this statement, Loki quotes that he loves being right in everything. However, marvel studios show Loki as a very different personality with a different perspective on whatever he encounters. He tries to prove to Mobius that he wants to achieve the desired goal and is making the right decision. However, Mobius considers Loki a narcissist, and Loki understands himself better than anyone.

17. “We may lose. Sometimes painfully. But we don’t die. We survive.”

Sylvie is wondering whether Loki even has the potential to win a battle. Unfortunately, this scene happens before an apocalypse destroys Laminitis. One can see that eventually, he starts falling for Sylvie. We also get to know that he understands himself and his variants well.

18. “I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t want a throne. I want you to be okay.”

In the series finale show, this statement is one of the last things Loki says to Sylvie. We can see how much he has grown as a character. He does not care about seizing power and getting to the throne anymore. He does not want Sylvie to die in the process of what is happening. He tries to be very caring and compassionate to her. These things are making it hard for Sylvie to backstab him.

19. “So I am no more than another stolen relic, locked up here until you might have use of me.”

There is something unique about Loki that attracts his fans towards him. But unfortunately, he is misunderstood in certain situations. Quite often, he ends up being in a tragic situation. Loki is the son of Laufey, who used to be the king of the Frost Giants of Jotunheim. He feels that his father never loved him and is angry that he got betrayed by his blood. However, fans were deeply sympathetic to him and his situation.

20. “If you will excuse me, I have to destroy Jotunheim.”

Loki speaks this statement in the movie Thor the dark world. Loki is quite clever than his opponents. He is the only person who does not stick to such a tedious form. Before he blasts Thor out of Odin’s chamber, he makes this statement without hesitation and is a very enjoyable pantomime. He states his ruthless plans in front of his brother, who is no less of a clever individual.

21. “Come on! What did you expect?”

This statement of Loki is yet to be in the following series. However, it has been used in the first trailer and has achieved great recognition. Loki appears in an office setup with weapons around him. He has a smirk on his face. He said it is not your natural state and is just a huge fan. All we can do is set back and expect it to be a hit.

22. “I didn’t do it for him.”

This statement is from the movie Thor the dark world. The audience can see Thor and Loki working together in this movie for their respective goals. We can see that their relationship has strengthened, and they have started working in coordination. Loki sacrifices his life for the partner of his brother. He takes his last breath in the arms of Thor, and the scene ends with a bitter-sweet moment.

23. “On my way down to coordinate search and rescue.”

In this statement, Loki quotes the search and rescue operation he works. Then, the Avengers team poses their famous pose near the Avenger’s tower. One can see that Captain America is touching the base with the shield handlers. Next, Loki is cuffed and stands around the Avengers team, mocking them.

Mischievous Loki Quotes

24. “Trust is for children and dogs. There’s only one person you can trust.”

This statement is from the movie Thor the dark world. In this statement, Loki talks about the power of Trust. He says that Trust can be extremely futile. It is for children and dogs. Real Trust is only for someone exceptional. The mad scramble that happens inside our heads stops us from trusting people. It has been something very particular about Loki. He has been betrayed by many.

25. “No one bad is ever terrible. And no one good is ever excellent.”

Loki believes that everyone has something good and evil in them. No one is entirely pure. Some alterations are always present. In this world, the elaborate trick conjured has enabled people to survive.

If someone has an evil entity, it does not mean he has nothing positive in him. On the contrary, people have a mix of qualities that make them special and unique. It does not have to inspire fear in them but instead drives them courage.

26. “You cross me. There are deadly consequences.”

In this statement, Loki talks to Thor and mentions that he should not stop him from doing anything. He feels that his brother is trying to control him, and it is something that he does not want to happen. He tells Thor that if he tries to cross him in any manner, he will face highly deadly consequences.

27. “Love is a weapon to be wielded far away or close. You can see yourself in it. It’s beautiful. Until it makes you bleed.”

Loki considers Love to be equivalent to a dagger. He believes that Love is nice and sweet until it starts poking and tearing you apart. Then, it has the power and potential to make you go from best to worst. Hence, he believes that Love is only for those who can bear and tolerate its pain. So if you feel that bleeding is okay for you ridiculous bureaucrats, you should go ahead.

28. “Welcome to the real world. We’re awful to one another to get what we want.”

In this statement, Loki makes everyone realize the harsh reality of the real world. The real world has lots of pain and hardships that one has to face. For all of this, an individual must be mentally and physically ready.

Here, people only work to achieve what they want and never care about anyone else. People are extraordinarily mean and selfish, and they might kill you to fulfill their objectives. Amidst all of this, the sacred timeline gets hampered.

29. “I think we’re stronger than we realize.”

It is one of the most motivational statements made by Loki. He states that all of us are stronger than our beliefs. Unfortunately, quite a few times, we consider ourselves weak and not worthy of something commendable, which is not valid.

A latent potential stays dormant for a maximum number of times. But it does not mean that we cannot achieve what we desire. On the contrary, everyone puts in the effort for the fantastic idea they get.

30. “I betrayed everyone who ever loved me. I crossed my father, my brother, and my home. I know what I did. And I know why I did it. And that’s not who I am anymore. Okay? I won’t let you down.”

Loki talks about himself in this statement. He says that he has betrayed many people in his life. Some people stood up for him, and some people let him down. But being a villain of the story, there are numerous people whom he has let down by betraying and backstabbing them.

Mighty Thor is his brother and also has the time variance authority. But unfortunately, he has betrayed many people, including his father, brother Thor and everyone at his place. He believes that he has changed now and will not betray anyone ever. He makes a firm statement that he is a trustworthy person.

31. “Brute force is no substitute for diplomacy and guile.”

Brute force is an unplanned strategy Thor had taken up for the battle. Loki believes that this is not how it will work out in favor of them. He thinks Loki should make every movie with proper strategic planning and sorting of resources. Not following the roadmap may lead to failure.

Loki is a firm believer in his thoughts and instincts. He does not make decisions without proper logical reasoning. He believes that his enemies’ choice breeds shame, and it is possibly manipulating. It is one of the angry Loki quotes because his brother took the wrong path.

32. “We write our destiny now.”

This Loki statement has inspired all his loyal fans. He is a giant metaphor guy and can sound super bright. He believes that one has the power and potential in himself to write his destiny. Everyone has the power and grit that lies dormant inside them. All it requires is the right trigger to create the proper reflux.

The free will of the scared little boy made him become who he is today. Everyone should understand that they are enough in themselves and need no one to grow. We have the power and capability to build our destiny, whether good or bad.

33. “Just because it’s not complicated doesn’t mean it’s terrible.”

In this statement, Loki thinks that if something does not seem complicated, it need not be wrong. For something to be good, one does not have to make it difficult. The god-king has countless unique timelines battled.

If you like the processes easier than the other methods, that does not prove you to be a lousy individual. On the contrary, when you have to stand trial, the crave subjugation is extreme.

34. “For nearly every living thing, choice breeds shame and regret. Every road has a fork, yet the wrong path is always taken.”

Loki belongs to Asgard, and he is there for a purpose to serve. He believes that every living being exists or has a feeling of shame that persists because of their reasons.

They also regret many decisions in their lives. No matter which road you choose, you will get stabbed people, and time passes differently for them. Although you might have a great beginning, the story ends with sadness and grief.

35. “You were made to be ruled. In the end, you will always kneel.”

Loki was an extremely formidable and ruthless villain in the movie Thor. During the movie Avengers, he asked a group of people to kneel to crave subjugation. Loki nearly kills an older man when he shows his disagreement with the order.

36. “I have been falling for thirty minutes!”

In Thor Ragnarok, the audience can see that Loki is a perfect piece to generate a humorous tone. Rather than being dark and shady, it is amusing with so much range that the timekeepers created.

In his entire life’s joy, he has experienced half the fun. He wants God to bless America, which he says with a terrible metaphor. In the desperate play of just a little pussycat, the Norse God stated that the world sounds boring.

37. “I assure you, Brother, the sun will shine on us again!”

In the movie Avengers Infinity War, a massacre is happening, which Thanos and his minions lead. They have revolted against the Asgardians to kill Thor. Although it might seem like a hopeless situation altogether, instead of handing over the Tesseract, it speaks this statement in his tone and charisma.

The wrong person who was just a massive fan of just a child knew what he was going to do. So lady Sif has the only reason to satisfy the people’s needs.

38. “We are not doing ‘get help.”

This incredibly tedious task is supposed to be done by Loki. However, the lucky beau was waiting and experienced such pain with a bright lure and fully robotic being. Captain America was an essential character in the scenario. It has to be one of the hilarious statements of the movie Thor Ragnarok.

We could see Thor shouting to get some help from their fellow teammates. The favorite Loki space lizards had a prominent ship. He asked why me with the same being. Undoubtedly, Thor Ragnarok is an incredible movie in itself.

39. “I think I’ve had my fill of idiots in armored suites telling me what to do.”

We frequently receive great advice from others, and when we choose to heed it, we experience positive outcomes. When we believe that others are in the know and spend our lives attempting to live up to all the rules that come with the word “should,” we get confused.

We are particularly susceptible to the voices instructing us what to do if we have never grown to have a strong faith in our own judgement and sense of what we need. Our society is designed to make us doubt our own judgement and rely on others to tell us what to do, even if we do have a stronger sense of self.

40. “Do a lot of people not know if they’re robots?” 

Now a days people are so busy with themselves that they don’t have time for their loved ones, they are too busy to spend some valuable time with themselves and the people around them. They don’t have feelings and acting like robot and they are unaware of that.

41. “With charm like that, who could resist you?”

A woman can be both gorgeous and charming, but the reverse is also true. Charm cannot be inherited, only beauty. Charm is much more than just a surface-level quality; beauty is only skin deep. Charm  endures while beauty fades. The way you look and dress makes you beautiful. Charm is demonstrated in  a variety of ways, such as the grace with which you move, the way you react to different circumstances, the tone and pitch of your voice, the words you choose, how you choose to grin and laugh, and more.

42. “I don’t enjoy hurting people. I don’t enjoy it. I do it because I have to, because I’ve had to. Because it’s part of the illusion. It’s the cruel elaborate trick conjured by the weak to inspire fear.” 

Because whatever you do to other people will eventually come back to you, you should never hurt anyone. Whether you succeeded in making them laugh or cry. If you hurt someone, that event will continue to haunt you and cause you to feel guilty. So why should we lose our pride in being nice people?There is no shame in admitting your mistake and offering an apology if you harmed somebody unintentionally, but you should never compromise your moral principles for the sake of pleasing others.

43. “No one bad is ever truly bad and no one good is ever truly good.”

Nobody is flawless. Because of this, erasers were added to pencils, and excuses were developed. We’ve all made mistakes in life, no matter how big or minor. We are all constantly working to improve the things we do because we obviously don’t know everything there is to know. Some individuals could think that someone has everything going for them or that everything comes to them too easily. as though they are flawless. However, they actually share the same flaws as everyone else in this planet.

How will the unleashing be done of the Multiverse in the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Multiverse has paved its way to being one of the essential elements of Marvel Studios. Tom Hiddleston has been one of the strongest characters playing the role of Loki. He is the one who unleashes the Multiverse. The future projects include numerous storylines like Eternals and Shang Chi.

Tom Hiddleston promoted the sacred timeline, and the club decided the future experiments. Naturally, the audience wants to know how Loki will set things up in the marvel studios. Marvel Studios also gave a chance to Doctor Strange, which was released recently.

Where is Ravonna Renslayer?

Ravonna Renslayer was one of the crucial judges of the TVA. Her plans were quite different from the others, which made her special. She was a woman whose entire life focused on fixing the variants.

She entered a portal which was the last time audience saw her. She has a conservative mindset and believes in the time variance authority.

What exactly happened to the variants of Loki?

Marvel studios have mainly focused on the Endgame Loki and Sylvie throughout. However, one can see quite a few versions or variants of Loki in the last few episodes. Some of them are Classic Loki, Alligator Loki, and Kid Loki. To bypass Alioth, Classic Loki helped Sylvie and the original Loki.

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