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Genya Shinazugawa is a major supporting character in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Koyoharu Gotouge. It was serialized in Shueisha’s shonen manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump, with its chapter collected in 23 tankobon volumes.

Moreover, it was published in English by Viz Media. The anime television series was directed by Haruo Sotozaki and licensed by Crunchyroll. There are 44 episodes with 3 seasons to present. The story revolves around Tanjiro Kamado, who strives to become Demon Slayer.

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eventually, after his family was slaughtered while he was collecting wood, he had only one mission. The mission was to save her sister, Nezuko, who was turning into a demon.

Moreover, Genya is a demon slayer in the Demon Slayer Corps. He is also the younger brother of the Wind Hashira, Sanemi Shinazugawa. Genya first appeared in the Final Selection of the Demon Slayer Corps which was in episode 5 of Unwavering Resolve Arc. There were 5 of them who qualified Tanjiro, Genya, Zenitsu, Inosuke and Kanao.

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Eventually, Genya is a short young man with large and inward eyes. He has an angered personality and can be considered a hothead. His hair is styled into a buzz cut with a small clump of hair left to grow in the middle. He also has a scar that ran over his right cheekbone from his ear to his nose. Moreover, he was wearing a purple sleeveless yukata over a plain black shirt with long sleeves.

After episode 5, he appeared in episode 26 of the same season, Unwavering Resolve Arc in Butterfly Mansion. Here, Genya was grown into a big man. Eventually, he is more muscular and has gained more weight. His hair had become longer and was touching his neck. As one of the famous characters, let’s dive into the quotes given by him, which give us more insights into his life.

1. “What should I do next?” -Genya Shinazugawa


In episode 5 of Season 1, Unwavering Resolve Arc, after the final selection was over, the anime series. There were 4 of them who qualified to become demon slayers of the Demon Slayer Corps. Moreover, the exam takes place on Mount Fujikasane where Wisteria flowers bloom every season.

Eventually, Wisteria flowers are poisonous to demons; hence they are planted around the mountain, and the demons are trapped on the mountain top. The exam requires the examinee to survive 7 nights on the mountain top. At the end of the exam, they get to choose their ore for their Nichirin Sword, Kasugai crow and uniform.

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After spending 7 nights on the mountain, when Genya arrived at the bottom of the mountain top. He asked the two helpers what he was supposed to do next. Moreover, he is eager to hold his Nichirin Sword. Due to his eagerness, he lost his patience and became aggressive. He wanted the sword fast so that he could prove his worth to his brother and mother.

2. “Where’s the sword?” -Genya Shinazugawa

In episode 5 of Season 1, Unwavering Resolve Arc, after the final selection was over, the anime series. Genya became impatient and impulsive in nature. While the two helpers were helping them know about the Demon Slayers Corps, Genya asked two times where the sword was. Eventually, he was becoming quite impatient regarding getting a sword.

He had spent 7 nights on the mountain, slaying demons and surviving like a lone wolf because he wanted to have the sword as soon as he finished this selection procedure. He was hoping to get the sword after the tough nights.

3. “The sword, I want it. Give me the sword now. I want Demon Slayer Corps’ sword. The color-changing sword.” -Genya Shinazugawa

In episode 5 of Season 1, Unwavering Resolve Arc, after the final selection was over, the anime series. Genya, as in the starting, can be seen as a foul-mouthed and ill-tempered individual. Moreover, he is hot-headed and does not show any signs of being polite and humble. After the Final Selection was over, Kanata described the steps and gave them details about the Demon Slayer Corps.

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He got angry with Kanata and grabbed her by her hair. Eventually, he started yelling at her and asking her if he wanted the sword. The only thing he wanted to have after passing the selection exam was the Nichirin Sword that could change the color according to the potential of the holder. Moreover, the sword symbolizes that he or she is a member of the Demon Slayer Corps.

In these lines, Genya was furious to have the sword but was calmed down because of Tanjiro. Tanjiro grabbed his hand and threatened to break his hand if he didn’t step back.

4. “Do it if you have the guts.” -Genya Shinazugawa

In episode 5 of Season 1, Unwavering Resolve Arc, after the final selection was over, the anime series. All 4 selected Demons Slayer Corps were there. A fight arises between Tanjiro and Genya. Genya was furiously angry with Kanata because he wanted to have Nichirin’s sword. The Nichirin sword is made by the swordsman, for which they have to choose one.

From the ore, the Nichirin sword is made after 15 days. After hearing this, Genya got angry and grabbed Kanata’s hair and started yelling at her. Tanjiro came and rescued Kanata by holding Genya’s hand. He threatened Genya by saying that he would break his hand if he didn’t step back.

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Genya was not afraid of him and asked him to do it if he had the guts. As a Demon Slayer fan, we all know the nature of Tanjiro. He is not afraid of anyone; he is kind and helpful in nature. Moreover, he does the work with utmost patience and calmness. He began strengthening his grip on Genya’s hands, and Genya stepped back.

Tanjiro has the guts to stand when he sees someone is in danger even if it costs his life. As Genya is a lone wolf who plays his role alone, he challenges Tanjiro through this line.

5. “I have no idea which one is better.” -Genya Shinazugawa


In episode 5 of Season 1, Unwavering Resolve Arc, after the final selection was over of anime series. To get a Nichirin sword, everyone has to choose the ore through which the sword is made. All the ores looked so same that they didn’t have any difference in them. Genya as an individual is not used to picking up things and doesn’t know what one signifies.

Rather he is an individual who believes in fighting and getting into a fight. They got confused while looking at the same kind of ores as he couldn’t tell any difference. Nichirin’s sword is made through the ores which the Demon Slayer chooses. Eventually, having a sword is all Genya wishes for, but he doesn’t know which one he should choose to get a better sword.

6. “I don’t want… you to die. Because … my big brother…is…the nicest person…in…this world.” -Genya Shinazugawa

This line is taken from the manga series of Chapter 179. Sanemi, the Wind Hashira and Genya were brothers who split when their mother died. Genya thought that Sanemi had killed their mother and called him a murderer. Eventually, Genya joined the Demon Slayer Corps because he wanted to be close to his brother.

He wanted to apologize to him for what happened that day of their mother’s death. Sanemi didn’t approve of him as a brother. While fighting in the Infinity castle Arc with Kokushibo, Genya was dying. Moreover, he apologized to Sanemi for blaming Sanemi for their mother’s death and thanked him for saving him.

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He told him that he didn’t want Sanemi to die and that he was the nicest person in the whole world. Every sibling can relate that their elder brother and sister are the nicest and bravest person in the world. They took care of their younger brothers and sisters like a second parent.

7. “I’ll do it. I’m gonna do it. I have to do it. Think only about winning. I will not let my brother, or my master, or any of my comrades die!” -Genya Shinazugawa

This line is taken from the manga series of Chapter 172. In the Swordsmith Village Arc, while Tanjiro and Nezuko were fighting against Hantengu, Genya appeared aiming his gun toward Sekido. This fight of them got him hurt badly. Tanjiro, Nezuko and Hantengu fall off the cliff.

Genya was heavily injured and was unable to help further; he was saying this to himself. He was convincing himself to get up and fight. And he was pushing himself to fight with the demons and help Tanjiro in whatever way he could. He thought about his brother, Sanemi and his master, Gyomei.

And he was thinking about Tanjiro and Nezuko as his comrades, and he couldn’t let them die.

8. “Can I do this? Can I be of any use? Will he notice me right away again…and cut me in half, so that’s the end?” -Genya Shinazugawa

This line is taken from the manga series of Chapter 179. While fighting in the Infinity Castle Arc, Genya was confused about his surroundings. When he takes aim at Kokushibo, he appears behind him and dismembers both his arms. After this incident, Genya got more confused. He understood that he would be noticed right away, even if he thought of doing anything. And he thought he would be cut in half again if he took any action against him.

But he was thinking in his mind that maybe this was his end. He was thinking about if he could do it or not.

9. “If only I were stronger!!! And If I were a Hashira.” -Genya Shinazugawa

This line is taken from the manga series of Chapter 172. While fighting, Genya comes to realize that he is not strong enough to help. He is not Hashira that can help him to win. Winning and slaying the demons is the only thing that he knows and does. But in the fight with the upper ranks, he came to realize that.

Hashira is the most powerful one in the Demon Slayer Corps. Genya was powerful because of the demon powers which he could get, but he couldn’t use breathing techniques to become a Hashira.

10. “The more I want to help, the more my body stiffens up, making it difficult for me to move.” -Genya Shinazugawa


This line is taken from the manga series of Chapter 172. Genya was heavily injured during the fight in Swordsmith Village Arc. He was losing his strength and faith to fight. But he wanted to help Tanjiro and Nezuko, but he was not able to help them. He moved his body, but the more he moved, the more his body was making it difficult to move.

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